Road set for quick fix

Regency Square, Jethro’s and condo association agree to repair lane

Mirror photo by Gary M. Baranec / Members of The Summit Tennis & Athletic Club and diners at Jethro’s should soon have a smoother ride as repairs are planned for Parkview Lane.

Members of the Summit Tennis & Athletic Club and Jethro’s diners will soon have a smoother ride as repairs are planned for pothole-filled Parkview Lane.

The owners of the Summit and Jethro’s have been trying to get the road fixed since last fall.

They have been haggling with the Parkview Condomin­ium Association, whose residents also use the road, to help pay for the project.

An estimate on the project was obtained last fall.

“We got a quote to replace it, and it came in at $40,000. We met with Jethro’s and the Parkview Condominium Association. The condo association was not willing to do anything. They claim they don’t use it,” said Chris Glunt, Summit general manager.

Later the condo association agreed to chip in $5,000 and reaffirmed that figure this week.

“We have 36 residents,” Joe Pishioneri, association president, said. “Some days no one goes out, but we do have some small truck traffic. They are not happy with the amount we are willing to contribute.”

“We only make up about one-tenth of the traffic,” Pishioneri said.

Glunt believes the offer is a bit low, but after talking with Summit owners, agreed to accept the offer and move forward.

“We had asked them for 20 percent, and Jethro’s and Regency Square would provide 80 percent,” Glunt said. “Then we said 15 percent. They said if you want to do it, raise your prices. They have now offered to pay 12 percent of the cost, and we have agreed. I just want to get the holes fixed up.”

The condition of the road was bad enough that the Summit posted a sign on its front desk and a sheet explaining the reason it had not been fixed.

Glunt said a new estimate will need to be obtained, but work will begin very soon.

“We will temporarily fix the road in the next couple of days and permanently fix the road in the spring and summer,” Glunt said.

John Ventura, a partner in Jethro’s, said more work needs done in the area. He called traffic at the nearby intersection with Plank Road a “traffic nightmare.”

“Maybe the county or PennDOT could spend some time and do a traffic study for it,” Ventura said. “There is a lot of traffic, and the light doesn’t stay green long enough to handle it.”

Mirror Staff Writer Walt Frank is at 946-7467.