Central Cambria mulls athletic updates

Ebensburg resident suggests facility upgrades needed

Ebensburg Borough resident Randy Seymour (left) addresses Central Cambria School Board members on Monday about the district’s athletic facilties. The board agreed to discuss options with Seymour and other stakeholders in January. Photo for the Mirror by Matt Churella

EBENSBURG — Central Cambria School Board members agreed Monday to meet with a district resident and other stakeholders in January to move forward with a vision.

At Monday’s school board meeting, Ebensburg Borough resident Randy Seymour said it’s not difficult to recognize that the district’s athletic facilities are not on par with other districts.

“I just want to bounce around an idea that I’ve had for a number of years,” he said. “But, instead of us doing a small Band-Aid here and there, maybe take a look at our campus and say ‘OK, can this be done?’

“This is a big project, (and) my kids won’t benefit; they’ll be long (graduated). At this point, I’ve talked with a good bit of the administrators and some of the board members.”

Seymour said he would like to make the district’s athletic facilities look more appealing by constructing a new field house, renovating the district’s sports stadium and its baseball and softball fields.

He said the stadium needs new bleachers, drainage and fencing.

“(At the) last football game, one of the band members started the performance and her shoe (got) stuck in the mud, and she performed the rest in her sock. So, this will not only benefit sports, but others. I think it just needs to be done,” Seymour said.

Athletic Committee Chairman Scott Magley said he agreed.

“We definitely need to look at this facility. What was created in ’74 (or) ’75, I think they did the best that they could,” Magley said. “But now, things have changed.”

“I think we have to be creative in what (funds) we have and what we can do and what we can sustain,” Magley said. “I am very much in favor of the next steps.”

Superintendent Jason Moore said it’s too early to decide where the district will get funds for this special project.

“Right now, it’s a pie-in-the-sky vision, so I think Mr. Seymour’s vision is to get all of the stakeholders together and come up with what are the wants versus what are the needs,” Moore said. “I think it’s good to see what we actually need first rather than putting the cart before the horse.”

Board President Dennis Simmers, who is also the special projects committee chairman, said he does not think the January meeting will be advertised, but said stakeholders would be able to attend.

“You would bring in public folks that might have some kind of dog in the hunt with all this stuff. I don’t know if we’ll advertise it, but let it be known,” Simmers said. “An ad hoc committee (will be) formed only to exist for a couple of weeks until everybody can kind of get their brains wrapped around what it is.”

Moore also said he thinks other districts probably had wet fields this year, too.

“The entire year was the wettest we’ve had in a long time. I don’t think (the wet football field) was to the point that it was dangerous, but it certainly wasn’t a pleasant thing.”

Board members did not set a date for the January meeting to discuss what action could be taken.