Carnicella seeks 72nd District seat

Retired businessman Gerald “Jerry” Carnicella is seeking the nomination from both the Democratic and Republican parties for state representative of the 72nd House District, the seat currently occupied by incumbent Frank Burns.

Although a registered Republican, Carnicella said he plans to use a Democratic write-in vote and to fight off a Republican write-in challenge.

“I feel I am qualified to represent the people of the 72nd District because I’ve lived here all my life, raised a family here and owned and managed three businesses here,” Carnicella said in an email. “I know the people, the families and their concerns, and I am offering real solutions to our most pressing problems.”

If elected, Carnicella said his main legislative effort will be to address the opioid epidemic by replacing opioid antagonists, an approach he deemed as a “failed methadone and ridiculous Narcan system” that legislators have supported.

“Let me say that with the billions we will save from my opioid plan, we will have plenty of money to solve so many of our economic woes in Pennsylvania — our budget shortfall, property tax, securing our schools from attack, funding more vocational-technology training and blue collar job training in our high schools and investment in infrastructure,” he said.

The candidate has lived in Cambria County except for the time he studied business at New Hampshire College. Carnicella also attended and graduated from the Altoona School of Commerce.

He played sports in high school, and then he became a PIAA official for a number of high school and college level sports. He was the softball and tennis coach at Penn State Altoona for five years.

In 1974, Carnicella launched a career in the entertainment industry, and started a band called the White Shadow Band. He also started and operated an entertainment agency and an employment agency for artists and musicians.

Carnicella now lives in Patton; he has three children and four grandchildren.