Blair County

SWEITZER — Bryant M., Carrolltown; Miranda L., Elmora. Married June 11, 2016.

PENNINGTON — Nada, State College; Larry, Altoona. Married May 31, 1986.

BURGER — Alissa, Mount Union; Joel, Portage. Married June 16, 2012.

SABOL — Jennifer L., Altoona; James M., Shellville, Ga. Married May 18, 1991.

STRAYER — Cristy L.; Kenneth Sr., both of Sproul. Married March 25, 2011.

Bedford County

NAYLOR — Kimberly Jean; Mark Anthony, both of Everett.

Clearfield County

AKAT — Persal; Flor I.

BEGGS — Angel J.; James R.


SMEAL — Natasha C.; Don C.

SPACKMAN — Deborah; Bjorn Vermo.

HANSEL — Daniel T.; Destiny R.

BUSATTO — Robin N.; Charles W. Sr.

FLANDERS — Sarah J.; Kenneth J.

LITZ — David L.; Gail C.

ASHCROFT — Lloyd B.; Ann Jane.

Huntingdon County

BUSECK — Doris L., Dudley; Jerry D., Todd. Married May 4, 1963.