Marriage licenses

Blair County

Damian M. Moist and Leah S. Allen, both of Altoona.

Duane A. Roberts and Christine M. Farabaugh, both of Duncansville.

Jason M. Daugherty and Destinee L. Henderson, both of Altoona.

Robert L. Theys and Marie A. Gallagher, both of Duncansville.

Brandon A. Dillon and Jennifer F. Zimmerman, both of Altoona.

Cory M. Reed and Lauren E. Doroba, both of Bellwood.

Joshua M. Stanton and Megan R. Sanchez, both of Williamsburg.

Ryan M. Heck and Crystal D. Wendt, both of Altoona.

Ronald P. Buckreis and Mary C. Raeder, both of Duncansville.

Luke E. Clark, Clearville, and Alyssa M. Wharton, Irvona.

Audra L. Wiser and Casey J. Miller, both of Tyrone.

Tyler M. Gwin and Breyonia Shea, both of Altoona.

Noah S. Kline and Jessica E. Henri, both of Altoona.

Michael A. Pastore II and Amanda N. Winfield, both of Altoona.

William A. Kline and Kimberly E. Patterson, both of Tyrone.

Paul O. Engleman III and Nicole L. Maule, both of Tyrone.

Nicholas J. Haigh and Kaitlin C Carrieri, both of Altoona.

Mikal R. Hammond and Stefany M. Kissell, both of Duncansville.

Jacob A. Fisher, James Creek, and Jamie R. Eckenrode, Martinsburg.

Mason J. D. Watson and Madoliene L. Himes, both of Duncansville.

Aaron R. Richers and Tarran D. Houp, both of Altoona.

Jason S. Gallaher and Jennifer L. Steele, both of Irvona.

Camden A. Hoover and Veronica R. Molliver, both of Williamsburg.

Nicholas T. Kratzer and Tricia L. Reilly, both of Hollidaysburg.

Michael B. Wieland and Amy C. Arrigonie, both of Altoona.

Robert D. Knarr and Christina L. McCracken, both of Altoona.

Gary C. Walk III, and Ashley D. Hand, both of Altoona.

Erik C. Closson and Nicole E. Duffy, both of Altoona.

Joshua D. Snyder and Jennifer L. Frost, both of Altoona.

Vincent A. Dean Jr. and Jenna M. Cowan, both of Tyrone.

John H. Yohn Jr. and Susan P. Smith, both of Altoona.

Martin C. Banks III, and Alyssa R. Eaton, both of Altoona.

James J. Marker III, and Shannon L. Murphy, both of Altoona.

Cambria County

Ryan D. Williams and Theresa A. Gomalka, both of Cresson.

Clearfield County

Joseph George Schneider and Stephanie Marie Whiteford.

Andrew Jared Guelich and Sheree Lynn Stoner.

Yen Ju Henry Ho and Kathryn Lorene Snedden.

Anthony Holden Wenner and Alexis Marie Mullen.

Huntingdon County

William Travis Barr, Petersburg, and Danielle Marie Snare, Huntingdon.

Clyde James Neuder and Bonnie Erue Boozel, both of Three Springs.

Larry Eugene Woods and Ginny Lee Boltz, both of Huntingdon.

Ronald James Coffman, Saxton, and Marianne Everetts, Robertsdale.

William Clayton Gallaher III and Laura Ashley Clark, both of Robertsdale.