Mom in domestic dispute now facing drug charges

Beck allegedly told police about hidden meth, paraphernalia

A domestic dispute lead to charges against a mother of three after responding Altoona police allegedly found methamphetamine in her bag.

Altoona police responded to an apartment on the 1200 block of 27th Street about 7 a.m. Feb. 19 and found 31-year-old Vanessa M. Beck after she was allegedly caught by her fiance doing drugs in the couple’s bedroom.

The fiance told officers that she had been a drug user in the past and had been clean for a number of years, but recently he suspected she might be using drugs again.

He said he walked into their bedroom and saw she was facing away from him, kneeling on the bed.

When he walked around to see what Beck was doing, he saw she was holding a small piece of aluminum foil and a lighter.

The fiance told officers that when he tried to take her drugs and paraphernalia, they got into a fight in which Beck allegedly hit and scratched him several times. Beck then hid the drugs and paraphernalia in a Vera Bradley-style bag.

Beck’s fiance told police that Beck had been awake for 36 hours at that point.

According to the charges, when the officers spoke with Beck, she was sweating profusely and her arms and face were covered with scabs. Some of the scabs on Beck’s hands had been picked open, and she was continually moving around the room and scratching her body.

Beck told police “she was fine and nothing was wrong” and she only wanted to get her three children to school, although there was no school that day because it was Presidents Day, Altoona police Patrolman Trent Garrett wrote in the charges.

Police said Beck’s bag was sitting in the bedroom, and when officers asked if they could look through it, she told them they could after she looked inside. When she unzipped the bag, an officer could see a syringe with an orange cap and Beck was taken into custody.

When Beck was taken to the Altoona Police Department, she allegedly told police there was additional paraphernalia in the bag along with a small amount of methamphetamine she had hidden in a contact lens case.

When police searched the bag, they allegedly found drug paraphernalia that included spoons, straws, part of a cold medicine box, sinus medication and a fire starter stick. A small bag of powder was also found and Beck allegedly told police it was “melted down Subutex that she injects,” according to the charges.

Beck remains free and was charged by summons with three counts of misdemeanor drug possession and a single count of misdemeanor drug paraphernalia possession. She is scheduled to appear on March 21 for a preliminary hearing on the charges.