Blair County

Dazzling Realty LLC to RSG Property Management LLC, 108 W. Ninth Ave., Altoona, $89,995.

JL Investments LLC to BTB Union Avenue LP, property in Logan Township, Altoona, $125,000.

John C. Jr. and Tenna M. Rutter to William J. Jr. and Vicky R. Patterson, 110-112 S. Eighth St., Altoona, $40,000.

Secretary of Housing and Urban Development to William C. and Kimberly R. Mallery, 621 W. Seventh Ave., Altoona, $42,000.

Barbara J. Settlemyer to Devon A. Cherry, 3216-3218 Sixth Ave., Altoona, $46,000.

Ernest V. and Donna Long to Barchak Family Trust, property in Altoona, $119,900.

John K. and Corrine A. Baker to Megan E. Sral, 2409-11-13-15-17-19 17th St., Altoona, $145,000.

Lynn I. III and Joni Rene Wheland to Matthew Grimm, property in Snyder Township, $94,900.

Wilma V. Clapper to Renee L. Noel, property in Frankstown Township, $70,000.

Wade A. Grannas to Joel D. and Jacinda R. Grannas, property in Frankstown Township, $523,000.

John K. and Patricia A. Longenecker to Ryan L. and Lindsay N. Keller, property in Juniata Township, $152,500.

Brenda L. Redinger and Brenda L. and Bruce Miller to Cali L. Butler, 414 E. Bell Ave., Altoona, $92,000.

WE Campell Builders Inc. to S&A Homes Inc., property in Frankstown Township, $36,000.

Fidelis Ejianreh to Gregory M. and Janine B. Werstil, property in Frankstown Township, $430,000.

Joshua N. Fay to Nicole L. Weimert, 203 E. Third St., Williams­burg, $124,000.

Betty J. Ergler to Kurt E. Farabaugh, 418-420 Hudson Ave., Altoona, $78,500.

Rosemary V. Wallace to James C. and Janet M. Biglin, property in Allegheny Township, $158,000.

Matthew A. DePaolis and Jessica Ann Lattanza to Joseph P. Horell, Logan Avenue, Altoona, $165,000.

David M. and Yolanda R. Brumbaugh to David S. and Bobbi Jo Cunningham, property in Taylor Township, $80,000.

Raymond J. Frederick to Neil W. and Colleen M. Maines, 1623 Crawford Ave., Altoona, $25,500.

Tyrone Apartment Rentals to Donald P. Jr. and Marjorie L. Shultz, property in Tyrone, $15,000.

Secretary of Housing and Urban Development to Jason Thomas Pupo, 2106 Adams Ave., Tyrone, $29,900.

Deborah Arthur, Marcus and Thomas Yohn, Priscilla Heidler and Robin Herr to Sean D. and Shelby K. Burns, 202 E. Third Ave., Altoona, $36,000.

Stanley K. and Faith E. Johnson and Faith E. Carroll to Robert A. and Patricia E. Frederick, 1300 and 1302 Seventh Ave., Altoona, $26,500.

Mary Jane Branstetter to Kelsey N. Shawley, West 15th Street, Tyrone, $152,000.

William J. and Julie J. Brehun to Nathan D. and Shana L. Hoover, property in Tyrone, $153,000.

KA Morgan to Finkbeiner & Associates Inc., property in Greenfield Township, $20,500.

Sharon K. Quigley to Timothy M. Quigley, 2607 Maple Ave., Altoona, $27,000.

John R. and Lydia J. Kachur to Robert L. and Stephanie A. Burgess, Red Fox Drive, Duncansville, $343,500.

Cory T. Abram to Kristen Conner, 1810 10th St., Altoona, $55,200.

David Edge and Allison Hughes to Nehemiah Project Inc., 1017 Highland Place, Altoona, $13,000.

James R. Beauchamp to Danny J. Jr. and Renee E. Diehl, property in Tyrone Township, $30,000.

David A. and Susan Lommerse to Bhupenn Bahadur Chand, 2634 Maple St., Altoona, $22,000.

Leon C. and Tina M. Adams to Constance C. Hurd, 607 Clark St., Hollidaysburg, $175,000.

Eugene M. Bearer to Leon C. and Tina M. Adams, property in Duncansville, $160,000.

Jenshen N. Feather to Dennis L. and Kay Burket, property in Greenfield Township, $15,000.

Joy A. Heuston to Arthur D. and Vonda R. Little, property in Ore Hill, $48,000.

James M. and Diana L. Noon to Shawn and Pamela Kelly, property in Greenfield Township, $28,000.

Vera M. Laratonda to John G. and Lias M. Mancinelli, 207 Jones St., Hollidaysburg, $81,000.

James I. Jr. and Linda A. Newcombe to William S. and Jessica S. Reese, property in Catharine Township, $115,000.

Secretary of Housing and Urban Development to Kimberly Houp, 251 Broad St., Hollidaysburg, $51,750.

John E. Eberhardt Jr. to J. Jonathan Walker, Lynndale Road, Altoona, $124,900.

Rana M. Storm to Melinda D. Beach, 306 Sweet Cherry Court, $147,950.

JLC Holdings LLC to Tammy Lynn and Brian Patrick Bickel, Princeton Road, Altoona, $263,000.

Tammac Holdings Corp. to Jarrett Musselman, property in Greenfield Township, $45,000.

Julie A. and Desmond Lutz and Charles E. and Patricia L. Frye to William H. Dixon III, 213, 215 and 217 W. 14th Ave., Altoona, $145,000.

Michael D. and Linda K. Hurm and Hurm Family Trust to Wendy J. Lunglhofer, 525, 527 and 529 E. Fairview Ave., Altoona, $140,900.

Marcus E. and Wanda C. Tanner to David C. and Jennifer L. Wagner, property in Blair Township, $180,000.

Tracy Scott Saylor to Michelle J. Lansberry and Michelle J. Saylor to John K. and Corrine Baker, property in Duncansville, $287,500.

Fred O. and Nancy L. Brown to Cody L. Hartman, 525 21st Ave., Altoona, $57,000.

Edward J. Klezek to Benjamin W. Cossitor, Beckman Drive, Altoona, $150,000.

CW ABS Inc. to Douglas A. and Veronica L. Smith, 183 King James Lane, Martinsburg, $70,000.

Blair D. Jr. and Kay Ann Burl to Thomas Paul Simendinger, property in Logan Township, $89,724.

Albert V. Jr., Thomas A. and Evelyn M. Moyer to Raymond A. Ceglar II, property in Logan Township, $25,000.

Robert A. and Sheryl A. Bradley to Kelly S. Smith, 512 Sunbrook Manor, Duncansville, $79,900.

Kenneth H. and Melissa A. Dutil to Tommy L. Jr. and Victoria L. Smith, property in Greenfield Township, $194,000.

Josh and Dawn Piotti to Christopher E. Perino, Creekside Drive, Altoona, $80,000.

Chad W. and Heather L. Ritchey and Heather L. Miller to Brittany N. DeCarlo, property in East Freedom, $191,500.

Tim E. and Tammie S. Reffner to Leah M. Zabrosky, 1229 Cove Lane Road, Roaring Spring, $154,900.

David Jr. and Rhonda Burchfield to Dustin C. Salyer and Heather M. Maher, 1364 Carson Valley Road, Duncansville, $95,500.

Richard E. Ewing to Joseph Reese, property in Tyrone Township, $102,000.

Bedford County

Sharon Ann Craddock to Mark A. and Sandy L. Pino, property in Southampton Township, $24,500.

Thomas J. and Sandra Jane Kormanski to Donald and Sarah Waggoner, property in Broad Top Township, $69,900.

Kimberly and Diana J. Norris and Alaina and Alayna Mellott to Nicole C. Norris, property in Woodbury Township, $43,000.

Robert E. Ritchey to Orchard Avenue LLC, property in Snake Spring Township, $25,500.

Stuart C. and Roberta Albright to Brenton L. Miller, property in Woodbury Borough, $61,000.

John B. and Helene P. Koontz to Keith L. and Robin L. Ebersole, property in Monroe Township, $553,500.

Jason R. Mellott to Richard Steven and Tiffany Dawn Jones, property in Everett, $130,000.

James F. and Debra S. Murphy to Ryan T. Easter and Kaitlyn G. Shirey, property in Bedford, $85,000.

Bedford County Sportsplex LLC to Heavy Duty Tire LLC, property in Snake Spring Township, $439,000.

Church Hill Manor LLC to Stephen J. and Kathy A. Gephart, property in Bedford, $23,000.

Church Hill Manor LLC to Stephen J. and Kathy A. Gephart, property in Bedford, $22,000.

Wayne F. and Patricia A. Poet Lajoie to Jessi Parker, property in King Township, $125,000.

Calvin L. Jr., Beverly D., Randy S. and Susan K. Helsel to Zachary E. Norris, property in Bedford, $177,500.

Jerome Z. and Karen S. Over to Michael L. and Melissa k. Dodson, property in Woodbury Township, $30,000.

Todd Arno Goldizen to Michael J. Grance, property in West Providence Township, $223,000.

Ronald D. Clark to Daniel R. and Bobbi J. Martin, property in Hopewell Township, $97,000.

Ellen D. Bedell to Mark S. Smith, property in Bedford, $75,000.

Michele M. Green and Philip A. Jarusek to Emily J. Shanklin, property in Napier Township $160,000.

Cambria County

Phil Hawksworth to Jerry A. Simms, property in Cresson, $80,000.

Kevin V. White to Marsha Stanfield, property in Upper Yoder Township, $13,000.

Deitrich Allen Investments LLC to Shawn M. Klein, property in Johnstown’s 17th Ward, $45,780.

Harold A. Arnett to William J. McCallister, property in Croyle Township, $41,000.

U.S. of America to Ryan A. Roberts, property in Northern Cambria, $21,000.

Timothy J. Pinkston to Khaled A. Narwhal, property in Nanty Glo, $39,000.

Arnold T. Fryer to Michael A. Billet, property in Johnstown’s 20th Ward, $10,000.

Lonnie A. Simmons to Shannon S. Bercow, property in Cresson, $32,000.

Magic Rentals LLC to Brandon A. Mock, property in Jackson Township, $67,000.

Darren A. Sanders to Mark S. Dresden, property in Johnstown’s 20th Ward, $18,000.

Clearfield County

Christopher and Lisa A. Donahue to Stephanie L. Orinko, property in Sandy Township, $181,000.

Kathleen M. Dickeri and Anna A. Baker Estate to Rusty Gare Apartments LLC, property in DuBois, $110,000.

Scott D. and Odilia Z. Servidea to James L. Miller, property in DuBois, $215,000.

Allen G. and Kelly J. Bressler to Bruce A. and Marie M. Fair, doing business as Sanofair Enterprises, property in Curwensville Borough, $300,000.

Mark P. and Carol A. Straffin to Martin P. Rutkowski and Kathleen A. Creola, property in Sandy Township, $92,500.

George Russell Collar Jr. to James Matson and Vickie Price, property in Cooper Township, $12,500.

Norman L. and Susan J. Bender to Matt Alan and Tiffani Anne Duncan, property in Pike Township, $10,000.

Norman L. and Susan J. Bender to Matt Alan and Tiffani Anne Duncan, property in Pike Township, $25,000.

Orville J. and Elva Jean O’Dell to Ronald G. Queen Sr. and Ronald G. Queen Jr., property in Penn Township, $52,748.

Ryan J. and Kylie L. Graham to Benjamin C. Panebianco and Jordan L. Lehman, property in Clearfield, $84,000.

Anne Marie Hanner to Lindsay L. and Brett J. Zimmerman, property in DuBois, $115,800.

Carol A. Houser to Kirk Anthony High, property in Pike Township, $89,000.

Diana L. Tormey and Genevieve M. Kennedy Estate to Terry L. Jr. and Marisa L. Laskowsky, property in Decatur Township, $89,000.

Kathryn L. and George A. Hixon to Paul J. Hixon, property in Sandy Township, $125,000.

Dale J. and Maetee Brocious to David William and Jacqueline Gail Kinderman, property in Sandy Township, $280,000.

Kevin P. and Olivia L. Lykens to Launcelot E. Soult IV, property in Lawrence Township, $99,000.

Jenny M. Wick and Richard Curtis Yingling Jr. Estate to Justin G. Smith and Nathalie L. Bird, property in Graham Township, $150,000.

Kenneth D. McGarvey to Christine Robison, property in Huston Township, $36,508.

Kristi Clark to Jacob D. and Christen L. Pennington, property in Boggs Township, $53,000.

David Carl and Kathy S. Olson to Kim M. McCullough, property in Lawrence Township, $119,000.

Huntingdon County

John M. Kauffman to Daniel L. and Amber L. Brechbiel, property in Shirley Township, $85,000.

Merritt E. and Sandra S. Wilkerson to Loren G. and Holly B. Bahnick, property in Penn Township, $185,000.

Lane R. and Becca M. Doyle to Madyson M. Pine and Craig A. Ewing, property in Saltillo Borough, $99,500.

Judith W. Tanner to NEC Properties LLC, property in Huntingdon, $115,000.

Elmer Ellsworth and Sheila T. McMeen to Paul R. Amato and Debra Lu Kaiser, property in Huntingdon, $277,000.

Anthony De Boef and Faith M. Lucchesi to BD Realty, property in Penn Township, $154,889.

Dale Miller Enterprises Inc. to John C. Casas, property in Walker Township, $18,667.

Janet L. Lane and Janet L. Robinson to Robert E. and Donna M. McVey, property in Mount Union, $40,000.

Dale W. Miller Enterprise Inc. to Sandra Rocio Cortes, property in Walker Township, $18,667.

Peter T. and Alison L. Hood to Nathan R. Walters, property in Walker Township, $60,000.

Codi L. Harkleroad and Taylor N. Thompson to Codi L. Harkleroad, property in Union Township, $93,120.

Kathy Kyle Weir and Robert Mark Weir to Matthew J. and Devon Kyle, property in Huntingdon, $260,000.

S and A Homes Inc. and S and A Custom Built Homes Inc. to Kathy K. Weir, property in Huntingdon, $361,563.