Blair County

SPONSLER — Terry L.; Todd A., both of Duncansville. Married June 16, 1990.

DILLING — Matthew A., Martinsburg; Betty, Duncansville. Married July 13, 2008.

LAIRD — Julia M.; Kris E., both of Tyrone. Married June 21, 2003.

HESS — Diane L., Roaring Spring; Robert E., Hopewell. Married June 16, 1994.

QUEEN — Katelyn; Joseph E. Sr., both of Altoona. Married June 9, 2011.

McINTYRE — Kristi A.; Donald M., both of Hollidays-burg. Married Nov. 16, 1991.

Bedford County

LEBERFINGER — Shelby L., Breezewood; William M.

MALLOW — Heather Dawn; Lonnie Eugene, both of Everett.

YARNELL — Randy L., Fishertown; Tina M., East Freedom.

Cambria County

FORTSON — Samantha S., Williamsburg; William A., Johnstown. Married June 23, 1998.

Clearfield County

McGEE — Amy Sue; Loren Wallace.

THORNLEY — Justin M.; Casey N.

BAKER — Thomas L.; Jennifer Dawn.

Huntingdon County

McCOMBIE — Kimberly; Daniel T. Jr., both of Bedford. Married April 21, 2007.

HIGGINS — Margaret A.; Mark A., both of State College. Married June 30, 1990.

EDWARDS — Cris O. Jr.; Angela M.; both of Huntingdon. Married June 9, 2005.

RHONE — Kylie L. Morningstar; Brett E., both of Huntingdon. Married Sept. 10, 1999.