Marriage licenses

Blair County

Lewis G. Fox and Tracy L. O’Rourke, both of Tyrone.

Nathan M. Plummer, Bellwood, and Kayla M. Myers, Tyrone.

Michael G. Bradley and Regina M. Erickson, both of Tyrone.

Zachariah Taylor and Lindsay E. Fosselman, both of Tyrone.

Brent M. Stewart and Ellen R. Sederdahl, both of Tyrone.

Dillon J. Garlock and Kaitlyn E. Mazzaferro, both of East Freedom.

Roberto R. Barrientes, Columbus, Ohio, and Tina J. Woodley, Cresson.

Shannon R. Himes and Andrew Tyler Booker, both of Altoona.

Wesley C. Wenger and Kristy L. Lenning, both of Altoona.

Robert G. Johnson, Evansville, Ind., and Ethel L. Rhoades, Tyrone.

Dwayne E. Smith and Elizabeth A. Stover, both of Tyrone.

Bedford County

William Theodore Sollenberger, New Enterprise, and Samantha Ilene Snyder, New Paris.

Chad David Saylor, Roaring Spring, and Lydia Louise Flick, Claysburg.

Brandon Lee Heisey, Osterburg, and Elizabeth Sue Conrad, Alum Bank.

Joshua Richard Garland, Everett, and Leah Mary Hillenbrand, Breezewood.

Marshal Dale Leach and Keirsten Diane Brode, both of Saxton.

Garrett Wayne Davis and Amber Jannette Claar, both of Imler.

Kodie Ronald Clark and Jolene Dawn Nave, both of Bedford.

Thomas Calvin Fleegle II and Brooke Olivia Igou, both of Mooresville, N.C.

William C. Baumgardner and April L. Weigle, both of Bedford.

Kevin Eugene Nicodemus Jr. and Ashley Nicole Henderson, both of Bedford.

Isaac Roy Kegg and Katie Odell Gressick, both of Windber.

Ankit Sanjiv Patel, Bedford, and Sheena L. Teckchandani, Poland, Ohio.

Jon Tyrus Dicken and Erika Rochelle Miller, both of Cumberland, Md.

Robert J. Poet and Megan Elizabeth Yingling, both of Osterburg.

Samuel J. Hoagland and Peggy Joy Brooks, both of Bedford.

Cambria County

Edward A. Smiley and Deborah A. Dunn, both of Cresson.

Michael R. Shannon and Wendy A. Gwinnett, both of Cresson.

Shawn A. Buggs and Sharon S.Deleon, both of Johnstown.

Jarrett S. Marsh and Anita A. Thompson, both of Portage.

Robert A. Remore and Tiffany S. Hart, both of Philadelphia.

Tristan A. Sheppard and Delilah S. Mock, both of Johnstown.

Harold S. Mill and Sandy B. Winhook, both of Southmont.

Clearfield County

Lucas Adam Duttry and Lauren Elizabeth Lash.

Robert James Smerk and Breanna Marie Hewitt.

Robert Clair Robbins Jr. and Markay Elaine Moyer.

Clark Nile English and Kristine Elizabeth Clouse.

Dalton Scott Condon and Sandra Lanae.

Tressa Lynn Keith and Juliana Strouse.

Christopher Robert Courtois and Julie Ann Frye.

Benjamin Douglas Kline and Michelle Renee Browell.

Casey Edward Martz and Hayley Marie Bowders.

Raymond J. Jackson and Sandra S. McClinsey.

Robert J. Hamilton and Ruth Lucinda Sabol.

Richard Martin Hubler Jr. and Janelle Lynn Brown.

Joshua Alan Waugaman and Darlene Ann Griffiths.

David Andrew Dixon and Keri Nicole Swisher.

Ryan Mason Parks and Alison Joleen Peters.

Kirk Edward McCully and Lailani Marie Dotts.

Jason Lee Meeker and Hope Ann Cowder.

Jason Paul Ashley O’Brien Gilliam and Tiffany Mae Brown.

Richard Allen Eckenroth and Karen Larue Muth.

Jeffrey Michael Caruso and Patricia Marie Camuso.

Zachary James Anderson and Shannon Renee Yarger.

Ronald Arnold Blair Jr. and Melissa Marie Palmer.

Delbert Clinton Breese and Danielle Marie Haley.

Maison Gregori Walters and Dail Marie Hewitt.

Huntingdon County

Jason Lee Banks and Jaime Lynn Hollibaugh, both of Mount Union.

Adam James Christopher, Bellefonte, and Katie Elizabeth Gipe, Mill Creek.

Cody David Hockenberry and Mackenzie Lee Wilson Howe, both of Huntingdon.

Hunter-Matthew Eugene Snyder and Michealia Cristy Peace, both of Mount Union.