Cresson Borough seeks paving bids

CRESSON — Borough Council members agreed Monday to seek bids for paving work on at least four Cresson roads that are in need of repairs.

A total of six roads were recently evaluated by PennDOT workers, who estimated the total cost of needed improvements, officials said at a Monday meeting.

Work on Arch Street is expected to cost $88,000; Liberty Avenue is expected to cost $70,000; Fourth Street is expected to cost $21,000; Third Avenue is expected to cost $11,000; Pfeister Avenue is expected to cost $7,500; and Powell Avenue is expected to cost $6,000.

Those roads are believed to be the most problematic in the borough. And among them, Arch Avenue is the worst, multiple council members agreed.

“Arch is one of the main roads. It has to be done,” Councilwoman Susan White said. “We don’t have a choice.”

The estimated price to pave Arch Street is the highest because parts of the existing surface will need to be dug out and removed to make way for the laying of new materials, council members said.

But the $88,000 price tag takes up much of the borough’s budget for 2018 paving.

At the meeting, it was revealed that the borough has $113,000 in reserve money for the project, and officials are expecting another $10,600 from Cambria Couty’s distribution of liquid fuels funds.

That makes a total of $123,600 — not enough to cover all estimated road repairs at $203,500.

Instead, council members agreed to pick only a few roads out of PennDOT’s estimated cost list.

Council President Michael Zabinsky Jr. presented those choices.

They were: Third Street from Laurel Avenue to Liberty Avenue; Fourth Street from Columbus Avenue to Cathedral Avenue; Arch Street from Admiral Peary Highway to the street’s railroad crossing; and Pfeister Avenue for about 70 feet near its intersection with Arch Street.

“Those will be the streets and areas we are seeking bids for,” Zabinsky said.

The total to pave those road portions, according to PennDOT estimates, is $127,500.

That is $3,900 more than what the borough has budgeted for the project. Liberty Avenue and Powell Avenue were left out of the plan.

And White made sure to point out that contractor bids could come in higher or lower than what PennDOT workers estimated.

“It’s possible we won’t even be able to do all of this,” she said.

Plans can be altered after bids are received, Zabinsky said.

“We will adjust our repairs accordingly. We’re not going to go shooting over the budget,” he said.

If bids come in below the cost estimates, Powell may be added to the plan, officials said.

Council members in attendance voted unanimously to seek bids for work on the specified streets. Oscar McConnell III and Victor Costlow Jr. were not in attendance.