Blair County

Thomas J. Hovan to Goods Properties LLC, 2804 Sixth Ave., Altoona, $15,000.

Elisha and Nigel M. Trainer to George B. Jr. and Margaret A. Blackie, 807 First Ave., Altoona, $67,900.

Haitham and Slwa Abdelghani to Richard L. and Jodye A. Hunter, 1518-1520 23rd Ave., Altoona, $129,000.

Robert P. Manganella to Gary G. and Nancy J. Dull, property in Logan Township, Altoona, $100,000,.

Audrey June Peterman to David E. and Ashley N. Reilly, property in Logan Township, Altoona, $148,000.

Christopher P. and Christian M. Holsinger to Jeffrey L. and Christina L. Bettwy, property in Roaring Spring, $210,000.

James L. Balliet and Janice A. Calvin to James L. Balliet, Hillside Ave., Altoona, $269,000.

Scott, Linda L., Linda K., Marites S., Derrick and Patricia Louise Caswell, Julie Hillingsworth and Tiffany and Jokasta Caswell to Ian C. and Deanna M. Cohn, Clark Street, Bellwood, $70,000.

Brian G. and Patricia A. Ray to Ryan T. Ray, property in Williamsburg, $172,000.

KD Land LLC to Raymond M. and Ashley B. Thompson, property in Altoona, $50,000.

Charles H. and Gail R. Sheetz to Michelle L. Long, 121 Sprankle Ave., Altoona, $247,000.

Bryson E. Hildebrand to Michael James, 313 10th St., Altoona, $13,000.

Dominic A. Lonero to Justin M. Bowser, 843-845 27th St., Altoona, $77,000.

Myron J. Yeager to Ethan S. Wise, 2107-2109 16th Ave., Altoona, $142,000.

Lorraine R. Feathers to Jeremy K. and Gretchen N. Flaugh, property in East Freedom, $90,300.

Harris Realty LLC to Thomas McClain, 1301-1305 Grant Ave., Altoona, $164,000.

Brush Oaks LLC to Dawn C. and Gino F. Morelli, property in Logan Township, $27,680.

Robert T. Newkirk to Michael D. Geiner III, 1525 Third Ave., Altoona, $45,000.

Nancy J. Quarry, Nancy J. Dittsworth-Quarry and Dwight D. Dittsworth to Wallace J. Quarry, 1425-1427 First Ave., Altoona, $53,000.

Sara E. Koller to Kenneth Earl and Vickie Ann Knisely, 4007 Fifth Ave., Altoona, $39,000.

Bradley R. and Nicole A. Deffibaugh to Ashley N. Mattern, Ashley N. Deyulis and Jason D. Mattern, New St., Roaring Spring, $78,900.

Richard T. III and Jennifer A. Isakson to Mark P. McNicholas and Hsiu-Chu Chen, 110 Godfrey Lane, Hollidaysburg, $159,900.

Melinda D. McEldowney and Melinda D. and David W. Beach to Jeffrey and Tammy R. Wholaver, property in Frankstown Township, $265,000.

Vera L. Bonsell to William F. and Danielle L. Rickett, property in Snyder Township, $162,000.

Bedford County

Lloyd C. Davis, Lloyd Charles Davis to Phyllis S. Hodgkins, property in East St. Clair Township, $329,000.

Lori and Mark Foor to Desiree K. and David K. Crist, property in Bedford Borough, $200,000.

Robin S. Rodfong to Joseph W. Batzel, property in Colerain Township, $134,900.

James R. and Josephine Harris Wehling to Melony A. and James B. Lynch, property in Bedford Borough, $335,000.

Thomas, Elsie Louise and Elsie L. Ickes to Seth E. Deremer and Paisley N. Miller, property in East St. Clair Township, $113,000.

John R. Dovala and Channel Lyndsey Unger to Kristina M. Sheetz, property in Bedford Borough, $79,000.

Florence M. Wever to Rainsburg Maountain Hardwoods LLC, property in Bedford Township, $63,000.

Robert G. and Pauline J. Mowry to Steven S. Gracey and Kathleen L. Butler, property in Bedford Township, $319,000.

Sandra Kay Smith to Steven J. and Brenda S. Massie, property in East St. Clair Township, $204,500.

Dewayne and Deborah Border to Carolyn L. Sherin, property in Bedford Township, $176,500.

Blaine and Dorothy A. Colledge to Bryan K. and Angela A. Nilsson, property in West Providence Township, $35,000.

Berger Realty Development LLC to Marian Michelle Berger, property in Pleasantville Borough, $65,000.

Robert Scott and Dennis J. Hudson to Phillip J. and Chelciee R. Koontz, property in East St. Clair Township, $295,000.

Paul and Ladona Plovish to Scott and Jeannette S. Morse, property in Monroe Township, $60,000.

Clearfield County

Robin L. and Natalie J. Mears to Katie J. Bowman Ceprish and Scott J. Ceprish, property in Pine Township, $210,000.

John L. Gallagher to John C. Kitchen and Tonya L. Hughes, property in DuBois, $66,000.

Ellen M. Yeager to Christopher M. Depka, property in Lawrence Township, $79,900.

Robert S. and Rodana M. Spencer to Jesse J. and Sheena Lamison, property in Houtzdale, $16,000.

William and Nellie Bundy to Cory J. Cessna, property in Huston Township, $150,000.

Sherry Jo and Donald A. Simbeck to Caleb Levi Heichel, property in Bradford Township, $135,000.

Shawn D. Gouldthread to Kenneth C. and Desiree S. Caliari, property in Sandy Township, $119,000.

Stanley P. Miller to Scott H. Coble, property in Lawrence Township, $84,000.

James and Joyce Mehok to Nicholas S. Hepfl and Katlin R. Fitzgerald, property in Union Township, $220,000.

Desiree S. and Kenneth C. Caliari to Benjamin L. and Alena M. Park, property in Sandy Township, $275,000.

Diane K. Lepeonka and Naomi J. Valentine EST to Amanda L. Hartzell, property in DuBois, $107,000.

Maricel L. Crissman to Shawn D. Gouldthread, property in Sandy Township, $119,900.

Cen-Clear Child Services Inc. to Matthew Nunley, property in Decatur Township, $100,000.

Sandy J. Fox Dimmmick to Megan K. Williams, property in Houtzdale, $74,000..

Lauren and Scott Farrell and Tim M. and Karen M. Potts to Leo C. and Mary Beth Amilkavich, property in DuBois, $69,000.

Barbara E. Wellar to Thomas J. and Lisa M. Herring, property in Morris Township, $145,000.

Huntingdon County

David A. Johnstone Estate to Roger A. and Beth A. Hearn, property in Porter Township, $95,000.

Farmers and Merchants Trust Co. and Fulton County National Bank and Trust Co. to Terry L. and Stephanie A. Snyder, property in Springfield Township, $16,000.

Farmers and Merchants Trust Co. and Fulton County National Bank and Trust Co. to Terry L. and Stephanie A. Snyder, second property in Springfield Township, $16,250.

Robert G. Seiler and Mary C. Smith to Thomas J. Young and Donna S. Jarrell, property in Todd Township, $250,000.

Blanch P. Harnish and Patricia E. Harnish Brown to Donald L. Jr. and Robin L. Harnish, property in Morris Township, $103,000.

Ramona E. Fleck Estate to Scott D. Nearhood and Sherri L. Fedishin, property in Springfield Township, $60,000.

Matthew A. and Melissa D. Purnell to Harry Fortney Jr., property in Three Springs Borough, $58,822.

Bayview Loan Servicing LLC to Jennifer L. Butler, property in Smithfield Township, $28,900.

Sally S. Knepp and Sally S. Kurze to David J. Peterson, property in Shirley Township, $77,500.

Robert J. and Nikki L. Whittaker to Andre Melanson, property in Porter Township, $95,000.

Terry D. Showalter to Samuel D. Stoltzfus, property in Shirley Township, $650,000.

Robert J. and Jane G. Mills to John S. and Miriam M. Wengerd, property in Smithfield Township, $60,000.

John C., Jennifer S., Matthew B. and Jodie Goshorn to Michael A. and Michele J. Hawbaker, property in Tell Township, $370,000.

Deron Stewart Fultz to Janie Smith, property in Huntingdon Borough, $120,000.

Dale W, Miller Enterprises Inc. to Kathleen Gibboney Trust, property in Walker Township, $22,400.