Blair County

Pfeffer Family Enterprises LP to Lawruk Realty Limited Partnership, 112-116 Bryon Ave., Altoona, $200,000.

Secretary of Housing and Urban Development to Paul Durbin, 1915 Eighth Ave., Altoona, $19,500.

M&T Bank to Kristopher Albright, 1227 17th Ave., Altoona, $16,101.

Scott and Lori Clapper to Christopher Cherry, 401 Martin St., Bellwood, $63,600.

Timothy and Carissa Carroll to Joel and Ashley Gallagher, 917 Hoovers Lane, Tyrone, Snyder Township, $195,000.

Helen M. Despot, Bonnie and Dennis Middleton and Linda Despot to Charles and Jessie Hurkes, property in Frankstown Township, $160,000.

Scott Weaver to Kimberly Weaver, 406 N. Ninth Ave., Altoona, $59,000.

Saul and Anna Paikin to Marcy Herzog, 3512 Fort Roberdeau Ave., Altoona, $155,000.

Kevin and Rebecca Cowan to Richard A. Dickinson Jr., property in Logan Township, $285,000.

Timothy Wills to Douglas Madden, 1411 12th St., Altoona, $39,000.

Tawn and Dennis McCreary to Gary and Tina McCreary, 312 Polecat Road, East Freedom, Greenfield Town, $50,000.

Bedford County

Dorsey A. Wertz to Amanda J. and Benjaman L. Figard, property in Napier Township, $ 115,000.

Amanda J. Haney, Amanda J. and Benjamin Figard to Anthony Mantia, property in West St. Clair Township, $85,000.

Richards D. Bruce and Wendy Bruce Revocable Trust to James M. and Mindy J. Bowling, property in Bedford Borough, $172,000.

Kathleen P. Davis to Matthew J. and Jessica A. Edmonds, property in Bedford Township, $122,000.

Stephen W. and Ashley L. McCahan to Elizabeth M. Zimmers, property in Everett Borough, $145,000.

Federal National Mortgage Association to Gunner S. Martin, property in Hopewell Borough, $26,900.

Misner Family Farms LLC to Mark Rock, property in West Providence Township, $131,200.

JoAnn N. Mellott to Cory J. and Dawn R. Demko, property in Everett Borough, $130,000.

Suzanne F. McNeal to Erik Smith, property in Bedford Township, $57,000.

Bittner Vending Inc. to Larry H. and Judy L. Williams, property in Saxton Borough, $27,750.

Justin H. Smith to JP Morgan Chase Bank NA, property in East St. Clair Township, $30,300.

Timothy and Karen Wivell to Mark S. and Alisa Clark, property in Bedford Borough, $230,000.

Daniel E. Leister to Aaron Leister, property in East St. Clair Township, $100,000.

Bank of America NA to M. Frederick Danison Co. LLC, property in Bedford Township, $69,000.

Robert D. Felix to Michael J. and Tammy S. Comp, property in West St. Clair Township, $75,000.

Kimberly Mearkle, Karla A. Swan and Dorothy A. Ritchey to Cody R. Smith, property in West Providence Township, $300,000.

Jean and James L. and Myrtle J. Eichelberger to Jason C. and Michelle L. Guyer, property in Hopewell Township, $110,000.

Church Hill Manor LLC to Jeffery T. and Keith C. Hickey, property in Bedford Township, $25,000.

Emeline V. Rager and Emeline V. Golden to Wayne E. Atherton, property in Monroe Township, $79,900.

Michael A. and Michelle L. Stiles to Harry A. Knisely Jr., property in Bedford Township, $140,000.

Linda K. Steele and Linda K. Nicodemus to Haden J. Hess, property in Bedford Township, $150,000.

Patrick J. and Patricia Miller to Michael K. and Donna J. McTaggart, property in Bedford Township, $207,000.

Ronald P. and Jean C. Hoover to Tonya Grimes, property in Bedford Township, $93,000.

William R. and Colleen M. Brenner to Nicholas J. and Laura B. Salvo, property in Bedford Borough, $141,000.

Federal National Mortgage Association to Matthew P. Dull and Jordyn A. Claycomb, property in West St. Clair Township, $200,000.

Clearfield County

John and Elizabeth A. Kammerdiener to James Francosky and Jennifer Finney, property in Huston Township, $21,000.

Kathleen J. Lamoreau and Jeffrey B. Blowers Estate to William S. Riddle, property in Greenwood Township, $25,000.

John T. and Doris J. Rose to John R. and Esther L. Troyer, property in Burnside Township, $85,000.

Eric J. and Julia L. Wonderling to Jeffrey C. Loeffler, property in Girard Township, $30.000.

John W., Lori, Jeffrey A. and Jill Fritz to Thomas R. Kellgren, property in DuBois, $104,000.

Michael P. and Kelly L. Gregory to Michael A. Jacobson and Jenna I. Kougher, property in Brady Township, $179,000.

Felice and Christina Esposito to Gene L. and E. Yvonne Jazwinski, property in Sandy Township, $98,500.

Carol A. Fahy to Ryan C. and Ashley A. Munoz, property in Sandy Township, $130,000.

Tia Carpenter to Samuel Richards and Traci Shepler, property in Union Township, $17,528.

Robert L. Jr. and Rumiko Lawson to Joseph A. and Rachel L. Caputo, property in Sandy Township, $91,000.

William and Michelle L. Curry to Matthew M. Moswchella, property in Lawrence Township, $62,500.

Brenda L. Fannin and William H. Graham Estate to William T. and Michelle L. Curry, property in Lawrence Township, $70,000.

Brandi M. Matsko to Amy E. Gilga, property in Lawrence Township, $76,000.

George M. Kosco to Amber N. Shephard, property in Sandy Township, $90,000.

Justin T. and Meghan E. Hess to OWENCW 1 LLC, property in DuBois, $68,000.

Julian M. and Lisa Rae Mohney to Joshua M. and Aubrey Charcalla, property in DuBois, $95,000.

Matthew D. and Georgie A. Bowman to Paul C. Dale, property in Clearfiled, $95,000.

Matthew D. and Cea K. Moore to Bradn J. Dixon, property in Bradford Township, $87,000.

Adam W. Cressman to Brian D. Hoch, property in Bell Township, $62,000.

Scott L. and Deana M. Clinger to Tylor M. Hummel and Tara V. Peck, property in Ferguson Township, $135,000.

Joseph Korney to Mark R. and Angelina M. Funair, property in Pine Township, $155,000.

Harry J. and Brittany A. Friso to David M. and Sarann A. Miller, property in Bloom Township, $115,000.

James E. May and Bonnie J. Horton to Quay E. Taylor, property in Lawrence Township, $150,000.

Patricia Simon to Anthony S. Puccio, property in Clearfield, $25,000.

Michael A. and Mary Ann Rudella to Mason S. and Chyna Confer, property in Cooper Township, $124,500.

Huntingdon County

Charles O. Crawford Jr. to Randy L. and Terri L. Smith, property in Porter Township, $126,400.

Charles R. and Donna Black to Barbara A. McCracken, Heather R. Myers and Travis W. Buffington, property in Todd Township, $72,500.

Stephen E. Del Signore to Shuree R. Myers, property in Mount Union, $75,000.

Ellis L. and Ellis Leroy Gunderson Estate to Richard J. and Christina E. Kane, property in Walker Township, $170,000.

Margaret J. Bragg to Samuel K. and Elizabeth A. Mitchell, property in Shirley Township, $43,000.

Nicholas T. and Kathleen K. Kalathas to Merrill E. and Mary F. Nolt, property in Shirley Township, $156,000.

Martha B. Pesco to Tina M. Jamison, property in Three Springs, $53,000.

Alice L. Foster Estate to Chad Aaron Hoffman, property in Clay Township, $137,000.

Stephen and Deborah A. Fauth and Derek V. Hammaker to Stephen and Deborah A. Fauth, property in Saltillo, $27,000.

Robert E. Johnson Jr. and Robert M. Evans to Michael Paul Stankiewicz, property in Clay Township, $40,000.

Summit Machine Shop Inc. to Gill Family Trust, property in Porter Township, $440,000.