Marriage licenses

Editor’s note: The following infor­mation was provided by the prothonotary’s offices at area county courthouses.

Blair County

Steven M. Kephart II and Jessica S. Davis, both of Duncansville.

Brian T. McFee and Emma M. Wagner, both of Altoona.

Robert L. Johnston and Ashley Robinson, both of Hollidaysburg.

James C. Brumbaugh and Karen M. Pfeffer, both of Duncansville.

James M. Umholtz Jr. and Selina M. Sparaco, both of Altoona.

Jeremy T. Barnhill and Danielle L. Balliet, both of Altoona.

Kenneth Q. Meek and Sherry D. Beere, both of Altoona.

Robert T Lingafelt III and Christine M. Robison, both of Altoona.

Derrick A. Wolfe and Marion A. Barber II, both of Altoona.

Robert F. Flaig Jr. and Katelynn M. Smith, both of Williamsburg.

Caleb M. Epple and Sarah M. Lewis, both of Altoona.

Timothy W. Cruse and Maura A. Gosnell, both of Altoona.

Tyler S. Masucci and Margot A. Helbig, both of Altoona.

Ronald M. Merritts Jr. and Tammy L. Desch, both of Altoona.

Cody S. N. Delay and Kendra M. McCracken, both of Tyrone.

Bedford County

Frank Michael Amato, Manns Choice, and Kelsey Louise Huggins, Woodbridge, Va.

James Russell Clites, Hyndman, and Edith Marie Albright, Cumberland, Md.

Cambria County

Gerald A. Wilson, Derry, and Winona A. Harold, Johnstown.

Ryan A. Johnson and Rebecca S. Wyatt, both of Cresson.

Kevin A. Miller and Sarah J. Drummond, both of Cresson.

Julius P. Sharp and Amber P. Clay, both of Portage.

Clearfield County

Brenton Michael Baughman and Bethany Erin Hoover.

Darin Fredric Pierce and Kristi Ann Williams.

David R. Brown Jr. and Kathryn S. Herman.

Paul Leslie Wyant and Danielle Marie Croissant.

Vincent Lamont Pratt and Ashley Lee Fritzgerald.

William Ronald Butcher and Audra Bertha Picciano.

Andrew Alen Maines Jr. and Althea Marie Lukehart.

Robert A. Miller and Martha M. Miller.

Benny Blair Kephart and Danyal Lynn Gower.

Jakeb Benjamin Manahan and Shayna Alexis Pierce.

Huntingdon County

Tracey Joe Roland and April Renee Gross, both of Huntingdon.

Joseph Richard Varner and Markie Shae Whitsel, both Shirleysburg.

Gary Wayne Kreider and Alexis Nicole Brown, both of James Creek.

Kendall Dwight Carthen and Holly Ann Diehl, both of Huntingdon.

Ronald Eugene Ramper, Broad Top, and Cassi Leeann Cook, Huntingdon.

Thomas David Phillips and Shannon Nicole Culbertson, both of Petersburg.

Thad Andrew Fortney and Yolonda Christine Dimoff, both of Mount Union.

Shane Michael Ramsey and Rachel Elizabeth Rosella, both of Broad Top.

Mason Joseph Runk and Mikayla Sueann Stoner, both of McVeytown.

Jason Gail Saylor, Todd, and Katelyn Louise Long, Huntingdon.

Elmer Earl Scott III and Sarah Metz Weko, both of Huntingdon.

Anthony Joseph Lingle Jr. and Whitney Nicole Rogers, both of Hesston.

Jesse Jerod Chilcote, Orbisonia, and Allison Leah Nearhood, Three Springs.

Lane Richard Doyle and Becca Mae Booher, both of Saltillo.

Christopher Charles Dwyer and Michele Lee Howard, both of Dudley.

Benjamin R. Kensinger, Martins-burg, and Jodi Elizabeth Keith, Entriken.

Douglas Kevin Wennick and FaithAnn Hoover, both of Huntingdon.

Curt Thomas Wilson, Shirleysburg, and Kassandra Lee Atherton, Mount Union.

Herbert Dennis Beam, James Creek, and Sherry Elizabeth Strait, Huntingdon.

Caleb Alexander Bennett and McKen-na Renee Figard, both of Saxton.

Joshua Gregory Lane and Angela Rose Kaighin, both of Erie, Mich.

Brandon Tyler McKnight and Anita Marie Brode, both of Huntingdon.

James Calvin Peterson III, Peters-burg, and Heather Lynn Kline, Alexandria.

Charles William-Waite Hall and Amanda Jo Gurd, both of Huntingdon.

Dustin Michael Stroup, Tyrone, and Alyssa Ann Hamer, Warriors Mark.

Jonathan Christian Veitch and Kristen Nicole White, both of Mount Union.

James Elmer Welch Jr. and Wendy Michele Schooley, both of Shirleysburg.