Trio plead guilty to sex with animals charges

Clearfield County men to spend decades in jail

CLEARFIELD — Three Clearfield County men who repeatedly had sex with animals on their Munson farm will be spending decades in prison.

Clearfield County Judge Paul Cherry called Terry James Wallace, 41, Matthew Joseph Brubaker, 33, and Marc Thomas Measnikoff, 35, “sick” for their actions and said they needed help.

Each of them pleaded guilty on Monday to 730 misdemeanor counts of sexual intercourse with an animal and 730 summary counts of cruelty to animals in addition to a misdemeanor count of corruption of minors because a teen lived with them for a while on the farm.

Cherry sentenced them to a total of 20 to 41 years each in state prison.

A witness told authorities that the men were having regular sexual intercourse with horses, a goat, a cow and dogs for four or five years on their makeshift farm that is owned jointly by them, police said.

Some of the acts were recorded.

The attorneys representing the men all referred to the sentence as excessive and voiced various arguments, including that they would not get a sentence like this if they killed that many animals, that they weren’t hurting people and comparing it to sentences for third-degree murder.

Cherry pointed out that this activity lasted years and said it was “one of the most disgusting, despicable course of conduct I’ve ever seen.”

He also noted that the living conditions on the farm “would make you throw up.”

District Attorney William A. Shaw Jr. added that he had seen the video footage and it had “burned my corneas and will live with me the rest of my life.”

According to the affidavit, the men were living in campers in deplorable conditions and had to collect rain water to shower because there were no bathrooms or electricity on the property. There was also a limited supply of canned food, a witness told investigators.

In defense of his sentence Cherry stated for the record that the periods of incarceration were in the aggregated range due to the nature of the offenses and the number of counts.

Information at the preliminary hearing indicated that Measnikoff had no family ties in Pennsylvania, but was working at Walmart in State College where he had a good reputation and was well-liked. His Facebook page says he is from Linden, N.J.

Wallace has lived all his life in either Blair or Clearfield counties and was also employed at Walmart, according to his attorney. His Facebook page says he is from Duncansville and went to Hollidaysburg Area High School.

Brubaker’s Facebook page states he is from Maumee, Ohio.