Blair County

Carissa K. Gregg, Carissa J. and Timothy L. Carroll to Roy and Darlene Staszak, property in Juniata, $177,000.

Docs Classic Toybox LLC to 610 7th Street LLC, property in 521-525, 601-605 and 607-609 Seventh Ave., Altoona, $185,000.

Richard E. and Noreen L. Scheeler to Aaron and Cara E. Harr, property in 144 Lowry Drive, Duncansville, Blair Township, $215,000.

Kraig R. and Regina M. Kieswetter to Christopher M. and Sarah M. Rhodes, property in Castle Farms, Logan Township, $330,000.

Tracey L. Kurtz to Brady C. Ebersole, property in Walnut Street, Roaring Spring, $122,000.

Lisa M. Shover, Lisa M. Gehret and Douglas A. Shover to Joshua M. Wyandt and Jessica B. Smith, property in 4209 Lynndale Road, Altoona, $119,000.

Byron E. Draeger to Dennis R. Jr. and Jessica L. Ritchey, property in Railroad Street, Greenfield Township, $85,000.

Walter J. and Eileen R. Delozier to Matthew A. and Angela N. Taylor, property in 323 Leslie St., South Lakemont, Altoona, Logan Township, $85,900.

Ruth R. Searle to AOO Rentals LLC, property in 1020 and 1022 Lexington Ave., Altoona, $33,900.

Secretary of Housing and Urban Development to Charles and Luanne C. Beers, property in 317 Eighth Ave., Juniata, Altoona, $27,000.

Pamela Magidson, Jason Magidson and Helen L. Brickley to Donna M. Seedenburg, property in 522-528 E. Caroline Ave., Altoona, $109,000.

Debra A. Brunner to Sean R. and Richard T. Keown, property in 1906 Sixth Ave., Altoona, $15,000.

Mark L. and Barbara Bottenfield to Joseph Paul and Nicole Jean Barrick, property in 278 Brush Mountain Road, Frankstown, $197,000.

Deana and Joshua S. Dubbs, to Ashley L. Thurston-Curry and Trevor P. Curry, property in Snyder Township, $175,000.

Bedford County

Clyde R. Morris Qualified Personal Residence Trust to Homewood Foundation Inc., property in West Providence Township, $295,000.

William C. and Diane L. Campbell to Zachary J. Leister, property in Juniata, $100,000.

Sean and Kayla Jones to Medina Jorge L. Luiggi, property in Hyndman Borough, $85,000.

Troy L. and Dena M. Diehl to Gregory Fetters, property in Monroe Township, $201,000.

James E. Snider to Rodney L. and Susan J. Drenning, property in Snake Spring Township, $65,000.

Joel C. and Rachel E. Riggle to Matthew A. and Giannie E. Beutman, property in Bedford, $52,000.

Peter and Melody Cracchiolo to Derek and Amy Seeley, property in Napier Township, $132,500.

Charles H. Coon and Robin L. and Carma L. Young to Robin L. and Carma L. Young, property in East Providence Township, $15,000.

Castlerock 2017 LLC to Shad L. Goff, property in Woodbury Borough, $16,900.

Helen L. Johnson to Kadden C. Smith, property in South Woodbury Township, $67,000.

Wayne and Amanda R. Feight to Ginger Slack, property in Bedford, $92,000.

Akhileshwar P. and Suhasini A. Singh to Virginia Bowser, property in East Providence Township, $140,000.

Richard L. Cloud to Seth W. and Amanda N. Shomo, property in Manns Choice Borough, $40,000.

Daniel W. and Rena C. Dearment to Mervin J., Emanuel S. Jr. and Emanuel S. Fisher, property in Bedford, $420,000.

Virginia R. Fletcher Revocable Trust to James R. and Brenda A. Gerlach, property in East Providence Township, $430,000.

John W. Jr. and Julie R. Walter to Lloyd B. and Tammy J. Foor, property in Kimmel Township, $50,000.

Paul J. and Peggy A. Johnson to Thomas D., Karen L. and Randall P. Daihl, property in Cumberland Valley, $140,000.

Ryan C. and Eva M. Clark to Amanda M. Smith, property in South Woodbury Township, $45,000.

Cambria County

John D. Reed to Dominic J. Cannizzaro, property in Adams Township, $294,000.

U.S. of America to Castlerock LLC, property in Cambria, $18,150.

Rodney P. Bowman to Andrew V. Holodnik, property in Patton, $73,000.

Joshua J. Reynolds to Joshua J. Brumbaugh, property in Richland Township, $82,500.

James J. Albert to Edward J. Burkett, property in Westmont Borough, $71,000.

Gertrude E. Volk to Anne M. Volk, property in Loretto, $83,500.

Silbaugh Family Irrevocable Trust to Douglas S. Mosley, property in Ebensburg, $175,000.

Candice S. Byron to Timothy Vahey, property in White Township, $59,500.

Michael J. Kopera to James R. Taylor, property in West Carroll Township, $190,000.

GoldCreek LLC to Sumaira Project Management LLC, property in Upper Yoder Township, $13,000.

Bayview Loan Servicing LLC to Richard J. Spalla, property in Portage Township, $25,000.

Gary Muller to Michael D. McVicker, property in Johnstown’s 20th Ward, $41,500.

Clearfied County

Carole Elizabeth Maney to Patricia M. McQuone, property in Gulich Township, $21,000.

Robert E. Ferguson to Patrick W. Mercer, property in Osceola Mills, $30,000.

Bradley J. and Kira L. Johnston to Elizabeth M. Lanich, property in Clearfield, $98,000.

Stanley J. and Lori L. Waseleski to Lori Keller, property in DuBois, $79,000.

John J. III and Cindy Angelo to Katherine Zents, property in Sandy Township, $57,500.

Peter J. Iole to Michael L. Dinant, property in Bradford Township, $30,000.

Jim A. and Barbara J. Stewart to HW Rentals LLC, property in Gulich Township, $65,000.

Mark J. Rusnak (Guardian) and Joseph M. Rusnak Estate to Mark J. and Victoria E. Rusnak, property in Dectur Township and Morris Township, $73,750.

Secretary of Housing and Urban Development to Robinson Ventura and Sonia R. Nale, property in Westover Borough, $11,555.

David A. and Lois N. Madinger to Thomas A. and Linda E. Foster, property in Sandy Township, $132,500.

Jack B. Adams, Ellery W. Adams Estate and Virginia A. Mooney to Woodcrafters Unlimited Inc., property in Clearfield, $45,000.

Erik J. and Jacqueline D. Moore Elensky to Steven A. and Aimee R. Craft, property in DuBois, $112,000.

Dalyri LLC to Nolan Glenn Rocky and Jennifer Irene Rhodes, property in Bloom Township, $60,000.

Roman M. and Elizabeth J. Troyer to Joseph J. and Barbara R. Miller, property in Westover Borough, $16,927.

Huntingdon County

Timothy W. and Stephanie S. Marks to Charles Cooke, property in Todd Township, $25,000.

Samuel S. and Patricia L. Folkenroth to Rosanna G. Nee, property in Smithfield Township, $74,900.

Richard P. and Jean Lambert to David M. Smyser, property in Cass Township, $85,000.

Jerome and Virginia Bellistri to Donald E. and Rebecca R. Parsons, property in Hopewell Township, $249,900.

William D. Booher to Natalie D. Estep, property in Shirley Township, $21,417.

Wesley Appleby to Timothy A. and Paul Leroy Baldwin, property in Carbon Township, $30,000.

Dale R. and Sheila C. Berkebile to Sean F. and Jessica M. McCorkle, property in Brady Township, $70,000.

Marjorie Holland to Douglas A. Stiffler, Jingxia Yang and Stuart A. Stiffler, property in Huntingdon, $30,000.

Darlene L. Hoch to Harry P. Mourar, property in Cromwell Township, $80,000.

Viola M. Fultz Estate to Frank L. and Cynthia D. Bencsik, property in Oneida Township, $91,000.

Wayne F. Berlin to Huntingdon County Stone Mill Estates LLC, property in Brady Township, $195,000.

Patricia C. Weaver to Stocker Family LLC, property in Jackson Township, $265,000.

Ronald L. and Barbara A. Artz to Allen L. Artz, property in Todd Township, $220,000.

Dennis P., Emilie Parsons and Esther C. Erdman to Michael S. and Audrey A. Zartman, property in Marklesburg, $40,000.