Blair County

Randy Raley to Joseph and Beth Loach, Wood Duck Lane, Freedom Township, $220,000.

Karen Mazzarese to Joe Merrbach, Logan Avenue, Altoona, $149,900.

Margaret Hendricks to Robyn Fatula-Confer and Thomas Schmitt, East Wopsononock Avenue, Altoona, $155,000.

Marie Diantonio, also known as Marie Dantonio and Maria l. Dantonio, to Donna Gutshall and Marian Sension, property in Logan Township, $19,500.

John l. Pennabaker Sr. and John l. Pennabaker to George and Deborah Mielnik, 311 N. 13th Ave., Logan Township, $103,000.

Gregory and Denise Solensky to Harry Martz, property in Altoona, $59,900.

Jeremy and Susan Nagle to Margaret Bulow, 13th Avenue, Altoona, $37,000.

Nicole and William L. Maule III to Mark and Jamie Decker, Sunrise Court, Antis Township, $200,000.

Mark and Jaime Decker to William L. III and Nicole Maule, Sunrise Court, Antis Township, $275,000.

Robert and Lisa Leamer to Mark and Michelle Welch, 417 W. Second St., Williamsburg, $110,000.

Tamara Arthurs, also known as Tamara Bressler, to Russ Bartley, 605 Crawford Ave., Altoona, $59,900.

Scott Troutman to Charles and Tamara Bressler, 5111 W. Chestnut Ave., Altoona, $125,900.

Teresa Lamont to Carol Bollinger, Green Street, Blair Township, $157,500.

First National Bank of Pa. to Brian and Joann Neff, property in Snyder Township, $121,500.

Donald and Rose Allison to Guwain and Leona Engle, 200 Sixth Ave., Altoona, $20,400.

Brett Stayer to Kristen Deyarmin, 2608 and 2610 Oak Ave., Altoona, $85,000.

Michael and Kay Marie Miller to Gregory and Michelle Weight, property in Tyrone, $29,900.

Dolores Casciotti to Dorothy Kitt, 1904-1910 Grant Ave., Altoona, $132,001.

Robert and Kathleen Ford to Ian and Jill Lang, 214 First Ave., Altoona, $72,500.

Louis and Joyce Stahl to Ronald Hopkins, 529 E. Wopsononock Ave., Altoona, $79,500.

John Neff to Kevin and Lisa Dellape, 418 26th Ave., Altoona. $96,000.

Walter and Mary Brodka to Mabel Corbin and Brian Kirsch, 324 Fifth Ave., Altoona, $35,000.

Jennifer Hamm to Donald and Cindy Hamm, Bloomfield Street, Taylor Township, $92,000.

Beneficial Mortgage Co. of Pa. to James Shutt, Second Avenue, Altoona, $40,000.

Michael and Helen Faretta to Charles Yingling, 546 and 548 Cherry St., Roaring Spring, $91,000.

Jeffrey and Lois Scarangella to Matt and Joyce Smyser, 811-901 S. Ninth St., Altoona, $72,000.

Dolores Stroup, also known as Delores Stroup, to Ronnie and Karen Weyandt, property in Greenfield Township, $139,500.

St. Marys Holy Assumption Orthodox In America, also known as Russian Orthodox Catholic St. Mary Church, to Robert and Lisa Leamer. property in Woodbury Township, $18,500.

George Coon to Scott Titzel and Tanya Glashauser, Logan Township RD 4, $79,500.

James Gatehouse to Pamela Apkarian-Russell, 2024-2028 Broad Ave., Altoona, $100,000.

John and Christine Luke to Ashley Mastropasqua, Bayton Avenue, Logan Township, $108,000.

Patrick and Susan Miller to Robert Miller and Stephanie McMaster, 803 Second Ave., Altoona, $12,000.

Alan Campbell to April Reitnauer, 1400 23rd St., Altoona, $109,000.

Jonathan and Arlene Collins to John Neff, 27th Ave., Altoona, $145,000.

Walter Betar to Anna Willmerdinger, Sherwood Road, Logan Township, $25,000.

Donald and Patricia Maurey Irrevocable Grantor Trust to Martin Chlebowy and Penny Weis-Chlebowy, Hickory Hill, Frankstown Township, $180,000.

Phillip and Tammy Keith to Edward and Lisa Harp, property in Taylor Township, $44,000.

Daniel and Laura Sieg to Siri Real Estate LLC, 2217-2219 Broad Ave., Altoona, $139,900.

Florence Sollenberger to Jason and Emily Imler, property in Greenfield Township, $167,000.

Leisure Living Charitable Remainder Unitrust to Jeffrey Summers, property in Greenfield Township, $18,000.

Elouise Moore and Thomas Woodrow to W. Gene Henry, property in Martinsburg, $195,000.

Joann Miller, also known as Joann Woods, to Susan Bloom, property in Frankstown Township, $115,127.

Shirley Carter to David J. Sr. and Cathy Skelley, property in Logan Township, $128,900.

Joseph Horvath to James and Patricia Weaver, Mallard Lane, Freedom Township, $268,500.

Matthew and Christine Taylor to Christopher and Catherine Martin, property in Frankstown Township, $185,000.

H. Faye Vickery to Mary Paule, Elm Street, Frankstown Township, $295,000.

Franklin and Marianne Jones to Brad and Rebekah Todd, property in Logan Township, $76,000.

Florence Couch to Stephen and Colleen Park, Woodlawn Road, Martinsburg, $98,500.

Fannie Mae and Federal National Mortgage Association to Davide Pezzuti, 5005-5011 Fourth Ave., Altoona, $123,500.

Leonard Ciaverella to Michelle Johnston, 22nd Avenue, Altoona, $95,000.

Carolyn Gartland to Mark and Jodi Gartland, 3120 Oakdale Road, Martinsburg, $175,000.

Jacqueline Smith-Bennet and Gerald Bennet to Douglas Madden, 1419 First Ave., Altoona, $14,000.

Swaraj Enterprises LLC and Swaraj Service Station LLC to Saji & Sharvan LLC, property in Altoona, $350,000.

Joni Whetstone to Michael Weaver, 1418 Rose Hill Ext., Logan Township, $90,000.

Shawn and Daun Degennaro to Andrew and Elizabeth Gatchell, North 20th Street, Altoona, $84,900.

DC Realty to Williamsburg Holdings LLC, property in Martinsburg, $425,000.

Williamsburg Holdings LLC to PTV Williamsburg LLC, 224-228 E. Second St., Williamsburg, $425,000.

Beamer Family Limited Partnership to Freedom Storage Rentals LP, 212 Piedmont Drive, Allegheny Township, $46,500.

Beamer Family Limited Partnership to Freedom Storage Rentals LP, 216 Piedmont Drive, Allegheny Township, $46,500.

Steven and Lydia Link to Phillip and Robin Pack, Hamer Avenue, Blair Township, $441,000.

Bedford County

Bryan and Angela Nilsson to Christina L. Trail, property in Bedford Township, $15,000.

Leslie E. Feaster to David E. Lord IV, property in East St. Clair Township, $75,000.

Randall K. and Diane S. Stuart to Michael L. and Deborah J. Nelson, property in Southampton Township, $59,500.

Phillip Shipley to Peights Window Specialty LLC, property in Woodbury Township, $39,000.

Ronald E. Burcker to Scott and Alison B. Stine, property in Southampton Township, $20,000.

Ronald E. McIntyre to Tracy G. Hight, property in Southampton Township, $15,000.

Eric, Allison and Allyson Neighoff to Brian T. and Thomas M. Maceyak, property in East Providence Township, $75,000.

First Commonwealth Bank to Lyle D. and Beth A. Oldham, property in West St. Clair Township, $35,250.

Christopher E. Weitzel and Christopher E. Weizel to Paul Eugene and Theresa M. Snavely, property in Broad Top Township, $77,000.

Michael J. and Tammy S. Comp to Lavern and Priscillla Graham, property in East St. Clair Township, $219,000.

Caryl Elaine Baraniak to Robert A. and Doris L. Goody, property in West Providence Township, $35,000.

Carrington Mortgage Services LLC to Robert B. Jarboe, property in Bedford Borough, $169,900.

Cambria County

Cambria Thrift CDC to Fred M. Vitale, property in Croyle Township, $38,000.

Thomas Jones to Daniel R. Snyder, property in Richland Township, $45,000.

Marjorie Kline to Riley J. Darby Investments LLC, property in Johnstown’s 12th Ward, $300,000.

William A. Tripp to Simmons Printing LLC, property in Johnstown’s 18th Ward, $38,000.

Fannie Mae to Jason J. Newton, property in Portage Borough, $30,000.

U.S. of America to William A. Nagle, property in Croyle Township, $45,000.

Timothy A. Hirt to Wheeler Con­struction Inc., property in Richland Township, $123,000.

Wallace A. Ryan to Michelle L.  Peterson, property in Southmont Borough, $100,000.

Garret A. Kimmel to Alfonso A. Renninger, property in Johnstown’s 18th Ward, $13,000.

Johnathan L. Buck to Regina A. Fleck, property in Lower Yoder Township, $20,000.

Clearfield County

Steven M., Tracy L. and Marla Brown to Jeffrey D. and Jamie L. Brubaker Hall, property in Union Township, $115,000.

Joseph A. Robison and Cory Shawver to Ronald Genesi Jr. property in Gulich and Bigler townships, $60,000.

Alan R. Moore to Kendell R. Miller and Courtney E. Fisher, property in Covington Township, $25,000.

New Enterprise Stone & Lime Co. Inc. to Randy J. Wilsoncroft, property in Bradford Township, $13,160.

Shawn R. and Donna M. McCracken to Martin L. and Jeri J. Ogden, property in Clearfield Borough, $183,800.

Ronald M. and Bethann M. Pentz to James L. Bloom Sr., property in Penn Township, $55,000.

Shelly A. and Lance E. Shomo to Douglas R. Howell, property in Lawrence Township, $42,000.

Synergen Inc. to Robert W. Gallagher Jr., property in Decatur Township, $20,000.

Jeffrey C. and Christine A. Johnson to Robert and Ildiko Schall, property in Cooper Township, $11,000.

Cheryl L. Woodel to Thomas K. Scott Jr., property in DuBois, $40,000.

Thomas J. and Melissa L. Janocko to Joseph E. and Kathryn J. Hale, property in Lawrence Township, $250,000.

Corey E. and Tracey J. Wilkinson to Russell O. Petersen, property in Boggs Township, $229,500.

Aaron B. and Jessica T. Levonick to Bradley J. and Brandy D. Wood, property in Decatur Township, $145,000.

Daniel and Patricia Anne Trubiana to Richard P. and Karen R. Figel, property in Sandy Township, $400,000.

Patricia M. Koozer to Thomas R. and Cynthia S. McConeghy and William and Tanner T. Gillette, property in Lawrence Township, $55,000.

Ruth A. Muth to Nelson J. and Lydia B. Raber, property in Brady Township, $150,000.

Beverly Galentin and Tracy and Val Finnell to Mario Morelli, property in Bloom Township, $42,000.

John A. and Susan G. Kordish to Beth A. Aughenbaugh, property in Curwensville Borough, $192,000.

William N. and Janet L. Stephens to James R. and Rebekah I. Evilsizor, property in Clearfield Borough, $90,000.

Douglas R. and Stephanie C. Reinsel to Delmer Jr. and Paula L. Gabbard, property in DuBois, $95,000.

Gerald M. and Joy A. Bickle to Thomas T. and Heather L. Domanick, property in Gulich Township, $16,500.

Huntingdon County

George and Susan F. Shontz to Shelly A. Shoemaker and David W. Baker, property in Hopewell Township, $65,000.

Norman L. Keller to Pearl Wetherall, property in Springfield Township $25,000.

Edward S. and Linda L. Althouse to Reuben B. and Mary Ann Lapp, property in Tell Township, $192,000.

Benjamin J. Brautigam to Amy Rodland, property in Warriors Marks Township, $207,000.

James K. and Donna McAfee to Alan Rodney and Alison Lee Cook, property in Barree Township, $40,000.

Donna K. Hooper Estate and Donna K. Bard Estate to Lex J. Bard, property in Saltillo Borough, $45,000.

Susan P. Yocum and Susan P. and Charles M. Walls to Thomas E., John A. and David A. Weaverling, property in Oneida Township, $87,000.

Janet A. Jones to Steven and Teresa Burkhart, property in Juniata Township, $30,000.

Debra L., Debra and Daniel L. Cochran to Sylvia Bakos Henney, property in Huntingdon Borough, $67,600.

Susan E. Fox to Anthony O. and Kala M Varner, property in Clay Township, $30,000.

Shirley L. Ryan to Boyd A. and Susan E. Hess, property in Henderson Township, $22,000.

Heritage Baptist Church Inc. to Daniel and Fonda Heintzelman, property in Walker Township, $110,000.

Oland Family LLC to Rebecca Sue Hannah, property in Hopewell Township, $272,000.

Donald L. Gutshall Estate, Judith K. Gutshall and Judith G. Fleming to Seth A. McGraw, property in Walker Township, $70,500.

Donald C. Stitt Trust to Esther Nwaobilo, property in Huntingdon Borough, $75,500.

Joyce and Shirley Joyce Walter to William W. Reintgen and Kenneth E. Settle, property in Hopewell Township, $125,000.

Glawson Investments Corp. to Camp Weasel LLC, property in Union Township, $200,000.

Glawson investments Corp. to David R. Hoover, property in Union Township, $300,000.