Case with school guard moving forward

TYRONE — The case involving Michele Miller, a former Tyrone Area School District crossing and security guard, is continuing to move forward after a board meeting vote Tuesday night.

District board members voted to accept the Findings of Facts and Conclusions of Law and Adjudication. These findings were provided from the hearing officer overseeing the case.

John Clark, the district’s business administrator, said within the next few weeks Superintendent Cathy Har­low will examine the report. Based on what the report affirms, it will determine Miller’s employment with the Tyrone Area School District.

Miller was fired from her position as a security guard at the district after a verbal altercation with physical plant supervisor Thomas Muir during a meeting in November.

In addition to her termination as a security guard, Miller resigned as the school’s crossing guard.

Miller argued her security guard termination by requesting a hearing by the board on Jan. 31, which lasted five hours.

The November meeting, in which the verbal altercation between Miller and Muir occurred, was initiated to discuss safety plans for Clay Avenue, which runs parallel with the Tyrone Area School District.

Miller said she was almost hit by a vehicle on the road and in response threw a fleece glove toward the car.

According to Miller, Super­intendent Harlow saw the action as “poor judgment.”

“I’m only here to make it safer, and you fire me,” Miller said, addressing board members during the meeting’s public input portion.

Clark said the school board made the best decision it could make regarding Miller’s case.

“They carefully examine the information and take the advice of counsel and probably factored in what they feel can be their best avenue for the district,” Clark said. “I’m sure they weighed all information very carefully.”