Blair County

Michael A. and Stephanie D. Barnett to Delta Bravo Investments LLC, Logan Avenue, Tyrone, $84,900.

Four Girls LLC to Roberta and Daniel Emerick, property in Edgewood Acres, North Woodbury Township, $37,000.

Franklin Underwood, Albert Richard Earl Johnson, Albert R. Rahn and Frank G. Underwood to David E. Jr. and Rhonda K. Burchfield, property in Allegheny Township, $51,500.

Larry J. and Nancy J. McCaulley to Mark J. Bates, 1601-1607 Van Buren Ave., Altoona, $104,900.

Richard C. Gildea to David A. and Christine Gildea, 1204 N. Juniata St., Hollidaysburg, $135,000.

Dolores I. Carnell to Paul Carnell, 211-213 Mulberry St., Hollidaysburg, $110,000.

Stephen D. and Kay L. Decoskey to Ansley Family Partnership, property in Allegheny Township, Hollidaysburg, $215,000.

Melissa C. Teufel to Amanda Irvin Petrecca, 205 E. 23rd Ave., Altoona, $60,000.

Dominic J. and Kathleen Manocchio to Cody L. Weamer, 510 Crawford Ave., Altoona, $55,000.

Thomas B. and Meredith A. Hurliman to Gregory E. and Lori A. Lanzendorfer, 5204-5206 Fourth Ave., Altoona, $95,000.

Amy E. Webster, Amy Webster Sill, Lori W. Sieron, Michael A Sieron and Jacqueline F. Webster to WYSY LLC, 219 Mulberry St., $48,000.

Mary M. Metzger to Gordon Hugh and Marcia Marie Cameron, property in Freedom Township, $225,000.

Gary A. and Susan A. Griep to Douglas S. and Carole S. Claycomb, property in Frankstown, $217,500.

Christina M. Reed to Stefan H. Beard, 1007 Woodlawn Ave., Altoona, $125,000.

Wells Fargo Home Equity-Asset-Backed Securities to Ryan L. Phelan, 1510 St. Francis Lane, Altoona, $180,000.

Travis M. and Catherine B. McChessney to John E. and Emily M. Spiridigliozzi, 2816 W. Chestnut Ave., Altoona, $69,900.

Maroon & White Rentals Inc. to Douglas A. Madden, property in Altoona, $34,000.

LSF8 Master Participation Trust to Steve J. Jr. and Lisa M. Bellows, 1138 Hoovers Lane, Tyrone, $45,000.

Bedford County

David A. and Tina L. Boozer to BDKeller LLC, property in Napier Township, $440,000.

Jacque Faucon and Eric C. Price to Jacque Fancon Price III, property in Bloomfield Township, $150,000.

Rex E. and Cynthia S. Clark to Robert H. Eby, property in Hopewell Township, $17,200.

Suntrust Bank to Jesse Emerick, property in Londonderry Township, $169,900.

Robert E. Ritchey to Orchard Avenue LLC, property in Snake Spring Township, $23,000.

Emanuel P. and Karen M. Nichols to Michael Zepp, property in Mann Township, $230,000.

Cagney N. Brown to Bailey A. Martin, property in Manns Choice Borough, $86,000.

Robert Fred Lohr to Daniel J. Housel, property in Juniata, $140,000.

Robert Duane Hockenberry, Kimberly Elaine Weyant and Kimberly Elaine Dowlin to William D. Stasko, Rose Barger, Phillip Stasko and Allegra Slick, property in East St. Clair Township, $12,500.

Jay H. and Susan D. Zellers to Stephen C. Shaffer, property in East St. Clair Township, $260,000.

J. Allen and Norma Y. Baker to James A. and Belinda S. Barnes, property in Bedford, $210,000.

Clearfield County

Dustin D. Quigley to Dawn D. Reese, property in Curwensville Borough, $74,500.

Christopher M. Sr, and Tracy L. McCracken to Tyler and Amanda Peters, property in Pike Township, $55,000.

John Edward Patterson and John D. and Jennifer L. Wharton to John D. and Jennifer L. Wharton, property in Jordan Township, $20,000.

Chester A. and Elizabeth A. Hawkins to Wilbur and Emma Jean Neeper, property in Pike Township, $23,500.

Jane A. Hess and Mary J. and Edward A. Vancas to Kelsey L. Hook and Angel Rivera, property in Osceola Mills, $121,000.

Robert S. and Rodana M. Spencer to Logan Cook and Kelsey R. Beilair, property in Woodward Township, $125,000.

Norman L. Nagley (indiv/AIF) and Rong Zhong (by AIF) to Jessica L. Dickey, property in DuBois, $105,000.

Jon and Valerie April Hummel to Sage W. Henry, property in Decatur Township, $84,000.

Sue A. Patterson to Charles L Harter, property in Decatur Township, $27,000.

Paul C. Smeltzer to Tyler Wagner, property in Beccaria Township, $38,000.

Bantley R. Myers to Piper Real Estate Management LLC, property in DuBois, $54,000.

John and Ashley Dunn to Joseph and Tishawna Aljoe, property in DuBois, $90,000.

Vincent M. and Danielle N. Perry to Courtney L. and Maricel N. Barner, property in Osceola Mills, $119,900.

DuBois Bonanza Inc. to Guo’s Enterprises Inc., property in Sandy Township, $925,000.

Northwest Savings Bank (FKA) and Northwest Bank to Dustin J. and Kristin M. Gillingham, property in Clearfield, $30,500.

Russell Real Estate LLC to Grampian DPP LLC, property in Penn Township, $170,000.

Robert A. and Carol J. Strickland to Dennis Q. II and Melissa D. Neff, property in Pike Township, $25,000.

Kathryn J. Hile to Paul E. West, property in Lawrence Township, $20,000.

Juniata F. and Richard D. Stockley, Brenda J. and Samuel F. Pearce, Nancy C. and Paul R. Houser and Aaron D. and Jolene Cidor to Dustin M. Kurtz and Stephanie A. Maseto, property in Burnside Township, $106,000.

William A. and Maria K. Franson to Dennis F. and Jean M. Liegey, property in Pike Township, $360,000.

Robert C. and Camile Elaine Harnett to Richard B. and Kathryn F. Murawski, property in Lawrence Township, $129,900.

Justin T. and Holly A. Barrett to Seth A. Davidson, property in Greenwood Township, $88,000.

Todd W. English to Tuan Van and Erica Grace Nguyen, property in Clearfield, $86,500.

Darla E. Logan to Carrie Anthony, property in DuBois, $38,000.

Huntingdon County

Giacomo and Daniella Mistretta to James A. Brantner, property in Mount Union, $114,900.

Jeffrey L., Sandra L. and Sandra Thompson to William Stuart Cox and Karen Michelle Adams-Cox, property in Warriors Mark, $75,000.

MFGI 233 LLC to New Horizon Properties LLC, property in Mount Union, $723,472.

Susan P. Yocum and Charles M. Walls to Lawler Family 2015 Trust, property in West Township, $232,500.

R. Wayne and Marjorie R. Harpster to Ann M. Rokicki, property in Warriors Mark, $152,500.

Huntingdon Area Habitat for Humanity to Samuel E. Toney, property in Franklin Township, $50,000.

Charles R. Culp to Kenneth N. and Rita L. Scott, property in Rockhill Borough, $18,000.

William L. Leidy to Shawn M. Kincade, property in Huntingdon, $50,500.

Cynthia Hassler, Joseph M. and Cynthia L. Doliana to Kendall D. and Darlisa R. Heller, property in Warriors Mark, $130,000.

Richard B. and Sally A. Hess to Robert A. and Gary L. Hess, property in Wood Township, $50,000.

Peggy B. Loyd Trust to Walter R. and Donna L. Schrade, property in Hopewell Township, $120,000.

Earl and Deborah A. Sunderland to Todd R. Hamer and Kimbre M. Barnish, property in Walker Township, $12,500.

Bradley A. and Jill M. Yohn to Derrick L. Whitsel, property in Cromwell Township, $163,950.

Susan P. Yocum, Susan P. and Charles M. Walls to Todd M. and Cheryl A. Musser, property in West Township, $305,000.

Federal National Mortgage Association and KML Law Group PC to Lyra E. and Daniel W. Schroeder, property in Henderson Township, $198,300.

Kenneth C. and Harry W. Kramer to Mark R. and Kelly R. Powell, property in Wood Township, $20,000.

John R. and Eva T. Marchione to Larry E. III and Taylor M. Glace, property in Warriors Mark, $62,867.