Police: Six Mile Run man threatened to kill his family

A Six Mile Run man faces multiple criminal charges for reportedly threatening to kill his family.

Roy Edgar Shuey, 49, of 130 Aur Ladies Acres Road, is being charged with 18 felony counts of terroristic threats, three misdemeanor counts of simple assault and a misdemeanor count of disorderly conduct.

A woman called state police to report Shuey had been drinking all night and morning and made threats to kill her and the family on Thursday, according to a criminal complaint.

The victim reportedly told Shuey she would call state police. He allegedly told the victim the police would have to bring a body bag for himself and police.

During these threats, the victim was reportedly speaking to Shuey over the phone while he was inside his residence with a 4-year-old child.

The victim also reported to police that Shuey was sitting on the porch with a rifle and ammunition, states the complaint.

State police allegedly removed the child before making contact with Shuey. Another victim reportedly left the house before police approached the defendant. Police allegedly took Shuey, whom the trooper described as “intoxicated,” into custody without further incident and seized the rifle and ammunition sitting on the porch.

As the defendant was taken into custody, Shuey reportedly told police he didn’t threaten anyone and said the incident got blown out of proportion.

Another victim at Shuey’s residence told police he heard parts of the phone call between the defendant and the other victim, stated the complaint.

The victim reportedly said he also heard Shuey say police would need to bring body bags for himself and police.

Shuey is housed at the Bedford County Jail on a monetary bail of $150,000. His preliminary hearing is scheduled for 9 a.m. Wednesday in front of Magisterial District Judge Brian Baker.