Blair County

Lexie K. Hammond, Lexie K. and Michael Joseph Meraglia and William K. Hammond to Christine K. Wasser, Lot 104 Penn Farm Estates, Blair Township, $172,000.

Joseph T., Ida M., Carmine R. Jr., William D., Carmine R. and Carl Grieco to Joseph T. Grieco and Deborah Carter, 502, 504 and 506 N. Second St., Altoona, $20,000.

Lois G. Depp to Ryan M. Ruscio, property in Altoona, $105,000.

Joseph R. Fink to David R. and Juanita C. Martin, property in Blair Township, $54,000.

Tracey E. Grum to William H. and Holly B. Marriott, Pineview Drive, Hollidaysburg, $175,000.

Samuel G. and Joan L. Casale to Tami L. Grannas, property in Duncansville, $140,000.

Michael J. and Kristie E. Holtz to Nhut B. Nguyen and Tam H. Le, 620 Robertdale Drive, Duncansville, $279,900.

Stewart R. and Janice L. Ritchey to Jordon Saylor, property in Freedom Township, $40,000.

Donna L. Williams to Jessica L. McDowell, 305 Howard Ave., Altoona, $37,000.

Joan Kay Dengate to Pamela Garver, property in Altoona, $77,000.

Donald J. and Judy M. Beeler to Daniel P. Beeler, property in Tyrone, $120,000.

Melissa A. Bard, and Melissa A. and Matthew Ryan Barry to Eric John Straw, property in Altoona, $62,500.

Doris J. Evans to Rickie and Bethann Acrie, 560 Trophy Lane, Claysburg, $237,500.

Susanne E. and Stanley L. Goff, Kathy I. and Gary E. Dodson and Julie D. Walter to Shad L. and Melissa J. Goff, property in Roaring Spring, $30,000.

Waleed Mushref and Amar Elzuheiri to Michael J. and Kristie E. Holtz, property in Hollidaysburg, $300,000.

Scott and Holly Buchanan to Matthew R. and Melissa A. Barry, 1502 Pine St., Hollidaysburg, $130,000.

Dean B. and Lorie A. Eberwein to C A T Properties LLC, 14th Ave., Altoona, $141,000.

Anna C. and Barry E. Clancy and Ann C. Shay to Mary A. Housel, 1509 Crawford Ave., Altoona, $75,000.

Shirley A. Rhoades to Scott R. and Kimberly M. Kennedy, property in Antis Township, $65,000.

Doris A. Bearr to Guwain Engle, 308 Fourth Ave., Altoona, $22,000.

Nelda Bayle and George M. Flick to John F. and Gayle R. Benton, property in Logan Township, $57,500.

Susan R. Fetterman to Jacob T. Glunt, 701-703 Hudson Ave., Altoona, $93,000.

Patrick J. and Constance A. Judge to Jennifer Gretchen Houy and Justin Tyler Showalter, 2180 Cherry Drive, Tyrone, $269,900.

Scott L. and Angela M. Hildebrand to John H. King, 119 23rd Ave., Altoona, $50,000.

Keystone Custom Homes & Development Inc. to Alireza Shahkarami, 102 Beckman Drive Unit No. 3, Altoona, $182,900.

Donald P., James E., Elaine M. and Deborah K. Fee to Timothy C. Wilkins Jr., 1632-1634-1636 19th Ave., Altoona, $27,500.

Dennis L. McElfresh to Joel P. Trexler and Rene H. Jacoby, property in Greenfield Township, $45,000.

Mary C. Green and Jean March Verreault to John J. Pupa Jr. and Ashley C. Koehler, property in Frankstown Township, $184,900.

S&A Homes Inc. and S&A Custom Built Homes Inc. to John R. Jr. and Kimberly A. Brinkman, property in Antis Township, $281,446.

David L. Fink to Drew M. and Brett A. Eddinger, 10th St., Tyrone, $153,000.

Robert J. and Lori A. Beck to Cara Anne and Jacob Thomas Weibley, property in Allegheny Township, $259,900.

Jennifer L. Thurheimer and Jennifer L. and Matthew Cacciotti to Mikaela D. Gensamer, 212-214 E. Bell Ave., Altoona, $79,000.

Elizabeth A. Follmar and Elizabeth A. Follmer to Gary W. Phennicie and Stacey L. Yancey, Meadow Lane, Duncansville, $190,000.

Edna Mae Snyder to Frank E. and Vicky C. Musselman, property in Freedom Township, $55,000.

Adrienne and Gregg P. Hoolahan to Mary Lee Roebuck, Poland Ave., Altoona, $40,087.65.

John Wayne and Roberta Earlene Jacoby to First English Evangelical Lutheran Church, 1260 Logan Ave. Tyrone, $98,000.

Brad A. and Sarah M. Koehle to Stephen and Vicky Lang, property in Altoona, $15,000.

Barbara A. Lonsinger to Samuel A. Quarello Jr., 400-402 E. Walton Ave., Altoona, $69,000.

Gina and Benedict Lechene to Corey L. and Kristin E. Pincherri, 419 Avalon Road, Altoona, $182,000.

Justin T. Showalter and Jennifer Houy to Adam N. and Susan E. Karlheim, 1141-1143 51st St., Altoona, $126,500.

Bradley A. and Alisha J. Lingle to Julie S. Haire, property in Tyrone, $124,000.

Justin D. and Ashley D. Slep to Michelle R. Sisto, 522 E. Penn Ave., Altoona, $170,000.

Jeffrey A. Cordill, Debra S. Anderson and Robert E. Anderson Jr. to Mark D. McCracken, 615 N. Fourth St., Bellwood, $65,400.

J-Tah Homes Limited Liability Co. to Thomas J. Yacobucci II, property in Altoona, $29,000.

Stewart E. and Betty M. Trotter to Daniel J. Kiss and Holly D. Blair, 3212, 3214, 3216 and 3218 W. Chestnut Ave., Altoona, $155,000.

Convention Point LLC to CNB Bank, property in Allegheny Township, $700,000.

Fred J. Buzzella III and Dalann Buzella to Darlene K. Doliveira, property in Blair Township, $275,900.

Ronald R. Schirf to Benjamin Charles Thomas and Logan Marie Lynn, 203 18th St., Altoona, $100,000.

Bayview Loan Servicing LLC to Joseph Nale, 1507 N. Fifth St., Altoona, $92,250.

H. Edward and Elena Stanislavovna Detwiler to Gary A. and Susa P. Griep, 1300 Robin Lane, Duncansville, $240,000.

Karen A. and Daniel A. Nardozza to Harry L. Caporuscio, property in Logan Township, $93,500.

Loueen J. Grazier to North Side Investments LLC, 606 N. Third St., Bellwood, $33,500.

Marion E. and Marian E. Burket to Todd F. and Heather D. Ritchey, property in Taylor Township, $85,000.

Steven J. Shilling to Jonathan D. Ravel and Jennifer L. Ravotti, 1828 N. 12th Ave., Altoona, $126,000.

Corey L. and Kristin E. Pincherri to Daniel L. and Stephanie A. McCaulley, property in Altoona, $163,900.

Arthur J. Jr. and Catherine M. Glinke to Sean P. Shannon, Cherry Lane, Hollidaysburg, $194,000.

William C. and Kimberly R. Mallery to Justin E. Rydbom, 870 37th St., Altoona, $92,500.

Bryce P. Britton to Sarah Crider, 1428 Fifth Ave., Altoona, $94,000.

Cathy D. Over to Torrey A. and Samantha D. Morgan, property in Woodbury Township, $30,000.

David B., Deborah L. and Andrew L. Lafferty to T&R Trading LLC, 3709-3719 Beale Ave., Altoona, $300,000.

Lange Family Trust to Jason M. and Jessica D. Schumacher, property in Altoona, $84,000.

Daniel J. Luther to Fogal Realty LLC, 205 Third Ave., Altoona, $35,000.

Ralph J. Davis and Elizabeth L. Bakoss to George and Angelique Williams, property in Blair Township, $203,000.

Scott and Kerrie Pincin to Robert Weaver, property in Altoona, $58,000.

Melissa S. Shoeman, and Melissa S. and Paul Derensis to Pine Cone Rentals LLC, 2104 11th Ave., Altoona, $18,500.

Bonnie L. Hand McIntyre, Bonnie L. Hand Hopkins and John Hopkins to Aracyn C. and Cynthia L. Etie, 720-722 Logan Ave., Altoona, $135,000.

Turner & Eminhizer LLC to Michael Ventre, property in Altoona, $35,000.

Ickes Family Trust to Matthew K. Taylor and Katelyn E. Cherry, property in Blair Township, $157,000.

Country Club Development, Donald Devorris and Stephen J. Pellegrine to Allegheny Lutheran Social Ministries, property in Frankstown Township, $380,000.

Bedford County

Ellen D. Bedell to Mark S. Smith, property in Bedford Township, $75,000.

United Church of Schellsburg to Austin A. Imler, property in Schellsburg Borough, $54,000.

Melanie J. Topper to Elmer S. Stolfzfus, property in Londonderry Township, $135,000.

Anna L. Diehl Revocable Living Trust to Jeffery S. Davis property in Schellsburg Borough, $59,000.

Donald B. Replogle and Dorothy A. Replogle Revocable Trust to Glenn M. and Elsie Martin, property in South Woodbury Township, $590,000.

Charles A. Harclerode to Andrew S. Troutman, property in Hyndman Borough, $25,000.

Alton C. Miller Jr. to Timothy A. Jr. and Christine R. Brocious, property in East St. Clair Township, $245,000.

Danny A. Myers to Charles A. and Abigail C. Strouse, property in Harrison Township, $165,000.

Allen and Gail Millin to Lillian A. Stuckey, property in East Providence Township, $65,000.

EICH Group Development LLC to Peter Graybash, property in Bedford Township, $115,000.

Sandra Savage Crawford, Sandra Mabel Crawford and John Campbell Savage to Jason T. and Alisha D. McDaniel, property in Snake Spring Township, $32,500.

Martha R. Dishong to Raymond G. and Tammy S. Welsh and John D. and Ashley M. Bankes, property in Bedford Township, $72,000.

Dodson Brothers LLC to Matthew L. and Rebecca D. Stern, property in Broad Top Township, $132,000.

Joyce K. Wise to John M. and Rebecca L. Brown, property in Bedford Borough, $199,500.

Benjamin H. and Olivia M. Burkett to Benjamin and Leann Sollenberger, property in Manns Choice Borough, $47,500.

Jack B. Sponsler to Eugene L. and Glenda D. Pessagno, property in West Providence Township, $110,000.

Michael L. Levchik to Philip Kennett and Sandra E. Greig Kennett, property in Bedford Borough $185,000.

Miriam J. Moore to Doris Ann and Ronald L. Sr. Jenkins, property in Saxton, $85,000.

JP Morgan Chase Bank NA to Lewis and Kimberly Vichinsky, property in Napier Township, $22,000.

Wilbur Merle Livingston Living Trust to Callihan Estates LLC, property in West St. Clair Township, $725,000.

Clearfield County

Joel L. and Jacqueline Franceschi to Wanda J. Martin, property in Sandy Township, $171,000.

Arvilla Kelly and Alan L. Kelly to Samuel J. Welch Selfridge, property in Bradford Township, $76,000.

Dustin R. Howell to Howard E. and Betty M.Peace, property in Union Township, $158,000.

Anna M. and James P. Mackie to Samuel A. Curtis and Kaylin A. Strauser, property in Huston Township, $124,000.

Nichole M. Sommers to Yolanda O’Connor, property in DuBois, $69,900.

Geraldine Folmar and Allen J. Folmar Estate to Raymond L. and Gail M. Stiner, property in Covington Township, $20,000.

Raymond L. and Gail M. Stiner to Jessica Untrauer, property in Girard Township, $33,000.

Stephen A. King to Randy L. Hilliard Jr., property in Mahaffey Borough, $17,000.

Vickie L. Van Hoesen to Jonathan T. Mains, property in Beccaria Township, $150,000.

Tricia Yarger and William L. Yarger Estate to Ronald M. Nemyo, property in Decatur, $38,000.

Peter R. Zimmerman Sr. and Danielle M. Willis to David John Cassler, property in Boggs Township, $26,750.

Richard A. Galentine to Blaine D. and Linda S. Clark, property in DuBois, $13,000.

Jose Armando Troche and Cartus Financial Corporation to Carthus Financial Corporation, property in Boggs Township, $80,500.

Cartus Financial Corpopration to Marianne B. Chilson, property in Boggs Township, $70,000.

Elon W. and Sally L. Ireland to Ronald J. Ogden II, property in Clearfield Borough, $55,000.

Anthony R. and Brenda M. Batchelor to Shawn W. and Melinda J. Muir, property in Brady Township, $71,333.

Huntingdon County

Tracy J. Notestine Estate to Craig A. and Monique L. Barshinger, property in Cass Township, $87,000.

George Edward Shearer to Jeremy D. Wertz and Leisha K. Bronniman, property in Wood Township, $10,500.

Steven N. and Jessica L. Ritchey to Leslie D. and Lisa M. Ritchey, property in Coalmont Borough, $35,000.

Keith E. and Barbara D. Ruhl to Klaus S, and Jennifer L. Funk, property in Cromwell Township, $50,000

J. Darlene Hurst to Glen D. and Claudia F. Sellers, property in Shirley Township, $50.000.

William G. Colyer to Justin G. and Brett A. Snyder, property in Cromwell Township, $109,000.

1001 Associates partnership to James T. and Elise N. Uhring, property in Huntingdon, $110,000.

Shy Beaver Lakeview Estate Inc. to Chalres W. and Cheryl L. Holt, property in Hopewell Township, $49,000.

Camp Sutesus to James F. and Jonelle L. Cropf, property in Todd Township, $246,000.

Timothy M. Brady to Cerraio K. and Lisa A. Villarouel, property partly in Franklin Township and Ferguson Township Centre Co., $545.00.

Angelo S. Scavone to Curtis A. Starr and Hunter M. Book, property in Cromwell Township, $45,000.