Drainage fix may cost Patton $10K

PATTON — Water drainage from a pipeline break along Cowher Avenue could cost Patton Borough up to $10,000 to have fixed.

Council members heard from engineer David Cunningham of Keller Engineers during Tuesday’s Borough Council meeting.

Cunningham said he spoke with David Eckenrode on June 21 to discuss Eckenrode’s results of a television inspection of the pipelines along Cowher Avenue, which had been conducted the week of

June 11.

“Based on our discussion, there appears to be several issues impacting the free drainage of storm water around the intersection of Cowher Avenue and Fir Street. The largest among these (issues) continues to be the erosion of the PennDOT-owned culvert under Mellon Avenue,” Cunningham wrote in his report sent to council.

Council Secretary Donna Dunegan asked Cunning­ham whether it was possible to run the drainage pipe across Cowher Avenue instead of connecting the pipe with the 18-inch culvert under Mellon Avenue.

“I think you might run into a problem there because the 24-inch (pipe) that runs under the state road is bigger than that line that’s running down Cowher,” Cunningham said. “I think you’re better running two separate lines until it hits that bigger one at (Mellon Avenue).”

Borough resident Grace Karlheim said she had to walk in “muddy” water up to her knees to get into her house.

“I’m tired of cleaning (rubbish) out of my yard, and my bark is floating down into the garden. I’ve lived there for 60-some years, and it is getting worse — not better,” she said of her issues with the water drainage. “When you sit on your front porch, and you see the one drain, and it’s like a fountain shooting up in the air, you know there’s something wrong. You don’t need to be an engineer to figure that out.”

Councilman David Pompa made a motion to have Cunningham conduct an engineering study and to get a price for repairing the pipe break and connecting the pipelines. His motion was given a second by council Vice President Fred Shilling.

Cunningham said he will reach out to some contractors for a price.

“I would expect it to be right there around the $10,000 range. (But) we’d have to come up with a legitimate plan.”

Council President Don Kirk said he hopes council can remedy Karlheim’s issues with the drainage pipes after they get their bids back.