Council tables proposal for Community Center cleaning

DUNCANSVILLE — At two recent meetings of Borough Council, secretary Paula Fox proposed replacing an Altoona company that cleans the Duncansville Community Center with her husband — a proposal that council tabled.

At the first meeting, council members seemed favorably disposed, although Chairman Jeff Wolfe suggested gathering more facts.

At the second meeting, Wolfe said someone had questioned him about the proposal and that he now felt it necessary to consult with the borough solicitor to ensure the request didn’t create a conflict of interest.

“We need to see where it stands,” Wolfe said.

“That’s fine,” Fox replied.

Fox said that her husband would charge less and that his employer has given him permission to use a company floor machine.

The borough is not under contract with the current company, she said, in answer to a question from Wolfe.

A woman in attendance at the first meeting vouched for Fox’s husband: “I think Jimmy would do a good job. He’d make it look like the Taj Mahal.”

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