Accident pushes Jeep into convenience store

A Jeep crashed Wednesday through the wall of a Cambria Township convenience store after it was struck by a truck that uncoupled from a wrecker.

A disabled Martin Oil truck was being towed by a large tow truck near a Martin General Store about 5 p.m. on the 4000 block of Admiral Peary Highway, Cambria Township Police Chief Gary Makosy said.

The truck came uncoupled from the wrecker and coasted toward the building, he said.

“It was very low speed,” Makosy said.

The coasting truck then struck a Jeep, pushing it into the store, he said.

The Jeep’s driver, Kenneth Dressler, 54, was transported to an area hospital to be treated for an injury, Makosy said.

The wrecker’s driver, Lewis Reeger, 37, was not injured.

The Martin General Store, which includes a gas station and convenience store, was damaged by the Jeep.

“It put a hole in the wall,” Makosy said.

Makosy said the entire incident was captured on video.

“It’s kind of strange to watch,” he said. “Thank God the guy wasn’t hurt bad.”

A manager at the store said it remained open both Wednesday and Thursday after the crash.