Topper named to 5 committees in House

From Mirror staff reports

HARRISBURG — Rep. Jesse Topper, R-Bedford, has been named to serve on five committees in the commonwealth.

Topper will serve on the Appropriations, Education, Judiciary, Liquor Control and Rules committees.

As a member of the Ju­diciary Committee, Topper will focus on issues and legislation relating to the Judicial Code, the Crimes Code and the Domestic Relations Code, as well as issues with identity theft, firearms laws, domestic violence, child abuse laws, state prisons and criminal law.

The Liquor Control Com­mit­tee is responsible for is­sues relating to administration of alcoholic beverage li­censes and sale and distribution of alcoholic beverages.

Topper also will serve as a deputy whip this session. Deputy whips ensure members attend session, whip up support for key pieces of legislation and inform Repub­lican colleagues on upcoming policy issues.