Police probe fatal shooting

BLAIRSVILLE — State police are investigating the Saturday morning shooting death of a Blairsville man.

When police arrived at a Burrell Township home for what was reported to be a burglary in progress and protection from abuse violation, they found that Stacy A. Livingston, 48, had died from an apparent gunshot wound to the chest.

Troopers said Livingston was the defendant of two separate PFA orders that were recently filed in Indiana County.

In gathering evidence, troopers determined that Livingston approached the residence on foot after having parked his truck adjacent to a wood line along Hill Drive, a short distance from the residence. He then forced entry to the residence by opening a basement window. At the time of the incident, his wife and five additional family members were all inside the residence, police said.

Preliminary information indicates Livingston, after entering the residence, was then involved in a physical altercation with family members. During the altercation, an adult family member fired one round from a firearm, striking Livingston, police said.

The person responsible for firing the shot at Livingston was taken into custody, interviewed by troopers, and then released. No charges have been filed in the incident, and no suspects are currently being sought, police said.

Police said the investigation is continuing and additional details are being withheld to preserve the integrity of the investigation.