Clearfield County

Neil D. Buckwalter and Janet L. Buckwalter to Forward Motors LLC, property in Woodward Township, $145,000.

Richard E. and June A. Powers to Pietro G. Porco, property in Huston Township, $22,500.

Casteel Properties LLC to Joshuah D. Rhine and Marissa McKendrick, property in Curwensville Borough, $99,000.

Christopher Joseph Barrett to Ruth V. Catino, property in Clearfield Borough, $16,000.

Scott A. and Leslie A. Moore to Brenton L. Witherson, property in Sandy Township, $280,000.

Samuel T. McClelland Jr. to Allen B. Cook and Kristen L. Meersand, property in Decatur Township, $38,000.

Harry C. and Mary E. Stoltz to Julia A. Quashnock, property in Sandy Township, $176,000.

William A., Roberta A., John C. and Robin D. Weisgerber to Richard P. and Brandi Lykens Smith, property in Girard Township, $310,000.

Huntingdon County

Craig A., Rachel R. and Rachel B. Mills to Patrick E. Jr. and Jodi M. Stoner, property in Henderson Township, $225,000.

George S. Walker Estate to Mary Beth Swan, property in Huntingdon, $125,000.

John R. Mangino and Michele D. Reynolds to H.P. Reynolds, property in Huntingdon, $19,000.

Scott D. and Tricia L. Keller to Raymond M. Worrell, property in Huntingdon, $147,000.

Alan M. and Rebecca S. Kilian to John Patrick and Elaina D. Neville, property in Warriors Mark, $350,000.

Arthur M. Devlin Estate to Archie W. Jr. and Heather J. Stake, property in Dublin Township, $25,000.

Patricia A. Custer to Lance R. Kramer, Douglas R. Manning and Craig Rotthoff, property in Clay Township, $62,500.

John K. and Marsha M. Dell to Miranda M. Powell, property in Saltillo, $108,500.

Robert James Bone to Eric M. and Lindsey S. Hibshman, property in Penn Township, $23,450.

Jesus Ministries Inc. and Agape Ministries Inc. to Don R. Morgan, property in Cromwell Township, $15,102.