City man denies breaking law in incident with teen

Woomer says youth’s profile said he was 21

HOLLIDAYSBURG — An Altoona man is asking a Blair County jury to conclude that he broke no laws when interacting in Febru­ary 2018 with a young man he believed was 21 years old but was actually 16.

Adam J. Woomer, 37, testified for more than an hour Tuesday about meeting the young man through Grindr, a gay dating networking application which asks for age-related information when signing up to participate.

“His profile said he was 21 and in college,” Woomer told the jury in the criminal court case scheduled to wrap up today before Judge Daniel J. Milliron.

Woomer said he had no reason to question what he read in the profile, so the two made plans to meet, with Woomer driving to an area where he would pick up the young man and they would spend time together.

“He was bigger than I was,” Woomer said. “And when he first got in my car, I remember thinking: ‘This person could kick my ass.'”

Hours later, police found the young man, reported missing by his parents, in a bed at Woomer’s motel apartment in Greenwood. When police tried unsuccessfully to revive the naked 16-year-old from intoxication, an ambulance was summoned.

In court this morning, Assistant District Attorney Derek Elensky is expected to ask the jury to render guilty verdicts to criminal charges of interfering with the custody of a child, corruption of minors and furnishing alcohol to minors.

Elensky offered witnesses Monday including the teenager’s father who testified that he told Woomer to stay away from his 16-year-old son. But Woomer said Tuesday that when he talked to the father, the father didn’t say stay away and didn’t refer to his son as 16 years old.

Altoona and state police officers also testified Mon­day that Woomer’s motel apartment contained opened and unopened containers of alcoholic beverages and various prescription medicine. Woomer said he had been drinking because of a failed relationship. Woomer also acknowledged regular use of prescription medication to address his own medical conditions.

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