Marriage licenses

Blair County

Edward M. Garber, Tyrone, and Cynthia L. Garber, Bellwood.

Michael T. Zeth and Beth A. Schrock, both of East Freedom.

Jeffrey Lubert and Jayme R. Cornelius, both of 2734 Sixth Ave., Altoona.

Corey L. Pincherri and Kristin E. Knox, both of 2600 Fourth St., Altoona.

Lester L. Campbell III and Rachel N. Servello, both of Roaring Spring.

Sinclair F. Davis, 1326 Second Ave., Altoona, and Autumn M. Glass, 622 E. Walton Ave., Altoona.

Andrew C. Anna and Rikki K. Holland, both of 706 N. Fifth Ave., Altoona.

David T. Rice, Bellwood, and Alexandra R. Colbert, IL.

Jay P. McCaulley, 2043 Broad Ave., Altoona, and Danielle L. Mock, Duncansville.

Aaron P. McFarland and Keri A. Diveglia, both of 179 W. Granite Ave., Altoona.

Jordan T. Emerson and Danielle M. Riley, both of 2529 Maple Ave., Altoona.

Michael W. Gunsallus and Marsha L. Josapak, both of Roaring Spring.

Gary L. Snyder and Glenda F. Ellis, both of 1922 Eighth Ave., Altoona.

Jamie L. Martin, Martinsburg, and Caitlyn D Zimmerman, New Enterprise.

Justin M. Elliott and Rachael N. Kozora, both of 931 27th St., Aloona.

Joshua F. Byrne and Rochelle N. McCamley, both of Williamsburg.

Bedford County

Raymond Aaron Faulkner and Kasandra Lee Johnson, both of Everett.

Daniel Philip Peyton and Kristen Rose Lied, both of Williamsburg, Va.

Anthony Hoover Reiff, East Earl, and Ella Reiff Rissler, New Enterprise.

Dakota Quintin McClucas, New Paris, and Jamie Sue Knisely, Imler.

Randy Lee Wright Jr. and Rachael Elizabeth Wyland, both of Bedford.

Cambria County

Alan J. Kitske and Angela R. Sands, both of Johnstown.

Neil J. Kranz and Heather J. Bennett, both of South Fork.

Thomas A. Sidney and Lorraine A. Miller, both of Johnstown.

Roy M. Mickey and Judith A. Leone, both of Rockwood.

Scott B. Miller and Dawn M. Vogel, both of Johnstown.

Douglas E. Johnson and Ashley L. Minemyer, both of Johnstown.

Clearfield County

No addresses were available for the following couples:

George Norman Whitaker and Elizabeth Anne Forcey.

Travis John Albright and Amanda Jeanne Dotts.

Terry James Harlan Jr. and Tisha Lynne Ransdorf.

Nathan Christopher Ayres and Michelle Angeli Palmer.

Leland Walter Paige and Jessica Christine Greenaway.

Huntingdon County

Tate G. Pollock and Israel J. Gallegos, both of Mount Union.

Joseph A. Bartholomew Jr., Portage, Ind., and Catherine M. Vanbruaene, Granger, Ind.

George S. Sliman and Susan A. Robbins, both of Pittsburgh.

Marriage licenses

Blair County

Paul Zottola, Allison Park, and Mary C. Mallery, 417 Grant Ave., Altoona.

Michael L. Regets and Heather J. Gresham, both of Hollidaysburg.

David E. Umbower and Bonnie K. Saylor, both of Williamsburg.

Joshua L. Hollows and Cherean C. Kinney, both of 2528 Broad Ave., Altoona.

Ryan D. Claire, Roaring Spring, and Joanne M. Harclerode, Claysburg.

Nathan M. Graham and Allison L. Ake, both of New York.

Lucas A. Mearkle and Elizabeth C. Jones, both of 1004 Hench Circle, Altoona.

Bedford County

Mark Allen Dom Jr., Maryland, and Ashley Nicole Hosselrode, Baltimore.

George Martin Fagley and Cierra Ariel Domenico, both of Everett.

Jacob Roland Wile, Woodbury, and Betsy Ann Dick, Roaring Spring.

Cambria County

Jeffrey A. Goss and Ebony U. Nash, both of Johnstown.

Britt D. Williams and Samantha R. Brothers, both of Windber.

Dean E. Geibel and Laurie A. Lantz, both of Windber.

William K. Jefferson and Tammy M. Plummer, both of Johnstown.

Clearfield County

No addresses were available for the following couples:

Michael G. Yebernetsky and Patricia Ann Ralston.

Leopoldo Antonio Santiage Jr. and Melissa Ann Beehrle.

Matthew Lynn Luzier and Paige Marie Mollenkopf.

Daniel W. Gaylor and Kandy Suann Mietus.

Jacob Timothy McHenry and Bridget Josephine Swatsworth.

Kenneth John Hand Jr. anhd April Michele Roush.

Kyle Lee Baroni and Karson Jade Kelly.

Tanner Jay Catherman and Kristen Ann McKenzie.

Jonathon Paul Gregory and Kelly Elizabeth Junod.

Andrew Joseph Peters and Mandy Lynn Bullers.

Adam John Lucas and Jessie Harrisson.