Police arrest man for scissors attack

An evening of backyard drinking turned violent Wednesday on Sixth Avenue, according to Altoona police.

It started Wednesday evening when 27-year-old Jeffrey S. Good II dropped by an apartment building on the 3600 block of Sixth Avenue with a fifth of peach vodka, which he offered to share with two acquaintances living in one of the apartments.

According to the charges filed by Altoona police, the three men were in the backyard, drinking from the bottle of Absolut Peach, for about 1.5 hours when, for seemingly no reason, Good “became enraged and producing a large pair of orange-handled scissors from his pocket, leapt to his feet and lunged” toward one of the other two men.

The man dodged the scissors, which police noted surprised Good, who then grabbed the by-then empty bottle of vodka.

The men later told police that Good drank most of the bottle himself.

Good allegedly started screaming incoherently while swinging the bottle at the man he tried to stab, police said. At one point, one of the men was able to grab Good in a bear hug, with his arms to his sides, and he appeared to calm down.

The two men then retreated to a stairwell to the second floor apartment while Good, who is homeless, headed up a hill to an old garage where neighbors told police he sometimes sleeps.

When one of the men walked back into the yard, Good again came after him. Police said Good, who was grabbed again, fled after neighbors called 911 and sirens could be heard headed toward the home.

When responding officers found Good, he was on an embankment and he allegedly urged them to “spray me, shoot me.”

“Whatever man, I’m not gonna do what you tell me,” he allegedly told several officers as he placed his hands in his pockets and started walking into the garage.

Police said officers ordered Good not to go into the garage and instead he started walking toward one of the patrolman with his hands buried in his pockets.

As he got within a few yards of the officer, who had his gun drawn, Good allegedly pulled his hands out of his pockets with an object in his hand as if he was going to shoot a gun.

“Fortunately, due to his intoxication, as he pulled the item up into the shooting stance, he lost control of it, and the item — a cellphone — fell to the ground,” Altoona police Patrolman William Hanelly Jr. noted in the criminal charges.

Good was then tackled by officers and taken into custody. Police said he fought with officers and had to be forced into the back of a patrol car. Good allegedly spit on one officer, and while in a holding cell at the Altoona Police Department, he eventually had to be restrained because he repeatedly ran into the door of the cell with his head.

Good was taken to UPMC Altoona just before 10 p.m. for treatment of a self-inflicted injury on his forehead, police said.

Good was arraigned Thursday morning by Magisterial District Judge Ben Jones and lodged in Blair County Prison in lieu of $50,000 cash. He is charged with felony counts of aggravated assault and a list of misdemeanor crimes that include recklessly endangering another person and resisting arrest.

A preliminary hearing is scheduled for Wednesday at Central Court.

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