Tyrone looks for enhancement ideas

Projects in the past have included picnic tables, a pavilion

TYRONE — Borough Council plans to hold a public meeting next month to discuss potential projects that could be funded with “community enrichment” money generated by a wind farm lease.

Both borough officials and the general public are welcome to make suggestions, said Mayor Bill Latchford after a regular council meeting Monday.

The borough receives about $120,000 a year for 15 turbine sites on watershed ground it owns in Snyder Township, according to Latchford.

“Enhancement” projects in the past have included a pavilion near the pond at Reservoir Park and picnic tables at the railroad station, Latchford said.

Latchford himself plans to introduce his latest version of an idea he’s been pushing for years — a facility for those who ride skateboards, BMX bikes and scooters.

It would be portable equipment that could be assembled or disassembled in an hour and installed periodically at one or more borough-owned sites, he said.

One likely site is the basketball court at the Park Avenue playground, he said.

“It would give the action sports kids something to finally call their own,” the mayor said. “We (already) have everything for football, baseball and basketball.”

It would only cost about $5,000.

Initially, his plan was for a fixed skatepark that would have cost $150,000, he said.

That didn’t “pan out,” he said.

He estimated there is “a couple hundred thousand” in the community enrichment fund.

Council is likely to decide on maintaining a minimum amount from year-to-year, in case of a sudden urgent need, he said.

The meeting will be 6 p.m. Feb. 21 at the borough building, according to a report from Borough Manager Ardean Latchford, the mayor’s brother.