Parking proposal stalls

Tyrone approves Burgmeier’s again as trash collector

TYRONE — A experimental proposal designed to ease parking concerns never got into gear at a Borough Council meeting on Mon­day.

Councilman Dave Snyder suggested taking the 30 parking meters in the center aisles of the borough-owned public lot at Logan Avenue and Herald Street out of service for three months, to determine whether the added convenience and savings for customers of downtown businesses would produce an overall benefit.

A vote on the proposal resulted in a tie, which meant no action.

The opposition was led by Councilman Terry Richard­son, who feared that residents of nearby apartment buildings would monopolize the newly free spaces.

Richardson’s argument got traction with council members Michelle Miller, Sarah Jane Miller and Charlie Mills, even though Snyder’s proposal called for a prohibition on overnight parking in those spaces.

Under Snyder’s proposal, meters on the street in front of businesses would have remained in service, helping preserve those for customers of the particular stores at those locations, Snyder indicated.

Parking has been a problem in the borough for generations, and there’s no true solution, Borough Manager Ardean Latchford said.

The proposal would have been worth a try, as it would have given up to 30 customers the option of free parking nearby without the hassle of feeding meters or the risk of a ticket, Mayor Bill Latchford said afterward.

Trash hauler approved

At the meeting, council again awarded a three-year contract for collection of trash and recyclables throughout the borough to Burgmeier’s Hauling, the low bidder of two firms.

Burgmeier bid $15.99 a month for all three years, while Waste Management bid $19.55 a month, $20.14 a month and $20.74 a month for each of the three years, respectively.

Burgmeier has been the borough’s single hauler for years.

The company has been “fantastic,” Mayor Latch­ford said.

Tyrone is the only municipality in Blair County with a single-hauler contract, and it has led to great savings for residents, according to the mayor.

Residents of neighboring Snyder Township are paying as much as $75 a quarter, compared to the new price of $48 a quarter for Tyrone residents — barely more than it was under the last contract, he said.

And the price is guaranteed for three years, he added.

The new contract will pay Burgmeier about $1.1 million — based on the borough’s 2,000 homes.

The deal also guarantees that all residents have trash service.

Initiating the single-hauler contract years ago was “rough,” but after it took effect, people “got on board,” Mayor Latchford said.

Mirror Staff Writer William Kibler is at 949-7038.