Tyrone Council gives money for Ferner Field reconfiguration

TYRONE — Mike Whitby, a former Navy SEAL, didn’t hold back.

Among a phalanx of suppliants who approached Borough Council last month at a meeting devoted to requests for shares of the Community Enrichment Fund, Whitby was the only one who returned this month to second his appeal.

Council obliged, allocating $60,000 to the Tyrone Youth Athletic Association for the reconfiguration of Ferner Field at Second Street and Park Avenue.

The association proposes to add a second Little League field there and create a football playing surface within its outfield.

The football program uses the high school complex, but the increasing popularity of soccer has made it advisable to find another facility, according to the association.

Ferner also hosts T-ball.

Ferner previously hosted teener baseball, but that takes place at the high school now.

The association has taken responsibility for virtually all non-school mainstream sports for young people in Tyrone, according to John Russell, a local businessman who helped Whitby with last month’s presentation.

The group has done a “great job” maximizing space at Ferner with its reconfiguration design, Borough Manager Ardean Latchford said.

The work should only take a few weeks, according to Whitby.

Funding such projects is “why the Community Enrichment Fund exists,” said Councilman Dave Snyder.

Some people have expressed concern that the association is new, but that’s misleading, because it’s actually an amalgamation of five older groups, Whitby told council.

Mirror Staff Writer William Kibler is at 949-7038.