Blair County

Warren R. Capenos to Sandy Wenerick, property in Williamsburg, $25,000.

Guy and Marianne Landolfi to Colken Properties LLC, 2901-03 Seventh Ave., Altoona, $112,500.

Guwain and Leona Engle to Kayla and William Luke Jr., 1917 13th Ave., Altoona, $54,900.

Jeanne Long to Jeremy and Tonya Long, 116-118 25th Ave., Altoona, $95,000.

William Jr. and Donene Riley to Ninth Street LLC, 1321 First Ave., Altoona, $45,000.

Barbara and Daniel Brown to Bradley Edevane and Ashley Schy, 129 Crawford Ave., Altoona, $34,500.

Edgar and Jane Thompson to Cover Property Management LLC, 2611 Union Ave., Altoona, $43,000.

Paul Myers and Gail Dodson to William and Doris Duceman, 125 Beckman Drive, Altoona, $145,000.

Lauri Harris to Steven and Karen Snowden, property in Logan Township, $10,000.

Regency Energy LLC to Jonathan Rea, property in Frankstown Township, $189,900.

Bedford County

Harry L. Fetter, Fetterman Family Trust to Lucas G. and Rachel L. Truax, property in East St. Clair Township, $200,000.

Jowl P. Trexler and Rene H. Jacoby to Cove Properties LLC, property in Kimmel Township, $18,000.

Joseph R. Jr. and Wendy K. Manspeaker to I. Harold, Vera Mae and Justin J. Martin, property in Liberty Township, $55,000.

Roderick S. and Virginia Kagarise to Mahlon and Katie Sauder, property in South Woodbury Township, $28,750.

Roderick S., Virginia E. and Virginia Kagarise to Mahlon and Katie Sauder, property in South Woodbury Township, $86,250.

Deborah K. Wolf to Jonathan and Karina R. Harbaugh, property in Napier Township, $177,500.

Mark and Kimberly Heptner to George Montemayor and Richard Northcraft, property in Hyndman Borough, $13,500.

Terry L. and Bonnie L. Heldibridle to David A. Knisely, property in Kimmel Township, $75,000.

Mabel Alice Lohr to Jalissa D. Snyder, property in Londonderry Township, $95,000.

William B. VMD, Andrea Tarpley and Bradley K. VMD and Bonnie Foor to Veterinary Medical Building LLC, property in Snake Spring Township, $344,616.

Dorothy O’Toole to RJM Estates LLC, property in King Township, $40,000.

Stephen J. and Marie Claire Yanoshak to Christopher O. and Dorothy M. Witt, property in Bedford Township, $69,730.

Stephen J. and Marie Claire Yanoshak to Galen and Tina Henderson, property in Bedford Township, $64,000.

Selena M. May and Selena M. Hinish to Mark Donald Swankler and Dayna Smith, property in Everett Borough, $99,900.

Jack C. and Elizabeth M. Yon and Elizabeth M. Zimmers to Dorsey A. and Elizabeth M. Wertz, Harrison Township, $290,000.

Clearfield County

Timothy W. and Sara J. Gallaher to Brandon Coughlan, property in Pike Township, $150,000.

Donna J. Freeman to Victoria B. Long, property in Beccaria Township, $57,900.

Donna M. and William J. Ellis and Sharon J. Gregory to Andrew R. Boulton and Kristen E. Andrasko, property in Houtzdale Borough, $86,000.

Linda L. and Olan London to Joshua P. Boal, property in Pike Township, $15,000.

Don E. and Rosetta A. Deroia to Douglas and Michelle McQuiston, property in Huston Township, $32,000.

Randy D. Hoy to Veronica Hugill, property in Clearfield Borough, $12,500.

Osant Naveh to Veronica Hugill, property in Clearfield Borough, $12,500.

Donald S. and Barbra J. Hanson to Chelsea L. Fremer, property in DuBois, $90,000.

Leonard C. Jr. and Lori A. Martin to James R. and Cynthia M. Taylor, property in Graham Township, $102,000.

Michael J. Call to Stephen E. Curci, property in Ferguson Township, $20,000.

Ricky J. Ames Sr. to Jacob W. Roos, property in Cooper Township, $209,000.

Darl W. and Nancy A. Morgan to Crist G. and Sarah B. Lee, property in Burnside Township, $80,000.

Agracel Inc. to Osage Towers LTD, property in Sandy Township, $3,312,620.

John E. III and Deborah A. Evans to O Town 4 Hotel LLC, property in Osceola Mills Borough, $98,000.

Danette M. Brown and Mark A. Brown Estate to Dennis R. and Nancy L. Etzweiler, property in Morris Township, $50,000.

George L. Hunt and Marsha A. Srock to Daniel B. Passmore Jr. and Melinda Campbell, property in Houtzdale Borough, $65,000.

Igoa Publishing Co. to Timothy E., Peggy C. and Daniel D. Durant, property in Clearfield Borough, $330,000.

Donald L. Sr. and Shirley J. Kelce to David and Annette Ondo, property in Chester Hill Borough, $15,000.

Ferdin E. and Sherry L. Wallace to Adonai Land Co. LLC, property in Lawrence Township, $17,000.

Wendy S. Wells to Miranda L. Hoyt, property in Sandy Township, $115,000.

Huntingdon County

Randall H. and Sudie A. Witherite to Gina K. Perrin, property in Huntingdon, $80,000.

Daniel A. and Louise A. Byler to Israel J. and Emma M. Peachey, property in Brady Township, $165,000.

Ryan D. Sample and Kayla M. Gibboney to Ryan D. Sample, property in Barree Township, $85,360.

Sally A. Long to John W. Jr., Debrah K., Jerry L. and Wendy L. Hampton, property in Wood Township, $80,000.

Dustin M. and Lauren A. Brown to Bradley J. and Marissa N. Bollinger, property in Walker Township, $220,000.

Mary A. H. and Robert J. Wesoloskie to Steven T. Hanes Sr., property in Henderson Township, $95,000.

Gregory L. Householder Trust to David P. and Tina C. Goll, property in Walker Township, $180,000.

John M. and Traci R. Shugarts to Richard B. and Shannon R. Walter, property in Mount Union, $83,000.

Maureen A. Miller to Jesse A. and Heidi J. Locke, property in Dublin Township, $165,870.

Fannie Mae and KML Law Group PC to Brianne A. Sharpless, property in Oneida Township, $78,00.

Richard H. and Christina E. Kane to Jessica C. Nabozny, property in Huntingdon, $94,000.

LSF9 Master Participation Trust and Caliber Real Estate Services LLC to Holly and Rodney Teeters, property in Smithfield Township, $65,100.