Expelled B-A student charged with trespassing at high school

An expelled Bellwood-Antis student faces charges after police say he repeatedly returned to school property and fought with officers who tried to take him into custody.

Bryce Graham, 19, of 641 Bear Hollow Road, Altoona, was arrested about 2:30 p.m. Friday after Bellwood police confronted him outside the high school on South First Street in Bellwood. Graham was expelled on Dec. 1 for having a weapon on school property and had been warned on Feb. 20 and Feb. 21 that he was not permitted on the school property, police said.

When police confronted him with a warrant for his arrest on Friday, the 6-foot tall, 240-pound Graham allegedly struggled with officers and only stopped when he was threatened with a Taser, according to the charges. Police said Graham had a buck knife with a 6-inch blade on his right hip and three other knives on his person when he was arrested, along with a small amount of marijuana and a homemade pipe.

On Feb. 20, Graham was found smoking a cigarette outside the school’s auditorium, and when he was told to put it out, police asked if he was supposed to be there. Graham told them, “I think so,” but a check with the school’s principal revealed Graham had been expelled in December and told at that time that he was not allowed on school property.

The next morning, police had Graham come to the Bellwood Borough Police Department to talk about the incident, and he was given another copy of the no trespassing letter from the school district and told not to return to the property, police said. He was cited for the previous day’s trespassing and left. High School Principal Richard Schreier also contacted Graham that day about not returning, police said.

Police said Graham was back on school property that afternoon as school was letting out. Several witnesses, including two Bellwood officers, saw Graham and his bicycle just outside the school and in the parking lot. Police said Graham rode off before they could talk with him.

Graham is charged with resisting arrest, defiant trespassing, possession of drug paraphernalia and harassment. He remains in Blair County Prison in lieu of two $7,500 cash bonds. His preliminary hearing is slated for Tuesday in Tyrone District Court.