Blair County

Marcille Cowan to Stephen and Vicki Bickel, property at 1419 17th Ave., Altoona, $15,000.

Marie Shiffler, also known as M. Marie Shiffler to Wells Fargo Financial America Inc., property at 947-949 28th St., Altoona, $55,968.

Mark and Marie Couch to David and Christine Hess, property at 180 Andrew Ave., North Woodbury Township, $303,000.

Kathryn Black, by agent and attorney-in-fact, to William Berish, property at 711 E. Hudson Ave., Altoona, $110,000.

Timothy and Nancy Cherry to Jason and Danielle Meadows, property at 512 Puzzeltown Road, Freedom Township, $156,250.

Jesse B. Hallman Jr., Ann M. and Anna M. Hallman, by executor, Nancy and Randall Norris and Debra and Thomas Gardner to Matthew and Joyce Smyser, property at 907 Pleasant Valley Blvd., Altoona, $39,000.

Jesse B. Hallman Jr., Ann M. and Anna M. Hallman, by executor, Nancy and Randall Norris and Debra and Thomas Gardner to Matthew and Joyce Smyser, property at 909 Pleasant Valley Blvd., Altoona, $39,000.

Margaret Moses to Marcia Glunt, property at 410 30th St., Altoona, $79,900.

Bedford County

Farm Service Agency and U.S. Department of Agriculture to Tanner Dale Bence, property in Napier Township, $200,000.

James A. Schwartz, Kristie M. Surmick and Kristie M.

Schwartz to Ervin R. and Loretta H. Reiff, property in Cumberland Valley, $315,000.

Howard and Lois Weightman to Christian Brindel and Juliette Anne Jones, property in Rainsburg Borough, $70,000.

Earl J. Jr. and Dona J. Packer to Arnold L. and Verna E. Martin, property in Colerain Township, $180,000.

Cambria County

Betty T. Coleman to Jonathan K. Coleman, property in Southmont Borough, $40,000.

Deborah G. Hamer to Donald R. Stephens, property in Johnstown’s 13th Ward, $19,001.

Holly Neeley to Halfway Hotel LLC, property in Ashville Borough, $35,000.

Emerson D. Carney Revocable Living Trust to Joseph M. Selip Jr., property in Middle Taylor Township, $159,900.

Bradley J. Lego to Todd R. Burk, property in Gallitzin Borough, $89,500.

Dolores Parks to Sumaira Project Management LLC, property in Richland Township, $16,100.

Clearfield County

Walter S. Glowacki, executor, and Paul J. Glowacki Estate to David C. Boboige, property in Sandy Township, $83,000.

Gwendolyn R. Thomas to Dan W. and Amanda J. Harris, property in Lawrence Township, $135,000.

William M and Sharon R. Chittester to Gary T. Watson, property in DuBois, $163,000.

John M. and Sara M. Visosky to Loretta Mae Evansky, property in Gulich Township, $16,000.

Eric J. and Sarah J. Evans to Jared Seavey, property in Lawrence Township, $98,500.

Joseph V. III and Cheryl A. Gaut to Rickey L. Duck Jr., property in Karthaus Township, $159,000.

Rebecca and Gregory J. Russick to Joshua and Billie Jo Wells, property in Sandy Township, $152,500.

Gene M. and Cynthia S. Yount to Christian Y. and Alana M. Benton, property in Sandy Township, $260,000.

Terry A. and Terri L. Pierce to Kevin Lee and Donna J. Smith, property in Huston Township, $65,000.

Huntingdon County

Kyper Family Partnership and James H. Jr. and Glenn A. Kyper to Jeffrey S. and Sherry L. Everhart, property in Oneida Township, $360,000.

Amy J. Smith to Joseph T. Hughes, property in Henderson Township, $118,000.

Timothy W. and Beth A. McClure to Darren J. Hron and Hannah P. Bellwoar, property in Huntingdon Borough, $110,000.

Garry M. Book to Wendy E. Anderson and Patricia A. Freeman, property in Orbisonia Borough, $112,500.

David E. and Loreli L. Swanger to Stephen J. and Nancy L. Jeffries, property in Brady Township, $29,500.

Cedar Lake Raystown LLC, Cedar Realty Trust Inc., and Cedar Realty Partnership LP to SUSO 3 Raystown LP, property in Smithfield Township, $19,500,000.

Marian P. Wagner Estate, Connie L. Magill, executrix, and Sandra D. Brenneman, executrix, to Frank, Jr. and Nancy M. Pandolfino, property in Oneida Township, $108,000.


Blair County

Edward and Bernadette Crosby to Katrina Pope, property at 664 Chimney Rocks Road, Blair Township, $84,000.

William and Rebecca Young to Karen Johnson, property at 501-503 E. Atlantic Ave., Altoona, $30,000.

Matthew and Susan McFarland to Mei Li, property at 617 N. Terrace St., Logan Township, $85,000.

Marie F. Schultz, also known as Marie F.M. Shultz, by co-executors, to James and Pauline Bowser, property at 514 Walton Ave., Altoona, $20,000.

Paul and Nancy Kopac to Arthur L. West Jr., property at 301 Cedar Blvd., Hollidaysburg, $163,000.

Family Estates Development Inc. to Stephen and Jessica Genter, property at Fairway Estates/Phase IV, Frankstown Township, $60,000.

Denise Neely to Kylie Havlin, property at 2420 12th Ave., Altoona, $24,001.

Janeen and Raymond Nebelski to Joseph and Deborah Weakland, property at 4040 Fourth Ave., Altoona, $30,000.

Edgewood Acres Development LLC and Terry Long Excavating Inc. to Lori Bechtel-Wherry, property at 291 Basswood Drive, North Woodbury Township, $27,000.

Aaron Ritchey to Michael and Michele Gonsman, property at 1008 Edgewood Drive, Blair Township, $301,000.

Esther B., Esther J. and Donald Albright, by agent, to Renee Hoffman, property at 910 Poplar Ave., Hollidaysburg, $142,000.

Samuel and Johanna Pratt to Daniel and Laura Sieg, property at 1901-1903 Fourth Ave., Altoona, $80,000.

Thomas and Sonya Manion to Amanda Donoughe and Matthew Kunsman, property in Frankstown Township, $40,000.

William McMinn to Lynn Shaffer, property at 313-315 E. Caroline Ave., Altoona, $67,500.

Bedford County

Frank and Jane Antonson to Nelson E. and Sarah E. Phero, property in Bedford Township, $240,000.

Household Finance Consumer Discount Co. to Paul Schlabach, property in Pleasantville Borough, $51,500.

Lois Jane Nissley to Snowberber Construction LLC, property in Woodbury Township, $110,000.

Trudy L. and Carl E. Cseko and Nelson E., Linda I., Paul A. and Dorothy E. Vensel to Kevin M. Dudek, property in Bedford Township, $92,000.

Frank C. McIntyre Jr. to Karrie E. Walter, property in Bloomfield Township, $250,000.

Dennis P. and Mary C. Piatt to Mathew T. and Jodi Lynn Broman, property in Bedford Borough, $135,900.

Ryan E. and Erin M. Richards to V. Ivan Jr. and Hilda J. Lehman, property in Colerain Township, $172,000.

Stanley and Chanthana Oleinik to Innovative Equity Solutions LLC, property in Napier Township, $33,000.

Kim T. and Donna L. Ball to V. Ivan Jr. and Hilda J. Lehman, property in Colerain Township, $15,000.

Cambria County

Fannie Mae to Michael S. Piemonte, property in Richland Township, $96,150.

F. Daniel McMullen to Mary S. Gaul, property in Northern Cambria Borough, $24,000.

Kevin O. McGeehan to Ashley N. Owens, property in Richland Township, $118,500.

Charles D. Blackner to Assad Properties LLC, property in Johnstown’s 7th Ward, $11,500.

Frederic A. Stough to Gary R. Bishop Sr., property in Vintondale Borough, $24,000.

Richard R. Ruffing to Paul J. Kuchenbrod Sr., property in Chest Township, $19,500.

Catherine Voytko to Susan M. Pellow, property in Brownstown Borough, $24,100.

Angels Coal Trust to Buds Auto Sales, property in Summerhill Borough, $15,600.

Jeffrey Richardson to Alisha B. Sabala, property in Portage Borough, $22,900.

Martha J. Schutte to Cynthia L. Hoffman, property in Geistown Borough, $78,500.

Eugene D. Stahl to Eric Keytack, property in Conemaugh Township, $69,900.

David S. Roberts Jr. to Mark A. Cafeo, property in Richland Township, $236,000.

Jan R. Patcher to August L. Jeske, property in Johnstown’s 20th Ward, $26,500.

Clearfield County

Carl and Marsha Gasbarre to Patrick Joseph Garred, property in DuBois, $51,500.

Bernard Samansky to Karen E. Carter and Robert P. Mallon, property in Cooper Township, $15,000.

Anne D. Whitcomb to Philip D. and Nancy C. Walton, property in Sandy Township, $145,000.

Gladys Susan Olosky, power of attorney, and Lucille E. Grubb, by power-of-attorney, to Glenn A. and Jody M. Socash, property in Pike Township, $66,000.

Edward A. and Marissa A. Andrulonis to Richard L. and Christine A. Pfingstler, property in DuBois, $242,000.

Bruce S. Coudriet Estate, B. Michael Coudriet, co-executor, Margaret H. Putt, co-executor, and Rick A. Coudriet, co-executor, to Michael S. Kyler, property in Girard Township, $120,000.

Daniel A. and Judy L. Snyder to Charles A. and Kelly R. Lefort, property in Clearfield Borough, $70,000.

Jeffrey M. and Kelli J. Butterworth to Kevin P. Morrissey, property in Sandy Township, $242,000.

Huntingdon County

Corey L. and Stacey Fleck to Christopher T. Itinger and Rachel J. Thompson, property in Porter Township, $78,500.

Dewitt W. and Amy N. Himes to Joseph L. and Clint J. Bonson, property in Juniata Township, $35,000.

Carol A. Purdy Estate, Kandie A. Prough, administratrix, Roger H. Knierim, administrator, Sherry L. Fairish, administratrix, Kimberly A. Erschen, administratrix, and Lisa J. Gantt, administratrix, to Russell K. Taylor and Ashley N. Zerbe, property in Huntingdon Borough, $67,500.

Cindy E. Kaufman to Robert D. and Cathy J. Foreman, property in Springfield Township, $125,000.

Northwest Savings Bank to Thomas P. and Linda M. Carpenter, property in Huntingdon Borough, $35,000.

Hazel I. Witherite to Addison C. Yingling, property in Juniata Township, $119,000.

William E. and Charleen A. Blum to Vincent G. and Sharon L. Dolphin, property in Warriors Mark Township, $138,700.

Brian D. and Hollie A. Kratzer to Chad and Dawn Huffman, property in Walker Township, $265,000.

Nathan W. Wagoner and Gabrielle Kirsch to Juanita M. Fisher, property in Huntingdon Borough, $40,000.

Donald P. and Shelby Black to Julia M. Baughman, Patrick P. and Kenneth L. Black, property in Carbon Township, $12,000.

Paradise Point on Trough Creek LLC to Donald L. and Linda F. Rockwell, property in Todd Township, $36,465.

Jeffrey S. and Cynthia K. O’Connor, William L. and Sharon K. Dittmar to Robert A. Foxwell, property in Juniata Township, $90,000.


Blair County

Thomas and Vicki Yanowsky to Anthony and Heather Beerbower, property at 3468 Glendale Road, Frankstown Township, $243,000.

Tracy and Martina Douglas to Justus P. II and Hayley Miller, property at 636 Lake Ave., Lakemont, $53,500.

Francis and Diane Kobi to Michell O’Neal, property at 1421 Bald Eagle Ave., Tyrone, $79,900.

Rebecca Stevens to Brad and Maria Mikolajczyk, property at 903 Jones St., Hollidaysburg, $240,000.

Holliday Hills to Seth Volpe, and Amy Rothrauff-Volpe, property at 510 Baldwin Lane, Hollidaysburg, $162,500.

Whitney Kimmel, by attorney-in-fact, to Michael Summey, property at 108 Sweet Cherry Court, Hollidaysburg, $136,900.

Audrey Anslinger to Mark Debernardis, property in Llyswen area, Altoona, $42,000.

Manufactured Housing Contract Senior/Subordinate Pass Through Certificate 2001-3, by trustee, to Ronald and Janet Dilling, property at 4654 Cove Mountain Road, Taylor Township, $37,000.

WE Campbell Builders Inc., to S&A Homes Inc., property in Frankstown Township, $36,000.

Jason McCready to Starr Properties & Management LLC, property in Blair Township, $13,000.

William and Lisa Moyer to William and Patricia Sole, property in Frankstown Township, $266,000.

Doris Griswold to Jason and Jamie Mauk, property at 1521-1527 Logan Ave., Altoona, $95,000.

M. Bernice, also known as Bernice M., and William Newberry to David McAleer and Mary Hunyady, property at 1111 and 1113 58th St., Altoona, $195,000.

Ethel Martin to Brian and Jaime Campbell, property at 438 S. Market St., Martinsburg, $104,000.

Patrick, Sally and Bryon Garman to Charles and Christine Dively, property at 1341 N. Seventh Ave., Altoona, $39,000.

John and Shirley Conway to Michael and Karen Kasun, property in Allegheny Township, $129,000.

Timber Ridge Resources LTD to David M. Jr. and Valerie Skurnick, property in Huston Township, $35,500.

Jeannie Tupone to James and Pamela Montgomery, property in Altoona, $39,000.

Scott and Suzanne Black to Michael Erndl, property at 1005 Franklin St., Roaring Spring, $174,900.

Sharon Beckel to Gregory and Katherine Ellis, property in Logan Township, $141,500.

William McCaulley, by executrix, to Alexander Palazzi, property at 517 Baynton Ave., South Lakemont, $70,000.

Bedford County

Gareth L. Pass to Phuong V. Bui, property in Bedford Township, $137,900.

Delonda Kay Sheeder and Jason Neville to Waylon D. Corbin, property in Saxton Borough, $40,000.

Robert P. and Tracey S. Shontz to Adam C. and Brittany M. Helsel, property in Bedford Borough, $97,000.

Steven E. and Susan E. Krieger to Elvin N. and Ester S. Garman, property in Hopewell Township, $75,000.

Michael S. and Lori R. Price Ickes to Brian L. and Denise M. Mowry, property in King Township, $120,000.

Lois K. Fletcher to Pleasant Hill Properties Inc., property in South Woodbury Township, $60,000.

Edward J. Jr., Edward J., and Mary A. Mack to Joel T. and Jennifer L. Cogan, property in Monroe Township, $175,000.

Thomas J. and Judith C. McCoy to Bryan J. and Alisha D. Shaw, property in East Providence Township, $170,000.

Skyles Calhoun to Michael R. Romeo, property in Bedford Township, $173,000.

Byron L. and Annette J. Berkey to Shasta L. Decker, property in Bedford Borough, $149,000.

Peter and Karen Yorke to Ross H. and Yvonne M. Hershberger, property in Woodbury Township, $1,160,000.

Leslee Clark to Jonathan T. and Lauren W. Calhoun, property in Bedford Borough, $115,000.

Glenn J. and Janet A. Tirpak to Byron L. and Annette J. Berkey, property in East St. Clair Township, $142,500.

Joseph G. and Edward T. Jr. Millward to Robert Helsel, property in West Providence Township, $88,000.

Ronald E. and Susan M. Miller to Jesse R. and Kylee Welsh, property in Bedford Township, $174,000.

Diane M. Viar to Elizabeth Kauruter, property in Hyndman Borough, $83,000.

Robert Hockenberry and Kevin and Pamela Cook to Mom’s House Inc., property in East St. Clair Township, $22,000.

Wesley L. and Shelby M. Crooks to William E. and Patricia A. Troutwein, property in Liberty Township, $260,000.

Sampson E. and Sampson Edward Jr. Zimmerman to Wells Fargo Bank NA, property in Bedford Borough, $30,240.

Travis R. and Theresa L. Horne to Vera M. and Marcia K. Ritchey, property in West Providence Township, $89,900.

First National Bank of Pa. to Robert L. Fisher Jr., property in Saxton Borough, $39,900.

Thomas J. and Cynthia D. Reiley to Chad A. and Andrea L. Williams, property in Bedford Borough, $269,000.

R. Carl, H. Jack and Treva L. Pencil and Doris J. Reppert to C. David Stahl Jr., property in Bedford Township, $60,000.

Todd A. Deremer to Shawn M. and Katharine V. Clark, property in King Township, $13,500.

Ronald B. and Deborah E. Hassler to Seth D. Lasure, property in West St. Clair Township, $172,000.

Karen P. Richardson and Edward C. Briggs to Daniel A. and Wendy L. Buza, property in Bedford Township, $24,500.

Terry A. and Martin R. Runion to Kira V. Yusova McGough, property in Bedford Township, $115,500.

Kristie A. Buterbaugh to Edward T. Clapper and Christine L. Layman, property in Everett Borough, $86,000.

Douglas N. and Joann B. Fleming to Gerald L. Kohl and Nancy J. Montgomery, property in Bedford Township, $65,000.

Scent of Water Ministries Inc. to Daniel A. Gochnour, property in South Woodbury Township, $35,000.

Marlin J., Lorraine C., Kerry L. and Karen J. Cathers, Beverly C. and Douglas C. Saylor and Judith K. and Dale B. Evans to Lewis O. Jr. and Susan Bea Ansel, property in Juniata Township, $165,000.

David M. Wiley and Laura C. Wiley Revocable Living Trust to Scott W. and Dawn Weaver, property in East St. Clair Township, $145,350.

David Robert and Lisa R. Leydig to Terri E. Dibert, property in Bedford Borough, $82,000.

William T. Sr. and Sandra Reyan and Ronald L. Showalter, property in West Providence Township, $35,000.

Larry J. and Susan Barnouski to Jack A. and Christine E. Waters, property in Broad Top Township, $65,000.

James E. Beck to Paul R. and Hazel E. Fisher, property in Bloomfield Township, $20,000.

Philip E. and Colleen Devorris, Andrea D. and Michael Cohen, Susan K. Ansin, Susan K. Leopold, Bertram B. Leopold Trust Agreement Dated Jan. 24, 1984, Manufactures & Traders Trust Co. and Bertram B. Leopold Trust Agreement to L.B. Foster Co., property in Bedford Township, $880,000.

Gary L. and Janet E. Stoffer to S. Lee Bowden, property in Bedford Township, $15,544.

Cambria County

Justin R. Ostrich to Ralph E. Bretz, property in Geistown Borough, $205,000.

Michelle L. Plowman to Tammie S. Burgo, property in Westmont Borough, $131,180.

Michael M. McClain to Kevin J. Wilson, property in Croyle Township, $230,000.

Seasonal Air to First National Bank of Pa., property in Johnstown’s 7th Ward, $78,311.

First National Bank of Pa. to David W. Trotz, property in Westmont Borough, $20,500.

Kelly Austin to Wen Jing You, property in Richland Township, $285,000.

David T. Sheridan to William G. Irwin, property in Westmont Borough, $220,000.

Jerome Jareb to Helena O. Jareb, property in Loretto Borough, $140,000.

Edward R. Majoris to Richard C. Chirillo, property in Upper Yoder Township, $216,000.

James R. Stofko to Samantha L. Kirkwood, property in Richland Township, $45,000.

Floyd M. Berleue to Jake R. Burnosky, property in Richland Township, $75,000.

Clearfield County

Daniel E. and JoAnn F. Siford to David G. Buchanan, property in Burnside Township, $31,000.

David Edward Estate and George P. Elias, administrator, to Esper J. Elias, property in Ramey Borough, $20,431.

Michael S. and Beth A. Moore to Christopher M. Priester Jr., property in Clearfield Borough, $88,000.

David E. and Kathleen L. Bressler to Douglas E. McGarry II, property in Lawrence Township, $128,000.

Mark A. and Lisa A. Ricketts to Larry E Ricketts Sr., property in Beccaria Township, $10,000.

Roger L., Bobbie J., William N. and Karen Bloom to Allen C. and Donna F. Figula, property in Glen Hope Borough, $15,000.

Andrew M. and Christine M. Meyer to Glenn M. Challingsworth and Constance A. Dallasen, property in Sandy Township, $176,000.

Scott A. Dixon to National Transfer Services LLC and WHR Group Inc., property in Sandy Township, $190,000.

National Transfer Services LLC and WHR Group Inc. to Brandon Joseph Lyle and Megan Elizabeth Crawford, property in Sandy Township, $190,000.

Brandon M. and Amanda N. Maines to John Jr. and Megan M. Crisafi, property in Sandy Township, $194,000.

Karen L. Carlino and Allen Hewitt to Summit Consulting Services LLC, property in DuBois, $124,000.

Arthur W. Ross Estate, Chadwick B. Ross, co-administrator, and Jamie K. Ross, co-administrator, to Edwin D. and Martha C. Miller, property in Ferguson Township, $60,000.

Judith A. and Richard L. Conrad to Frances E. Gibian, property in Curwensville Borough, $72,500.

David M. and Sherri Ball to Tracy A. McCluskey, property in Sandy Township, $89,500.

US Bank, trustee, and Pa. Housing Finance Agency, attorney-in-fact, to Alfred P. Hess III and Castell Properties LLC, property in Clearfield Borough, $14,450.

Michael A. and Lauren M. Yankevich to Brian W. and Laura E. Wingard, property in Pike Township, $175,900.

Daniel J. Sr. and JoAnne M. Hudson to John M. Rebo Jr., property in Goshen Township, $62,000.

Scott C. and Teresa Hall to Joseph A., Ronald B. and Nancy M. Valenza, property in Clearfield Borough, $92,000.

Michael O. and Autumn H. Bloom to Brian H. Shifter, property in Clearfield Borough, $62,500.

Huntingdon County

Scott G. Swartz to David N. Hartzell Jr., property in Dublin Township, $18,500.

Samuel D. Stains to George D. and Katherine J. Ansell, property in Three Springs Borough, $28,000.

Jon M. and Adina A. Donaldson to Charles Memmesheimer, property in Carbon Township, $18,500.

Gary D. and Karen L. Ford to Wayne R. and Connie N. Gibson, property in Smithfield Township, $95,000.

Donald L. and Nancy O. Lay to Charles G. and Lori J. Mattice, property in Penn Township, $19,000.

Elizabeth I. Putt, by agent/attorney-in-fact, and Deborah A. Magill, as agent/attorney-in-fact, to Robert D. and Linda L. Gibbs, property in Smithfield Township, $50,000.

Frank and Karen Ann Campopiano to Jeffrey L. Jr. and Terra R. Goss, property in Henderson Township, $92,000.

Ira S., Esther M., Richard S. and Carolyn E. Groff to Jeff A. and Dana A. Cisney, property in Cass Township, $18,000.

Helen R. Appleby to James D. and Tammy A. Lake, property in Dublin Township, $55,000.

Donald K. and Mabel B. McCormick and John R. and Shirley Hirst to Philip E. and Patricia E. Mellott and Doris A. Fortney, property in Cromwell Township, $65,000.

Douglas L. and Shannon E. Gummo to Daniel R. and Lauri S. Horner, property in West Township, $218,000.

Brent L. Bowman, Stephen K. Hershberger, Scott M. Harkins and Jeffrey B. Bowman to Brent L. Bowman, Stephen K. Hershberger Scott M. Harkins, Jeffrey B. Bowman and Matthew T. Krupa, property in Springfield Township, $55,637.

Eleanor Joan and Eleanor J. Daub to Nadine S. Houck, property in Barree Township, $143,000.

Wendell G. and Stacy A. Derstine to James Frank and Angela M. Thomas, property in Shirley Township, $10,000.

Curtis and Louise C. Cady to Royalton Hunt Club, property in Logan Township, $13,875.

Barbara E. Park to Carole J. Brumbaugh, property in Smithfield Township, $125,000.

Jean Bolvin to Rose Marie Sanders, property in Lincoln Township, $87,400.

Frederick A. Fritz Estate, Fred A. Fritz Estate and Gaynell R. Boor, executrix, to Robert D. and Connie Kough Pittenger, property in Oneida Township, $155,000.

Thomas H. Jr. and Melissa J. Bean to Cody A. Everhart and Autumn V. Mills, property in Walker Township, $119,900.


Blair County

David Harpster to Todd and Julie Bowser, property in Blair Township, $115,000.

Adam and Teresa Luciano and Dennis Smith, by administratrix, to Thomas Makowiecki and Steven Pheasant, property in Antis Township, $14,500.

Diane Pyles to Gary Discavage, property at 415 Parkview Lane, Allegheny Township, $300,000.

Wilbert and Dawn Cartwright to Scott Weaver, property at 3404 Juniata Gap Road, $22,500.

S&A Homes Inc., by agent, to Randy and Diane Feathers, property at 311 Jessica St., Frankstown Township, $313,611.

Nancy Bechtel, by executor, to Over Family Trust, by trustees, property in Martinsburg, $150,000.

Elias, Samar and Summer Rifkah to Anthony and Heather Destefano, property at 1202 Meadow Lane, Blair Township, $255,000.

Scott Podgorney to Christopher Holland and Joshua McConnell, property at 229 Fiore Lane, Frankstown Township, $229,000.

Michelle and Steven Passarello to Robert Smick, property at 118 E. Cherry Ave., Altoona, $116,700.

Josephine Love, by executrix, to Roxann Pasquino, property at 4422 Fourth Ave., Altoona, $140,000.

Judith and Robert Fitzingo to Donald A. McGee Jr., and Melissa Shultz, property in Woodbury Township, $88,500.

Maureen Espigh, by executrix, to Andrew Brunhuber and Valerie Harris, property at 1008 N. Second St., Altoona, $61,500.

Jennifer Waite to Daniel Zavalanski, property at 2410 10th St., Altoona, $104,000.

Robert Snyder to William R. Sr. and Brenda Baker, property at 3018 Broad Ave., Altoona, $27,500.

Bedford County

Clinton B. and Tiffany J. Brown to Jean A. Reed, property in Saxton Borough, $44,900.

Edward L. and Laura R. Garlock, Raymond H., Raymond Henry and Kathleen Hahn, property in Bedford Borough, $299,000.

Pamela Benton and Michael J. Whitfield, Jessica L. Grubb, property in Bedford Borough, $120,000.

Theodore W. and Patricia A. Harold to Raymond E. and Lois L. Weaver, property in Bedford Township, $35,000.

Edward, Edward E., Brenda and Brenda L. Haney to Roger L. and Lorri L. Gnagey, property in Bedford Township, $10,000.

Daniel H. and Norma L. Heath to Edward and Laura R. Garlock, property in Bedford Township, $155,000.

Mary J. Wright to Joseph F. and Sharon S. Vilga, property in East Providence Township, $245,000.

Brian G. and Elaine A. Schreiber to Stephen J. and Desni L. Dantone, property in West Providence Township, $235,250.

Travis R. Group to Kenneth R. and Debra A. Corrie, property in Manns Choice Borough, $40,000.

David L. Roles, Bryan and Bryan D. Miller to Neil A. Thomas, property in West Providence Township, $22,500.

John R. Hazlett to Equity Resource LLC, property in Kimmel Township, $25,000.

Giuseppe and Rosa Amato to Kyler G. and Alicia L. Baker, property in Saxton Borough, $32,900.

Edward F. and Claudia P. King and King Living Trust to Brian and Elaine Schreiber, property in West Providence Township, $242,500.

Brett A. and Julie L. Cessna to David Carl and Lisa Marie Shafer, property in Colerain Township, $152,500.

Cambria County

Carl J. Anderson to Kathleen M. Jennings, property in Blacklick Township, $40,000.

Anthony J. Hanlon Sr. to Matthew L. Rieg, property in Allegheny Township, $175,000.

Clinton R. Clouse to Troy J. Rodriguez, property in Richland Township, $365,000.

John Griffith to Philip T. Canary, property in Westmont Borough, $210,000.

James P. Barker to Kevin O. McGeehan, property in Richland Township, $217,500.

Tricia D. Brandle Monahan to Robert G. Kaltenbaugh, property in Upper Yoder Township, $53,000.

Wayne E. Clemons to Jacky D. Johnson, property in Geistown Borough, $146,500.

Fannie Mae to Joseph Witt, property in Johnstown’s 8th Ward, $11,500.

Justin J. McKee to Edward J. DeFazio, property in Blacklick Township, $45,000.

Arcelormittal Pristine Resources LLC to Terrance B. Buck, property in Allegheny Township, $25,000.

Fannie Mae to Nicholas M. Stauski, property in Portage Borough, $35,500.

LSF8 Master Participation Trust to Herbert J. Britton IV, property in East Taylor Township, $20,000.

Clearfield County

Kevin L. and Hayley Jean Westover to Marvin J. and Susan R. Yoder, property in Chest Township, $65,000.

Denise M. Lucas and Peggy A. Hatfield to William J. and Eve J. Camuso, property in Sandy Township, $114,000.

C. Ben Jr. and Catherine Ann Mullins to Rick A. and Marty A. Butler, property in Pike Township, $65,000.

Daniel and Sylvia B. Spingola to Michael A. and Lauren M. Yankevich, property in Clearfield Borough, $82,000.

Lois F. and Harold Miller to John M. and Kristie Jo Yount, property in Sandy Township, $135,000.

Robert D. and Stacey L. Dysart to Brookfield Global Relocation Services LLC, property in Sandy Township, $285,000.

Brookfield Global Relocation Services LL to Karel and Hester Mudde, property in Sandy Township, $271,000.

Cole Michael and Tiffany Rae Yarger to Jon Hummel, property in Decatur Township, $75,000.

Mark C. and Karen S. Marchione to Andrew B. Johnson, property in Sandy Township, $155,000.

Carolyn L. Walls to Norman G. and Evelyn Diehl, property in Glen Hope Borough, $30,000.

John H. and Evelyn J. Gilbert to Andrew L. Booth Jr., property in Sandy Township, $41,000.

Gerald H. and Mary Charlene Swearer to Arden D. Emery, property in DuBois, $109,000.

Timothy H. and Suzanne M. Welch to Eric R. Kriner and Sue A. Gilbert, property in Sandy Township, $135,000.

Misty S. and Bradley J. Fleming to Jack A. and Wendy L. McFadden, property in Sandy Township, $148,000.

Alfred P. III and Brandy L. Hess to Steven D. Reitz, property in Clearfield Borough, $70,000.

Arthur J. Arbour, by agent, and Jennifer D. Arbour, agent, to Earl A. Aiello, property in Sandy Township, $64,000.

Matthew S. and Ashlee M. Martin to Kyle J. Martin and Katherine M. Whitby, property in Sandy Township, $146,000.

Paul A. and Betsey D. McDermott to Jason Poyneer, property in Lawrence Township, $162,500.

Robert P. and Judith A. Baney to Nathan L. and Barbara A. Billings, property in Decatur Township, $39,000.

Charles R. and Linda A. Johnston to Dana A. McCahan and James A. Hull III, property in Clearfield Borough, $61,000.

Joseph F. and Jennifer V. Dellantonio to Bruce and Marie Fair, property in Clearfield Borough, $67,500.

Catherine M. McGrevin, co-administrator, Cynthia l. Breault, co-administrator, and Richard Lucas Estate to Joseph C. and Patricia A. Pash, property in Cooper Township, $105,000.

Betty Mae Lantz, by agent, and Donald D. Ross Jr., agent, to Stephen J. Weyer, property in Gulich Township, $68,000.

Carol L. Zener and Christina Emel to Stephen P. Karlinchak, property in Gulich Township, $12,000.

William J. and Sarah V. Bamat to Jo Ellen Neff, property in Decatur Township, $67,000.

Gregory A. Clarke to Terry R. and Maureen R. Briskar, property in Clearfield Borough, $30,500.

Philip L. and Shirley J. Shaw to Jessyca Jane Burton, property in Boggs Township, $21,000.

Shawn M. Smith to Matthew S. and Ashlee M. Martin, property in Brady Township, $82,000.

Mary Pat Rossi, executrix, and Laurene Rossi Estate to Andrew Vincent Nedzinski and Jenna D. Strishock, property in DuBois, $153,000.

Huntingdon County

Hilda H. Gibboney Estate, Hildegarde Gibboney Estate and Gary W. Staub, executor, to Sandra L. Drury, property in Cass Township, $30,000.

Glenn F. and Betty Jane Kagarise to John J. Babish III, property in Mapleton Borough, $31,000.

Perry A. and Carol A. Cutshall to C. Curtis and Tammy M. Breitegan, property in Springfield Township, $17,000.

Bruce A. and Laura A. Slusher to Lane R. Doyle, property in Saltillo Borough, $87,000.

Angela R. Watkins and Linda L. Edgin to James A. Brantner, property in Mount Union Borough, $39,900.

Rebecca R. Donnelly to Andrew R. Kammerer, property in Morris Township, $400,000.

Howard E. Snyder, Catherine A. Snyder, by agent/attorney-in-fact, and Howard E. Snyder, as agent/attorney-in-fact, to Barnish Contracting and Inspection Service LLC, property in Huntingdon Borough, $36,500.

Robert J. Flanigan, by agent/ attorney-in-fact, and Shelly G. Franks, as agent/attorney-in-fact, to Kimberly D. Grove, property in Smithfield Township, $57,000.

Roy C. Mowery and Linda Levan Mowery to Cory M. Sisto, property in Union Township, $260,000.

Benjamin M., Heather F., Justin R. and Jessica K. Irvin to Dennis F. and Wava C. Baer, property in Dublin Township, $85,000.


Blair County

David and Julie Criswell to William M. McElwain Jr., property at 135 Scotts Lane, Snyder Township, $115,000.

Nancy Grove, by executrix, to Frederick Shultz, property in Woodbury Township, $46,000.

Randy and Luann Whetstone to B&T Rentals LLC, property in Greenfield Township, $72,000.

Patty McGraw to Robert and Deborah Showalter, property in Taylor Township, $45,900.

Michelle and Yuriy Belenitsky to Anita Michelow, property at 527 E. 26th Ave., Altoona, $96,500.

Jon and Shari Ansman to Krista Ansman, property at 1010 Third St., Juniata, $100,000.

Harry and Vonna Myers to Danielle McClellan, property in Antis Township, $75,000.

Anita Michelow to Matthew and Claire Hoover, property at 418 Benton Drive, Hollidaysburg, $173,000.

Duane J. Sidler Jr. to Joseph Apple, property at 1271 Dry Run Road, Juniata and Freedom townships, $310,000.

Napoli Recycling Corp., by trustee, to Blair County, property at 3031-3055 S. Branch Ave., Altoona, $133,071.

Patrick and Suzanne Wise to Brannock & Shaw Properties LLC, property at 217 Maple Ave., Altoona, $12,000.

Bedford County

Kenneth G. Beach to Levi B. Shope, property in South Woodbury Township, $108,000.

Fannie Mae to Christopher R. Crowley, property in Schellsburg Borough, $75,000.

Verna Jean Statler to John J. Rinnier and Susan J. Young, property in West Providence Township, $62,000.

Clyde K. and Audrey Tewell to Dorine M. Smith, property in West Providence Township, $87,900.

US Bank NA and Structured Asset Securities Corp. Mortgage Pass Through to Edward A. and Darlene L. Hoyer, property in Colerain Township, $65,900.

Terri E. Dibert to Robert P. McCaffrey, property in Snake Spring Township, $118,500.

Willard I. and Lesa Feuillet Haas to Robert L. and Amy D. Babcock, property in Mann Township, $64,463.

Cambria County

Patrick L. Mancini to Nicole L. Patton, property in Westmont Borough, $119,000.

Aaron M. Christ to Jonathan P. Kirby, property in Adams Township, $105,000.

Charles M. Weyandt to James I. Preusser, property in Chest Township, $12,000.

Philip K. Burkhart to Justin A. Steen, property in Adams Township, $122,500.

Fred A. Godish to William R. Stevens, property in Cresson Township, $115,000.

David B. Campbell to Ken A. Daniels, property in Stonycreek Township, $79,500.

Clyde L. Horner to Jonathan A. Nastase, property in Adams Township, $135,000.

Robert O. Howarth to Jason Walkowsky, property in Richland Township, $179,500.

Gary J. Holtzman to Lloyd L. Rager, property in Geistown Borough, $58,000.

Mark Kush to Robert E. Lester, property in Adams Township, $33,000.

Karen A. Huffman to Trudy M. McFeaters, property in Stonycreek Township, $75,000.

Anthony B. Zdunczyk to William G. McKelvey, property in Adams Township, $230,000.

Clearfield County

Joan A., Robert A. and Chet R. Shively to Richard P. and Lea A. Massimino, property in Lawrence Township, $44,671.

Gary L. and JoAnn W. Miller to James A. Jr. and Anna Dawes, property in Morris Township, $107,900.

Bernard F. and Marsha E. Minns to Robert C. and Melissa K. Strong, property in Sandy Township, $195,900.

Edward M. and Melanie MacDonald to Laurie A. Hunt, property in Lawrence Township, $56,000.

Brenda L. Cook, executrix, and Harry L. McCreery Estate to Matthew J. and Megan D. Kephart, property in Westover Borough, $45,000.

Lance J. Pifer, executor, and Beverly J. Pifer Estate to Bernard F. and Marsha E. Minns, property in DuBois, $100,000.

James C. and Patsy A. Domingo to Robert K. Martini, property in Sandy Township, $212,000.

Gary L. and Cynthia S. Foster to Hoanh Van Nguyen, property in DuBois, $165,000.

Benjamin T. and Kelly A. Gasbarre to Gregory E. and Jane L. Holt, property in Sandy Township, $119,000.

Scott E., Rhonda and Bradley A. Blose to Klaiber & Son LLC, property in DuBois, $35,000.

Caroline Habovick to Shane, Helen and Nicole Graham and Sheila Jurgensmyer, property in Morris Township, $45,000.

CNB Bank, formerly known as County National Bank, to Melinda S. Anderson, property in Troutville Borough, $82,000.

Huntingdon County

David C. and Dina White to Richard J. Davis, John E. Timura, and Jeffrey D. Sossong, property in Hopewell Township, $30,836.

Guy C. and Konnie M. Pyne to Kenneth E. Jr. and Martha I. Eichelberger, property in Union Township, $200,000.

Scott L. Kelley to Wesley A. and Jennifer A. Brumbaugh, property in Orbisonia Borough, $76,000.

Anna Belle Roland Estate, Anna Belle Kissinger Estate and Philip Prough, executor, to Gail R. and Nichole D. Guyton, property in Huntingdon Borough, $60,900.

Cris O. Sr., Cris O. Jr. and Amanda Edwards and Amanda N. Edwards Cramer to Travis Fultz, property in Walker Township, $125,000.