Editor’s note: The following infor­mation was provided by the prothonotary’s offices at area county courthouses.

Blair County

EMIGH — Janel N., East Freedom; Shane A., Tyrone. Married May 23, 2013.

Bedford County

MILLER — Jessica A., Oste-rburg, Andrew S., Stanley, N.D.

DUVALL — Nicole A., Alum Bank; Daniel Jason, Bedford.

HINSON — Patrick D., Manns Choice; Michelle L., Bedford.

Cambria County

ATWOOD — Laura A., Cresson; Wayne T., Johnstown. Married Aug. 17, 2009.

MONROE — Sherry A., Cresson; John T., Northern Cambria. Married May 9. 2003

Clearfield County

BARRETT — Krista E.; Wayne A.

GILL — Randy J.; Heather S.

GODISSART — Lori A.; Walter T.

Huntingdon County

DICK — Marley M., Hunting-don; Westley D., Altoona. Married Dec. 28, 2011.

BOOKWALTER — Jill A., Mount Union; Gary J., Mapleton Depot. Married June 15, 2002

NORVELL — Sandra, Hunt-ingdon; William A., Wilmington, Del. Married Aug. 1, 2008.