Homeowners required to tie into Altoona system

Water main improvements planned along Lee Drive

BELLWOOD — The Altoona Water Authority is set to make water main improvements along Antis Township’s Lee Drive, requiring owners of 12 homes to tie into the system.

Those tie-ins each come at a $3,170 cost, according to Tim Manely, supervisor of water maintenance.

“We’ve been looking at this project for a couple years,” Antis Township Manager Lucas Martsolf said.

The project affects Lee Drive between Lynn and Taylor streets, according to Manley.

Addressing township supervisors and others in attendance, Manley said the project is intended to meet state Department of Environmental Protection requirements.

The requirements stipulate that the authority must address its dead-end main lines, he said.

With the proposed Antis project, two dead-ends will be eliminated, connecting both ends of the existing main back into a looped system, Manely said.

“It’ll be a pretty easy job, actually,” he said, explaining the project will require the installation of about

800 feet of pipe.

Answering a question from Antis Supervisor Leo Matuszewski, Manely said the project will affect 12 homes, which fall within a mandatory-connect area.

Construction likely will take a month and could begin as early as March 19, Manely said.

After the project is completed, owners of the 12 affected homes will have 60 days to tie into the main, Martsolf said.

Total fees to tie into the Altoona system will cost homeowners’ $3,170, Manely said.

In addition to installing the main line, the authority will install infrastructure up to the edge of the property line, he said.

And in addition to the $3,170 in fees, homeowners will have to cover the cost to run pipes from their homes to the Altoona lines, officials said.

However, those homeowners will not have to support the cost of main installation because the Altoona Authority has agreed to cover that expense since the project will help meet state requirements.

Martsolf made sure to point out that a new fire hydrant also will be installed in the project area. The cost of that hydrant will be covered by township funds.

“You guys are the only township that I’ve ever dealt with that’s ever done that, so you should be commended for that,” Manley said of Antis officials’ willingness to cover the cost.

Supervisor Robert Smith explained the hydrant installation agreement, revealing that Altoona Water Authority covers the cost of installation while Antis covers the cost of the physical hydrant.

“It’s worked very, very well in the past,” Smith said.

The installations, which are funded in Antis by annual fees paid by those who live near hydrants, help to reduce costs of homeowner insurance in the area, Supervisor Kenneth Hostler said.

Hostler also offered an explanation to homeowners who may be concerned about the project or its associated costs.

“I want people to understand there is no pressure from our board to connect that,” Hostler said, referring to the board of supervisors.

Mirror Staff Writer Sean Sauro is at 946-7535.