Marriage licenses

Blair County

Devon T. Musselman and Emily L. Dibert, both of Claysburg.

Mitchell S. Myers and Amanda S. Ritchey, both of 211 Ivyside Estates Lane, Altoona.

Nathan R. Dick and Brittany M. Lynn, both of Martinsburg.

Daniel C. Wolfe and Ronald L. Peck, both of 119 California Drive, Altoona.

Kyle P. Cusick and Justine M. Morrison, both of Irvona.

William J. Amrhein and James M. Silko, both of 3282 Juniata Gap Road, Altoona.

Matthew P. Musselman, Claysburg, and Tessa A. Shutt, Tyrone.

Jordan J. Albright, Martinsburg, and Ashley G. Piper, Julian.

Craig J. Walters Jr. and Misty O. Clark, both of Williamsburg.

Brian S. Everhart and Chelsea D. Dixon, both of Williamsburg.

Paul J. Frye, Mingoville, and Susan L. Estep, Tipton.

Brandon A. Redinger and Kylie R. Rishel, both of 2815 Jefferson St., Altoona.

Charles E. Zimmerman and Pamela S. Clark, both of Tyrone.

Kele Stuver-Pacheco and Elizabeth A. Kochara, both of 1234 21st Ave., Altoona.

Steven F. Jenkins and Melissa A. Mattern, both of 3924 Juniata Gap Road, Altoona.

Corby P. Clatterbaugh and Danyelle L. Turner, both of East Freedom.

James M. Beegle and Kristi L. Henderson, both of Bedford.

James L. Smith Jr. and Christina S. Miller, both of Hollidaysburg.

Jeffrey D. Laich and Erin M. Scanlan, both of 810 Broadway, Altoona.

Neil E. Gartland, 911 E. Atlantic Ave., Altoona, and Christi M. Shover, Duncansville.

Jared M. Bayer and Brooke A. Garbinsky, both of Tyrone.

Daniel J. Kiss, Windber, and Holly D. Blair, Johnstown.

Bedford County

Forrest N. Turner, Corriganville, Md., and Taylor N. Sherwood, McClure.

Carl Russell Sweinhart and Kortney Nicole Bollman, both of New Enterprise.

Tim Duvall Jr., Wood, and Alexandra Grace Leppert, Everett.

April Darlene Armstrong and Angela Ruth Suydam, both of Breezewood.

Cambria County

Zachary J. Ziemba and Cassandra J. Barnes, both of Johnstown.

William J. Lazration and Kristina M. Chunko, both of Manassas, VA.

Christopher A. Ivory, Loretto, and Deborah J. Redfield, Hastings.

Jason A. Ott and Nicole M. Volk, both of Johnstown.

Joseph J. Sutton and Olivia L. Weinzierl, both Loretto.

Dwaine E. Yeckley Jr. and Michelle L. Burkett, both of Johnstown.

Brian S. Farabaugh and Diana L. Krouse, both of Ebensburg.

Clearfield County

No addresses were available for the following couples:

Joshua Alan Walker and Katilin Marie Zimmerman.

Tyler Good and Mallory Watson.

Fred Allen Hockenburry Jr. and Tina Diane Graham.

Huntingdon County

Earl R. Rogers and Erica L. Bettwy, both of South Paris, Maine.

William S. Knable and Crystal A. Todaro, both of Mount Union.

Stephen F. Filipovich and Michele L. Anderson, both of Huntingdon.

Daniel L. Shehan and Kayla N. Simpson, both of Huntingdon.

Marriage licenses

Blair County

Chad A. Jones and Amanda M. Koehle, both of North Carolina.

Richard C. Yon, 724 E. Logan Ave., Altoona, and Samantha J. Brown, 719 Crawford Ave., Altoona.

Ricky L. Jones Jr. and Nicole D. Barnhill, both of 892 26th St., Altoona.

Michael D. Mickey and Darlene K. Mills, both of 316 Fifth Ave., Altoona.

Charles A. Miller, 705 S. 26th St., Altoona, and Lori A. Grassmyer, 142 Stanford Lane, Altoona.

Benjamin L. Moyer and Cassandra L. Imler, both of Duncansville.

Dorrien L. Miller and Kelli J. Plummer, both of Roaring Spring.

Michael A. Tornatore Jr. and Sophia N. Rodezno, both of 328 Crawford Ave., Altoona.

Robert A. Kifer and Brandee R. Kenney, both of 1028 Grandview Road, Altoona.

Michael A. Green, Gallitzin, and Deborah A. Bourassa, 2207 Fifth Ave., Altoona.

Thomas J. Porreca and Gwen E. Gorba, both of Martinsburg.

Josiah B. Yorke and Angela E. Banks, both of Roaring Spring.

Merlin D. Martin and Krista L. Martin, both of Ickesburg.

Aaron P. Moyer, Virginia, and Erica J. Bilinski, Ohio.

Casey J. Hampton, South Carolina, and Brandy L. Wolfe, 354 Greenwood Road, Altoona.

Michael S. Luther and Amy L. Maslonik, both of Gallitzin.

Mamoon I. Al-Naeb and Sharlene M. Ickes, both of Virginia.

Troy T. Agnew and Brandy L. Booher, both of 4035 Fifth Ave., Altoona.

Andrew T. Kaehler and Sasha R. Cochran, both of 323 Leslie Ave., Altoona.

Thomas M. Trexler, 210 Woods Lane, Altoona, and Sara N. Eckenroad, 1810 14th St., Altoona.

Christopher M. Koch and Angel M. Decker, both of 514 Pottsgrove Road, Altoona.

Matthew R. McCahan and Breann N. Manges, both of Roaring Spring.

Marc J. Lansberry and Danielle A. Wilt, both of 505 Fifth Ave., Altoona.

Douglas A. Shearer and Camela L. Hollen, both of Bellwood.

Michael T. Ferguson, and Laray J. Mills, both of 523 E. Hudson Ave., Altoona.

Philip R. Sukenik and Lisa S. Frederick, both of Duncansville.

Tyler J. Mertiff and Kylee K. McDougal, both of 125 Park Forrest Lane, Altoona.

Travis B. Weyandt, 119 23rd Ave., Altoona, and Alyssa M. Beagan, 421 N. 10th Ave., Altoona.

Bedford County

Kenneth William Davis, Windber, and Deborah Ann Barman, Windber.

Jeremy Kristopher Flaugh, East Freedom, and Gretchen Nicole Buckreis, East Freedom.

Levi Sim Grimes, Everett, and Kaila Dawn Feathers, Everett.

Richard Derek Kauffman, Schellsburg, and Alicia Marie Skatell, Schellsburg.

Michael Gerald Foor, Broad Top, and Beverly Ann Ott, Broad Top.

David Fox Martin, Martinsburg, Amanda Reiff Zimmerman, New Enterprise.

Jordon Skyles Calhoun and Kaitlyn Richell Moser, both of Bedford.

Cambria County

Christopher J. Symans, Johnstown, and Alexandra Stankiewicz, Patton.

Tyler J. Thomas and Tawny M. Goldie, both of Johnstown.

Michael Clawson and Diamond Lingafelt, both of Ebensburg.

Richard C. Nihart and Gloria L. Miller, both of Colver.

Matthew D. Dutko, Johnstown, and Kathryn M. Szapka, Hollsopple.

Brian E. Berkhimer and Christina L. Sterner, both of Sidman.

Matthew Brilhart and Heather M. Stolzien, both of Johnstown.

Darryl M. Davis and Barbara A. Marsh, both of Mineral Point.

Jeffrey L. Russell and Jenna N. Shaffer, both of Elton.

Kenneth C. Kopp and Tara L. Boyce, both of Hastings.

Seth T. Parrish and Ashley L. Jones, both of Gibsonton, Fla.

Clearfield County

No addresses were available for the following couples:

Donald Raymond Croyle and Charity Jean Harris.

David Paul Pearce Jr. and Kassidy Nicole Blanton.

Brian Michael McLaughlin and Shannon Marie Kegelmyer.

Matt Shawn Shirey and Jennifer Ava Stiles.

Justin Hoyt Williams and Breanna Nicole Smith.

Ricky Alan Dunlap Jr. and Kelly M. Krause.

David Tharin Dodge and Teresa Marie Holencik.

Daniel William Hepferand Lora Lee Laroque.

Huntingdon County

Rachel Stubler and Chelsea Yohn, both of Huntingdon.

John C. Renninger, II and Keshia L. Eitnier, both of Mount Union.

Aaron D. Spicher, Belleville, and Tara D. Knepper, Mapleton Depot.

Gary A. Boggs and Theresa A. Anzivino, both of Dudley.

John M. Archdeacon and Angela M. Shade, both of Huntingdon.

Marriage licenses

Blair County

Richard F. Weakland and Alvin C.?Zimmerman Jr., both of Duncansville.

Thurney L.?Ridgen?III?and Georgann?Shumaker, both of 218 Spruce Ave.,?Altoona.

Dwayne A. Young, Tyrone, and Wendy R. Mentzer, Hollidaysburg.

Jonathan P. Hasson and Nicole E. Mannella, both of Hollidaysburg.

Jeffrey H. Ingram Jr., 515 Luke Lane, Altoona, and Ashley V. McCullough, 1520 Westpoint Circle, Altoona.

James Morris IV and Joyce M. Benson, both of Hollidaysburg.

Troy B. Sharbaugh, 4801 Lyndale Road, Altoona, and Julie E. Page, 2217 16th Ave., Altoona.

Isaac P. Gates and Brittany J. Kurtz, both of Tyrone.

Adam C. Watt, Ashville, and Ashley D. Mighellis, 889 Davis Road, Altoona.

Joel C. Myers and Sarah E. Daley, both of Hollidaysburg.

Stephen M. Yingling and Megan E. Warner, both of Hollidaysburg.

Gage A. Padula, 640 Clairmont Drive, Altoona, and Megan L. Imler, Claysburg.

Edward C. Rodgers and Jolynne M. Gates, both of 429 Beale Ave., Altoona.

Christopher A. Walter and Kelsie C. Bumberger, both of 2603 Third St., Altoona.

Ashton M. Alwine and Breanna N. Datres, both of 1500 Broadway, Altoona.

Shawn R. Campbell and Heather S. Filer, both of Duncansville.

Brandon S. Over, Martinsburg, and Brittany N. Denz, Roaring Spring.

Kevin M. Johnson and Krystal N. Davis, both of Tyrone.

Carl D. Beard, Duncansville, and Michelle C. Kavelak, Clearfield.

Jonathan D. Berwager and Kimberly M. Cramer, both of 108 Spruce Ave., Altoona.

Nelson E. Bastin Jr., Duncansville, and Christine Holtz, 2515 12th St., Altoona.

Caleb Silva, Hollidaysburg, and Makayla L. Snyder, Duncansville.

Randall R. Snowberger, Hollidaysburg, and Tammy J. White, 3002 Fifth Ave., Altoona.

Clarence A. Lane and Denise D. Baker, both of 1223 17th Ave., Altoona.

Bradley D. Price and Abigail I. Ritchey, both of 2113 3rd Ave., Altoona.

Benjamin J.M. Russell, Florida, and Meredith A. Seymore, Phoenixville.

Tyler J. Sell and Kaitlyn A. Beckel, both of Hollidaysburg.

Terry L. Kuny, 823 First Ave., Altoona, and Kimberly A. McIntire, 826 First Ave., Altoona.

Michael A. Moore, Roaring Spring, and Alicia L. Brant, Claysburg.

William K. Orsborne, Tipton, and Harley J. Delmastro, Bellwood.

Aaron J. Henry and Kelsey A. Cree, both of 1300 S. Jaggard St., Altoona.

Daniel P. Hnatkovich and Julie A. Douglas, both of 3920 Fifth Ave., Altoona.

Joel D. Bookhammer, Martinsburg, and Jacklyn D.E. Russell, Saxton.

Stephen B. Neal and Dora J. Neal, both of 2215 10th St., Altoona.

Ty A. Nevins, Martinsburg, and Juliana M. Estrada, 307 N. Logan Blvd., Altoona.

Joel D. Grannas and Jacinda R. Pistner, both of Hollidaysburg.

Aaron C. Nadolsky, 2112 Eighth Ave., Altoona, and Katie N. Little, 2606 Oak Ave., Altoona.

Jack E. Harding, South Dakota, and Vonda G. Goertz, Tyrone.

Todd J. Shatzer and Constance J. Lowe, both of Williamsburg.

Ryan P. Baranik and Shauna B. Roscia, both of 1501 25th St.., Altoona.

Brian S. Vanish and Wanda L. Pletcher, both of 6196 Beacon St., Altoona.

Brian S. Fresh and Jesse N. Baker, both of 1659 St. Francis Lane, Altoona.

Philip M. Rhone and William H. Donnelly, both of Hollidaysburg.

Jonathan D. Meyers, James Creek, and Rachel E. Hoover,. Martinsburg.

Tanner R. Detwiler, Martinsburg, and Christine E. Seidel, 2500 Crawford Ave., Altoona.

Michael B. Boyer and Amy D. Dibert, both of Imler.

Trevor A. Eichelberger and Lindsey R. Hann, both of Hopewell.

Gary L. Baker and Monica M. Burchfield, both of Hollidaysburg.

Aaron C. Hess and Jacqueline D. Bryan, both of Fallentimber.

Dennis J. Hale Jr. and Janelle L. Jones, both of 1818 N. Sixth Ave., Altoona.

Adam R. Hatch, 305 Spruce Ave., Altoona, and Kathy E. Stevens, 711 Hudson Ave., Altoona.

Frederick G. Stowell and William S. Churchill Jr., both of Hollidaysburg.

Bedford County

Aaron Christopher Mariani and Christy Elizabeth Szabocsik, both of Barnegat, N.J.

Wayne A. Robertson, Bedford, and Nicole H. Wareham, Schellsburg.

Michael A. Mirfin and Talita Lawanna Almeida Santos, both of Everett.

Lynn Stewart Bowers Jr. and Christina Dawn Van Pelt,both of Saxton.

Jonathon Robert Brouse, Bedford, and Tiffany Rayal Bohn, Manns Choice.

Joseph Wayne Croyle Jr. and Angela Marie Barton, both of Clearville.

John Allen Fuller and Vivian S. Trout, both of Connellsville.

James Michael Norris and Amber Renee Humphreys, both of Saxton.

Jack Allen Tate Jr. and Victoria Hafer, both of Everett.

Brian John Lux, Johnstown, and Kristen Rae Claar, Johnstown.

Mikal Alan Grimes, Clearville, and Amber Nichole Fyfe, Breezewood.

Shane Frederick Beegle, Everett, and Heidi Jean Edward, Hopewell.

Greg A. Baas, Schellsburg, and Jessie Rae Foor, Schellsburg.

William David Ressler, Alum Bank, and Debra A. Brown, Osterburg.

Ethan W. Douglas, Hopewell, and Sarah L. Fisher, Hopewell.

Nicole Lynn Hoy, Hopewell, and Keera Raydel Young, Six Mile Run.

Cambria County

Michael A. Shaw Sr. and Sherri L. Snyder, both of Johnstown.

Joseph J. Piotti Jr. and Lynda S. Shingler, both of Ashville.

Timothy J. James and Francine J. Meyers, both of Johnstown.

Adam K. Leinart and Sophia S. Williams, both of South Fork.

Robert R. Grove and Jennifer A. Conte, both of Gallitzin.

William J. Byrne and Sara B. Britton, both of Northern Cambria.

Justin J. Derenak and Rebecca A. Turner, both of Johnstown.

James M. Ford and Tara M. Botteicher, both of Johnstown.

Shane W. Brant and Kelli S. Slonka, both of Monroeville.

Chad D. Legros, Ebensburg, and Megan A. Burdelsky, Pittsburgh.

Francis E. Caldwell II, Windber, and Jessica L. Phillips, Sidman.

Kevin L. Simms Jr. and Marie E. Jones, both of Brighton, Ill.

James D. Wilmore and Casey S. Malone, both of Johnstown.

David W. Evans and Michelle J. Franklin, both of South Fork.

Thomas A. Jameson and Courtney J. Timmons, both of Ebensburg.

Alvin J. Meyers and Natalie A. Vandergrift, both of Johnstown.

Gary J.B. Walstrom Jr., Glasgow, and Tiffany B. Beirlair, Morann.

Evan D. DiFlauro and Tamara R. Hayes, both of Johnstown.

Jason S. Lechak, Johnstown, and Gabrielle M. Hertzog, Loretto.

Robert A. Colicci, Sterling, Va., and Rebecca A. Yeager, Culpepper, Va.

Jonathan A. Rutledge and Katherine E. Sheehan, both of Johnstown.

Dean A. Carpenter and Ann M. Kmetz, both of Johnstown.

Joshua T. Knipple and Lindsay N. Leventry, both of Johnstown.

Devin A. Smith and Kaitlyn L. Sloane, both of Johnstown.

Clearfield County

No addresses were available for the following couples:

Kristofer Matthew Albright and Gina Marie Vangavree.

Michael Thomas Cluff Jr. and Amanda Lynn Lucas.

Zachary Adam Brantner and Samantha Kay Thompson.

Adam Joseph Maines and Haley Dawn Michaels.

Adam Anthony Covert and Christina Lisette Folmar.

Thomas Edward Chutko and Amanda Michelle Helsel.

Shayne Matthew Evans and Kaitlin Elizabeth Adamson.

Andrew Michael Straw and Morgan Blair Harkleroad.

Denise Ann Dale and Yvonne Ann Krug.

Donald Lee Behrer and Sharon Lee Walker.

Huntingdon County

Eric Sebers and Paula L. Long, both of Mount Union.

David R. Kylor Jr. and Gaia Mistretta, both of Shirleysburg.

Khaled W. Abou-Saleh and Angel L. Strauser, both of Mapleton Depot.

Nathan M. Hack, Alexandria, and Kiley D. Dubbs, Huntingdon.

Marriage licenses

Blair County

Matthew Snyder and Amanda Grassmyer, both of Tyrone.

Steven K. Burton, Florida, and Deborah E. Blackburn, Berlin.

Peter J. Jessic and Sabrina S. Beckham, both of Hollidaysburg.

Nathan R. Angermeier and Erin M. England, both 309 Willow Ave., Altoona.

Clarence A. O’Donald III and Penny J. Diehl, both of Houtzdale.

Jeffrey A. Miller and Stephanie R. Wise, both of 715 N. Sixth Ave., Altoona.

Shawn M. Kent and Lisa D. Niedenthal, both of 2807 Ivyside Drive, Altoona.

Donald E. Floyd III and Kristin N. Twardon, both of Virginia.

Cole J. Abram and Amy P. Whittaker, both of 202 W. Whittier Ave., Altoona.

Samuel H. McCoy, 2010 Maple Ave., Altoona, and Brooke R. Dively, Hollidaysburg.

Justin M. Ruggiero, Hollidaysburg, and Thrisha L. Destefano, Hollidaysburg.

Jonathan P. Warner and Tracie N. Simington, both of 733 Sandbank Road, Altoona.

Nicholas P. Hamming, Martinsburg, and Brenna K. Garda, Washington.

Michael J. McAndrew IV, 824 Grandview Road, Altoona, and Jessica S. Watson, Williamsburg.

Eric B. Koller and Amie N. Pastore, both of 306 Grant Ave., Altoona.

Timothy Wilson and Kimberly A. Taylor, both of Everett.

Albert C. Beard Sr. and Lisa G. Noland, both of Hollidaysburg.

Bedford County

Ronald Lewis Williams Sr. and Terry Lynn Dempsey, both of Bedford.

Charles Jeremiah Lee Michael and Amanda Ellen Cosey, both of Clearville.

Benjamin Francis Gutman and Andrea Dee ONeal, both of Alum Bank.

Cambria County

Keith W. Grasser, Johnstown, and Taylor M. McKoll, Boswell.

Craig Hollern and Denelle Rodgers, both of Johnstown.

Eric D. Watson and Sarah M. Westover, both of Carrolltown.

Evan J. Petro and Courtney D. Sturey, both of Baltimore.

Clearfield County

No addresses were available for the following couples:

Scott Wayne Haney and Deneise Bell Church.

Corey Alan McFadden and Tiffany Marie Bell.

John Mark Nedza and Rose Ann Gutierrez Arpia.

Stephen Leroy Pearce and Charlotte Lyn Mendez.

James Lee Nelson and Michelle Lee Kramer.

Huntingdon County

Jeffrey D. Sauders Jr. and Elona D. Leab, both of Three Springs.

Jamon M. Hancock and Stephanie R. Smith, both of McVeytown.

J. Arlen Bates and Stephanie M. Haylett, both of Nampa, Idaho.

Bonnie L. Forrester and Jennifer L. Batovich, both of Saxton.

David A. Pyles, Shade Gap, and Brenda M. Sheeder, Orbisonia.