Ebensburg delays bidding

EBENSBURG — Borough Council members unanimously approved a motion Monday to postpone a bidding process until July for a project that would resurface 15 streets in the southern section of borough after Peoples Natural Gas company completes some repair work by the end of August.

Borough Manager Daniel Penatzer said many of the borough’s recent sewer and gas projects have created several patches in the roads that now need to be leveled off.

“They’ve just been so butchered with the different projects this year,” he said of the roads. “But we knew those were going to happen, and that’s why we haven’t paved for six years.”

Penatzer said the resurfacing project should begin in September and be completed within a couple weeks.

The project’s estimated cost is $652,000. It’s being paid for with $106,700 in county aid, $25,000 from Peoples Gas, $175,000 from the wastewater project reserve and $345,300 from Liquid Fuels funds.

Councilwoman Cecilia Houser said that the bids received for paving projects in other municipalities are 20% higher than last year.

“In addition, three of our streets have been so extensively excavated that they require 2 inches of milling and a leveling course prior to the 1.5-inch top coat,” she said. “That increases the cost for those streets by another 33%.”

Houser said that modifications to the project are being considered to contain the costs.

“All base repair required on Chris Street, East Ogle Street and East Triumph Street will be completed in-house,” she said.