Morrisdale man guilty of hitting child

Plea results in 9 months to 2 years in jail

CLEARFIELD — A Morrisdale man accused of hitting a 2-year-old child, pleaded guilty Monday in Clearfield County Court.

Ethan Jeremy Sperling, 23, was sentenced by Judge Paul Cherry to nine months to two years less one day in the county jail with an additional two years’ probation for aggravated as­sault.

According to police, the child’s mother reported that Sperling had text messaged her saying he had “smacked” her daughter’s behind because “she pooped in the bathtub.”

When she saw the girl, she had severe bruising and swelling in the areas where Sperling had struck her.

Troopers were also able to see the bruises on the back of her legs.

In addition to his jail term, Sperling must complete anger management counseling and a parent nurturing program.