Penelec announces rate drop

Customers who use Penelec as their power generation supplier will pay less for their electricity. The new price took effect Saturday.

The residential rate for electricity has decreased from 6.22 cents per kilowatt hour to 5.97 cents per kwh, said spokesman Scott Surgeoner of FirstEnergy Corp., Penelec’s parent company.

The average residential customer who uses 750 kilowatt hours per month will see his bill decrease from $103.93 to 102.01, Surgeoner said.

“We are going back to fall weather and getting away from the high demand for cooling. The economy is doing well, and there is an abundant supply of electricity,” Surgeoner said.

The power generation costs have fluctuated since Dec. 31, 2010, when electricity caps expired. The electric generation rate, which Penelec calls its price to compare, is updated quarterly. Electric bills are divided into two parts: the cost of generating electricity and the cost of transmission for maintaining electric lines, etc.

Consumers can choose their electric supplier. For the Altoona area, there are 53 providers in addition to Penelec.

The other providers’ rates for the area, according to, range from Vista Energy Market­ing LP at 3.89 cents per kilowatt hour (fixed rate for three months) to Clean Choice Energy at 12.50 cents per kilowatt hour (fixed rate for 12 months).