Power surge closes Patton public pool

Patton Borough residents have been without a swimming pool since Sunday after a power surge caused a problem with its pump.

During Tuesday’s meeting, Borough Council members heard from Secretary Donna Dunegan about the pool’s temporary closure and when it’s expected to reopen.

“There was a surge, and I guess the electrical panel shut everything down,” Dunegan said.

Councilman Joe Kline interjected.

“It’s the buss. The buss fuse smoked it right out,” he said.

A buss is an electrical device used to interrupt an overcurrent and an electrical circuit in a pool.

Dunegan said borough employees hope to have the pool repaired “as soon as possible.”

“They’re working to get that repaired as soon as possible. But, because of what it is — and it’s a new upgrade — they can’t just fix it and turn it back on,” she said.

Dunegan said inspectors have put the pool’s priority “on top of the list,” but they could not immediately conduct an inspection that was scheduled for Tuesday.

An inspection will be conducted as soon as possible, borough officials said.

“Then Penelec would have to come inspect it before we can get everything on, and then we go see if there’s any more damage once the power comes back on,” she said, speaking about getting the pool reopened. “Hopefully it will be open sooner than later. If it can’t get inspected, it may not (reopen until) Thursday (or) Friday,” Dunegan told council members.

Patton Borough resident Amanda Boring said the pool’s temporary closing is unfortunate for children who could have used it.

“At least at the pool, they’re contained and not getting into trouble,” Boring said. “If they have it back by Thursday, that would be nice, especially for the kids.”