Tyrone to explore potential cracks in sidewalk rules

TYRONE — After a store owner complained at a Borough Council meeting this week that vendors for community events frequently block the sidewalk in front of his business, council asked its solicitor to determine whether an existing ordinance can provide relief or if something else needs to be enacted.

There have been canopies, chairs, coolers, boxes and products for sale placed in front of his Bald Eagle Games on West 10th Street during events like Wine Walk and HoopsFEST, hindering access for customers and creating a safety hazard, said store owner Dave Marzolf.

The store is open late into the evenings sometimes, when vendors are less likely to expect they would be disrupted, but they need to stop, according to Marzolf.

Generally, event organizers should take care of such problems, educating participants about their responsibilities, said Mayor Bill Latchford.

But nowadays, event leadership groups are small, making it hard to take care of all details, said Councilman Dave Snyder.

Simple courtesy should motivate participants to avoid creating obstructions, said Borough Manager Ardean Latchford.

But when event organizers’ advice and simple courtesy don’t work, it would help to have more definitive rules “to fall back on,” Marzolf said.

“There has to be a sense that you’re serious about it,” he said.