Marriage licenses

Blair County

Royce E. Rowles and Shauna L. Shumac, both of 823 Sixth Ave., Altoona.

David A. Hennaman,1419 18th Ave., Altoona, and Bonnie Damiano, 274 Ashbury Lane, Altoona.

Jeremy S. Maier and Nicole Y. Finney, both of Michigan.

Heather N. Wance and Chrystal M. Reitmyer, both of Glasgow.

Nicholas M. Merritts and Kimberly D. Giselman, both of 618 N. Eighth Ave., Altoona.

Harvey E. Montgomery and Connie Martin, both of 214 22nd Ave., Altoona.

Ronald E. Frank Jr. and Kendi Seidel, both of 414 N. Sixth Ave., Altoona.

Christopher T. Michelone and Amanda J. Celesnik, both of Hollidaysburg.

Daniel J. Dibona and Allen P. Davies, both of Hollidaysburg.

Kelly L. Kaminski and Tiffany D. Hann, both of 111 E. Cherry Ave., Altoona.

Javier A. Cantos Jr. and Saje A. Starbird-Clancy, both of Hollidaysburg.

Shawn A. Harr and Jacine C. Hewitt, both of 2917 Broad Ave., Altoona.

Frank C. Mincin II, and Pamela D. Filer, both of Duncansville.

Jason J. Weaver, Hollidaysburg, and Louanne K. Brown, Duncansville.

William C. Frederick and Sandra L. Yarwood, both of 113 N. 10th Ave., Altoona.

Patricia M. Durst and Penelope Iliff, both of Somerset.

Matthew Valeri, Virginia, and Amber L. Wallack, 205 E. Fairview Ave., Altoona.

Brian W. Scott and Carly J. Sloan, both of 4013 Kettle Road, Altoona.

Joan J. Dunning and Reva L. Dean, both of North Carolina.

Brandon L. Linton and Tracie L. Walters, both of Maryland.

Michael D. Benney, Michigan, and Lindsey K. Spahn, 1328 Second Ave., Altoona.

Ronald W. Biem Jr. and Kourie L. Ofcansky, both of 550 52nd St., Altoona.

Todd A. Beard and Jessica E. Orndoff, both of Hollidaysburg.

Daniel A. Johnson and Miranda L. Newberry, both of 1427 N. Eighth Ave., Altoona.

Benjamin C. Little and Lindsay E. Markovich, both of Roaring Spring.

Matthew S. Walker and Kristianna M. Wiley, both of 2516 Third Ave., Altoona.

Orin F. David and Emily A. Zientek, both of Tyrone.

Andrew J. Lytle and Kira M. Boland, both of Hollidaysburg.

Christine A. Lamca, 916 Sixth Ave., Altoona, and Ashlee M. Mulhollen, 318 Crawford Ave., Altoona.

Patrick A. Clark Jr., 1709 13th St., Altoona, and Keysha A. Hinkledire, 350 Greenwood Ave., Altoona.

Ryan M. Clare, 4109 Beale Ave., Altoona, and Kari E. Homan, 5106 Fourth Ave., Altoona.

Kevin A. Michini and Jada K. Lee, both of California.

(OK) Richard F. Weakland and Alvin C. Zimmerman Jr., both of Duncansville.

Penny L. Hamilton and Susan E. Giarth, both of Duncansville.

Raymond A. Moyer and Jena M. Brandt, both of 108 N. 13th Ave., Altoona.

Dwayne R. Gibson Jr., Windber, and Mercedes A. Steinkamp, Philipsburg.

Adam C. Barley, 2004 16th St., Altoona, and Rachel A. Alberts, Duncansville.

Mark A. Biter, New Enterprise, and Emily E. Herman, Martinsburg

Nicholas D. Recchia and Lindsey M. Bush, both of 605 E. Walton Ave., Altoona.

Joseph A. Gorsuch and Amy B. Brumbaugh, both of Williamsburg.

Timothy W. Gates Fallentimber, and Justine D. Kovach, Flinton.

Andrew E. Quirin and Dorinda G. Quarello, both of 2306 12th Ave., Altoona.

Mark T. Hammond and Melissa A. Leaper, both of Hollidaysburg.

Christopher S. Tatar and Iris B. Young, both of California.

Daniel C. Geneczko and Kelly A. Potchak, both of California.

Robert A. Troutman III, 2109 20th St., Altoona, and Lauren M. Lucas, Philadelphia.

(OK) Thurney L. Ridgen III and Georgann Shumaker, both of 218 Spruce Ave., Altoona.

Charles M. Conrad and Karyn M. Debernardis, both of 544 Windrose Ave., Altoona.

James Pucciarella, 1809 16th St., Altoona, and Erin Y. Wentz, 319 E. Caroline Ave., Altoona.

Shane A. Kiser and Lindsey M. Nugent, both of 2565 Kettle Road, Altoona.

Christopher J. Durbin and Sarah E. Carter, both of Hollidaysburg.

Richard A. Wertz and Susan J. Guinard, both of Hollidaysburg.

Chad E. Smith, Tyrone, and Tiffany J. Bradford, 4092 Kettle Road, Altoona.

Bedford County

Cheyenne Leigh Batzel and Bobbie Jo Heltzel, both of Bedford.

Anthony Harold Israel and Rebecca Sonia Isabelle Dewitt, both of Buffalo Mills.

Levi Jay Shaffer and Tori Kay Shroyer, both of Hyndman.

Tyler Douglas Miller, Osterburg, and Sommer Dawn Gilpatrick, Alum Bank.

Darren R. Robinette and Hillary Alma Barkman, both of Clearville.

Bryan Michael Sill and Tann Amy Liller, both of Bedford.

Phillip Jay Koontz, Osterburg, and Chelciee Rae Fischer, Alum Bank.

Brian William Bodeker and Lynsey Rayann Dishong, both of Everett.

Brian K. Gardner and Rachel R. Murphy, both of Bedford.

Daniel Steiner, Shiloh, Ohio, and Fern Marie Sweigart, Roaring Spring.

Benjamin Thomas Diehl, Alum Bank, and Amanda Kay Beutman, Clarksburg, W.Va.

Tyler W. Thomas, Hopewell, and Hannah M. Zajac, New Enterprise.

Johnathan Matthew Espinosa and Tierra Kylie Smay, both of Saxton.

Jason Harry Entner and Shu Me Betsy Zhong, both of Wayne.

Shawn Michael Hicks, Altoona, and Wendy Christine Fernandez, Roaring Spring.

Adam C. Egolf and Kaitlin M. Hillelgass, both of Schellsburg.

Daniel James Schmerer and Jennifer Ann Speicher, both of Manns Choice.

Jason Robert Hale and Crystal Jineen Shearer, both of Bedford.

Chad Andrew Shoemaker and Meggie J. Pajak, both of Bedford.

Cambria County

Baran E. Fontanella, Williamsburg, Va., and Melissa L. Kelly, Coalport.

Nicholas L. Johns and Linda A. Yost, both of Johnstown.

Brian M. Black, Ebensburg, and Nicole Lee, Portage.

Charles F. DeFazio and Heather D. Koehler, both of Johnstown.

Jesse R. Carnevali and Hannah J. Rematt, both of Northern Cambria.

Daniel F. Mihm, Sidman, and Sarah Jo Strayer, South Fork.

Joshua L. Seese and Jennifer R. Whistler, both of Windber.

Frederick D. Wallace and Sonya J. Clark, both of Northern Cambria.

Brian H. Wagerer and Lisa M. Petrick, both of Johnstown.

Paul L. Knepper Jr. and Debra L. Kennell, both of Slippery Rock.

Dennis J. Kirkpatrick and Alina M. Mikas, both of Johnstown.

Van T. Morrow, New Florence, and Gina M. Seybrecht, Mineral Point.

Matthew J. Varga and Jessica A. Spangler, both of Bethel Park.

Elijah S. Fetcko and Tara J. Gallaher, both of Saint Michael.

Clearfield County

No addresses were available for the following couples:

Chantel Marie Read and Jessica Lynn Cartwright.

Joseph Lynn Indelicato and Serena Guo Wang.

Scott Lance Rosenthal and Betsy Lynn Nelson.

Thomas Clayton McCloskey and Michelle Lee Worthy.

Matthew David Betts and Elizabeth Lynn Stafford.

Matthew Ryan Gray and Victoria Nicoletta Flango.

Huntingdon County

Rodney L. Ramsey Jr. and Brittany D. Smith, both of Huntingdon.

Chason N. Kratzer and Logan J. Kylor, both of Huntingdon.

Markus A. Morrow and Kay L. Furry, both of Dudley.

Kenneth G. Campbell III, Bellwood, and Caroline A. Levi, Downingtown.

Quentin D. Shaffer and Heather N. Thompson, both of Huntingdon.

Gary L. Frehn II and Ashley K. Plummer, both of Orbisonia.

Brian K. Claycomb and Alyssiann P. Clark, both of Huntingdon.

David D. Stevens and Cindy L. Zitsch, both of Mount Union.

Robert L. Wissinger and Taylor A. Beatty, both of Mount Union.

Steven E. House and Buffy J. King, both of Huntingdon.

William J. Bumbarger and Margaret C. Nollau, both of Huntingdon.

Troy A. Singer, Huntingdon, and Darian E. Carberry, Newville.

Aaron P. Chamberlain and Bethany M. Kozak, both of Huntingdon.

Cletus E. Pittman Jr. and Tristen E. Nead, both of Three Springs.

Marriage licenses

Blair County

James J. Moschella III and Jenna K. Muccitelli, both of 625 S. Terrace Drive, Altoona.

Kyle R. Locke, 1407 E. Hamilton Lane, Altoona, and Rebecca L. Kruis, 4114 Fifth Ave., Altoona.

Jeffrey A. Garvey II and Alexandra M. Mathe, both of 110 Walnut Ave., Altoona.

Byron J. Kost and Jody E. Hiller, both of Tyrone.

Steven B. Wilt and Heather M. Snyder, both of 1807 Sixth St., Altoona.

Thomas W. Dougherty, 120 E. Grant Ave., Altoona, and Debora A. Smith, Hollidaysburg.

Durban D. Metzler and Linda J. Lingenfelter, both of Martinsburg.

Dustin M. Kirkpatrick and Amanda G. Basinger, both of Tyrone.

Jason G. Bankert, 909 E. Atlantic Ave., Altoona, and Jayme D. Hileman, Hollidaysburg.

Peter J. Lorelli and Allison M. McConnell, both of 4413 Sixth Ave., Altoona.

Joshua P. Johnson, 108 East Third Ave., Altoona, and Kristy J. Zimmerman, 1430 N. Sixth Ave., Altoona.

Daniel J. Resko, Patton, and Kitty S. Wilson, 220 Aldrich Ave., Altoona.

Christopher W. Pitts and Ashley R. Smithmyer, both of 307 E. Bell Ave., Altoona.

Dillon J. Hite, Duncansville, and Trisha L. Morningstar, James Creek.

Bedford County

Jeremy Robert Steward, Cumberland, Md., and Brittany Noelle Minnick, Lonaconing, Md.

Kevin Eugene Eshelman, Everett, and Sadawna Marie Swanson, Bedford.

Luke Stephen Fochtman, Crystal Spring, and Paige Madison Diehl, Osterburg.

James John Grassi Jr., Schellsburg, and Rebecca Ann Lebda, Everett.

Cambria County

Tyler R. George, Altoona, and Heather N. Bloom, Ebensburg.

George A. Schwartz and Daphne J. Turner, both of Johnstown.

William A. Johnson and Ashley L. Herring, both of Pittsburgh.

Shawn D. McShane and Casey A. Williams, both of Fairfax, Va.

Herman J. Meyers and Natalie A. Vescey, both of Johnstown.

Derrick L. Smith and Sarah J. Snyder, both of Johnstown.

Willard J. Davis and Mallory S. Yanche, both of Mineral Point.

Clearfield County

No addresses were available for the following couples:

Scott Allen Sass to Denise Aileen Emerick.

Ryan Lee Welder and Robin Lynn Moore.

Lance Michael Kolesar to Brianna Mae Parks.

Gordon Lee Cutlip to Tom Rosekelly White.

Kevin Boone and Stacey Renee Frisk.

Sean Carlton McDonald and Melissa Catherine Amon.

Huntingdon County

Debra A. Tumlin and Caroline M. Gillich, both of Huntingdon.

Kirk Reynolds, Alexandria, and Jessica Putt, Saxton.

Dustin Spennati, Orbisonia, and Tasha Hamman, McVeytown.

Cody J. Smith and Amber M. Bingaman, both of McVeytown.

Andrew Windham and Elina Snyder, both of Tyrone.

Marriage licenses

Blair County

Justin T. David and Christine E. Brenneman, both of 1924 Hudson Ave., Altoona.

Edward B. Clouse and Carol L. Armbrust, both of 1618 Fordham Circle, Altoona.

Nathan E. Hazenstab and Jamie A. Myers, both of Martinsburg.

Gregory W. Kurtz and Dana R. Renner, both of Willamsburg.

Walter D. Miller and Brienne J. Olbert, both of Martinsburg.

Herbert L. Wilt Jr., 837 Burns Ave., Altoona, and Tabitha L. Mentzer, 142 Wertz Ave., Altoona.

James T. Ritter and Tracy E. Garthe, both of Hollidayburg.

Joseph Bradley and Kasey N. Bartley, both of Cresson.

Marlin J. Lapp, Tyrone, and Rhoda A. Slaymaker, Washington Boro.

Bedford County

George Walter Yarnell and Mindy Lynn Faupel, both of Breezewood.

Mark A. Lyons, Berlin, and Rebecca J. Brantner, Westernport.

Michael Vincent Ludwig, Rockville, Md., and Heather Shea Hickcox, Arlington, Va.

William C. Phillips 2nd and Lana M. Loya, both of Cumberland, Md.

Cambria County

Leonard S. Jackson and Martha L. London, both of Mineral Point.

Davis M. Walters and Sherry Ann Sopol, both of Millvale.

Michael J. Wyandt and Teresa A. Simmons, both of South Fork.

Frank J. Prevost and Anna Marie Bodek, both of Johnstown.

Clearfield County

No addresses were available for the following couples:

John Dugan III and Shelley Brennan.

Timothy Geraldo Sanchez and Julie Frances Pedulla.

Harry John Bloom Jr. and Ashlenn Sue Lytel.

Huntingdon County

Martin R. Wiser, Mount Union, and Nona L. Clark, Lewistown.

Wallace A. Taylor and Hannah M. Leader, both of Robertsdale.

Boyd A. Hess and Susan E. Eveland, both of Mechanicsburg.

Marriage licenses

Blair County

Clyde C. Weyandt Jr. and Jenna D. Shuck, both of 1206 N. Fifth Ave., Altoona.

Kevin Coppersmith, Claysburg, and Tessie L. Focht, 1657 Forgas Lane, Altoona.

Charles H. Moore III and Renee D. Defibaugh, both of 215 Aldrich Ave., Altoona.

Daniel L. Atty and Darla J. McDermott, both of Central City.

Brandon A. Cherry and Heather B. Greene, both of Tipton.

Randy A. Martin and Donna J. Clapper, 625 N. Ninth Ave., Altoona.

Donald S. Kline, 5890 Oak Ave., Altoona, and Julie A. Nouse, 706 E. Grant Ave., Altoona.

Alex Melius and Brandy J. Oswald, both of 2723 Maple Ave., Altoona.

Justin T. David and Christine E. Brenneman, both of 1924 Hudson Ave., Altoona.

David W. Faller, Cranberry Twp., and Kathryn M. Claridge, Duncansville.

Bedford County

Daniel Scott Esh, Milroy, and Kylee Samantha Ickes, East Freedom.

Wesley Duane Grimes, Clearville, and Alicia Marie Hood, Everett.

Benjamin C. Robertson and Donald F. Fink, both of Harrisonville.

Craig Allen Bowman and Sylvia Ann Sedlmeyer, both of Bedfrord.

Steven Patrick Smith and April Dawn Shaw, both of Bedford.

Alan Lee Beegle Jr. and Amber Nicole Mounts, both of Clearville.

Douglas Scott Tice, Ridgeley, W.Va., and Julie Marie Hudson, Cumberland, Md.

Martha J. Oldham and Kimberly J. Stayer, both of Riddlesburg.

Preston Ferguson Lohr and Jaimie Tyrece Saintil, both of Bedford.

Cambria County

Chad C. Schmidt and Julie M. Repak, both of Johnstown.

David M. McCloskey and Trista M. Crum, both of Cresson.

Chad A. Burnosky and April N. Gindlesperger, both of South Fork.

Robby J. Robertson and Kathleen L. Delsignore, both of Johnstown.

John W. Rakar, Huntington, and Melissa A. Abbotts, Portage.

Michael A. Kappos and Natina M. Istvan, both of Johnstown.

Mark A. Miller and Janelle D. Simpson, both of Johnstown.

Samuel L. Kline and Rachel J. Lee, both of Seward.

Clearfield County

No addresses were available for the following couples:

Stephen Patrick Benton and Caitlin Mackenzie Boyle.

Corey Allen Walburn and Jordan Alexandra Kalgren.

Ethan Merritt Makin and Megan Renee Russell.

Richard Lynn Simm and Stephanie Jean Lukens.

Nathan Lee Spies and Krystina Susan Herman.

Huntingdon County

Zachary A. Pettneger, State College, and Virginia R. Martin, Huntingdon.

Richard W. Turner and Dawn R. Roddy, both of Mount Union.

Ryan D. Magill and Alixandra L. Sellers, both of Huntingdon.