The following people have made filings in U.S. Bankruptcy Court in Pittsburgh. Chapter 7 involves selling assets to pay debts. Chapter 13 is a plan to pay debts using income. Chapter 11 involves reorganizationto pay off debt.

The information is from the Pittsburgh Legal Journal. Filings by county include:

Blair County

Paul Eugene and Florence Ellen Perrin. Chapter 7. Dec. 18.

William Dale and Jody Lynn Banks. Chapter 7. Dec. 18.

Melodi A. Endress. Chapter 7.

Dec. 28.

Brian Allen and Jamie Padula Campbell. Chapter 13. Dec. 28.

Gladys Esther Wallace. Chapter 7. Dec. 29.

Suasn A. Walters. Chapter 7.

Dec. 29.

Bedford County

Howard E. and Lois E. Weightman. Chapter 13. Dec. 18.

Dorsey LeRoy Custer. Chapter 7. Dec. 29.

Cambria County

Jacqueline Marie Evans. Chapter 7. Dec. 18.

James Patrick Buksa. Chapter 7. Dec. 18.

Jodi A. Rupert. Chapter 7.

Dec. 28.

John Edward Jr. and Lisa Ann Vasas. Chapter 7. Dec. 28.

Clearfield County

Lea A. Patterson. Chapter 13.

Dec. 28.