Amtran to sell buses

Vehicles could fetch $5,000 each

Amtran, which last year received 10 new compressed natural gas buses, is selling the ones the CNG units replaced.

In preparation, it has equipped those outgoing vehicles with the oldest wheels and tires available, removed identifying decals and where expedient, cannibalized items like bicycle carriers for its newer models, officials said at a recent meeting.

Still, in contrast to six 40-year-old GMC buses that were ready for the scrap heap when Amtran got rid of them last year, these 10 are in running condition, suitable for continued revenue service, according to Amtran General Manager Eric Wolf.

They’re all straight as opposed to hybrid electric-diesels produced between 2000 and 2005, Wolf said.

Amtran was planning to post information on the buses on, a privately run auction website serving government organizations.

Amtran pays a fee to post, Wolf said.

Anyone is free to bid, Wolf said.

A minimum bid is required, said Josh Baker, director of staff and customer services.

The buses could fetch about $5,000 each, Wolf predicted at a recent board meeting.

Successful bidders will have 10 days to pay and 30 days to remove the buses from Amtran’s lot, Wolf said.

Mirror Staff Writer William Kibler is at 949-7038.