Tyrone man allegedly intoxicated at DUI hearing

Police: Williams punched wall while waiting for court

A Tyrone man faces charges after he allegedly showed up intoxicated for his DUI hearing in District Court.

Marvin S. Williams Jr. was in Tyrone District Court on Tuesday morning for his preliminary hearing on DUI charges filed in December by Tyrone police, who also had a resisting arrest warrant for Williams from a January incident.

After Williams punched the wall in the waiting room while waiting for his case to be called, Tyrone police handcuffed him and took him into the courtroom for arraignment on the resisting arrest case and by the end of the day had filed additional charges against the 28-year-old roofer.

“Were you drinking this morning?” asked Magisterial District Judge Fred Miller as the seemingly intoxicated Williams sometimes struggled to answer questions during his arraignment on the resisting arrest case.

Williams denied he had been drinking and insisted he was just upset because he thought he would be going to jail over the DUI case.

“Did you take anything else?” Miller asked. “You seem not to be with it — all due respect.”

“No, I’m just upset,” Williams told the judge.

During the arraignment, Williams told Miller he was being treated for mental health issues, including depression, and was taking several medications including lithium and Seroquel. The resisting arrest and disorderly conduct charges came about after Williams allegedly threatened to kill himself Jan. 18 and then fought with responding officers.

As he answered the judge’s questions, Williams seemed confused about what was happening, and when asked if he was aware of the pending resisting arrest and disorderly conduct charges stemming from a Jan. 18 run-in with Tyrone police, Williams said he did not know about the warrant that was issued Jan. 19.

“What was the problem in the lobby?” Miller asked.

“I just thought I was going to jail for a long time — 20 days,” Williams said.

Williams’ attorney, Public Defender Russ Montgomery, told the court that he was under the impression before the waiting room incident that Williams was going to waive his DUI case on to Blair County Court and apply for the county’s Accelerated Rehabilitative Disposition program.

“I don’t know if he can sign any papers today,” Miller said, questioning whether Williams was in any condition to sign any court documents.

Montgomery agreed and suggested the DUI case be continued for a week. “I don’t know if this is a reaction from the psych meds — maybe we should schedule these for this week,” Montgomery said to an approving Miller.

“I agree — he seems intoxicated,” said Tyrone police Officer Paul Mummert Jr.

“Intoxicated?” Williams asked mockingly. “I came hear at nine in the morning. Intoxicated?”

Williams continued to deny he was under the influence of anything, explaining he was just upset he may go to jail because he has a “a lot going on” — including more than $300 a month in child support payments he had to make. He also said he was trying to move into an apartment and out of his mother’s home.

“I got to work,” Williams said. ” I need to work. I’m not a bum. I like to work. I go crazy if I don’t work.”

Miller then asked Williams if he would be clean if he were to take a drug and alcohol test on Tuesday.

“No,” Williams said. “Suboxone.”

When Assistant District Attorney Amanda Jacobsen asked Williams be jailed pending his preliminary hearing on the resisting arrest case because he was “a danger to the community,” Williams scoffed and said, “I’m gonna hurt all kinds of people.”

“What?” Miller quickly asked.

“That was a joke — do you really think I would hurt anyone?” Williams said before adding an expletive that brought a caution from the court about foul language.

“Marvin, do yourself a favor and stop talking,” Mummert told the handcuffed Williams.

Miller said he had concerns Williams was intoxicated and set bail at 10 percent of $15,000. If Williams does post bail, the judge imposed bail conditions that include drug and alcohol evaluation. He also asked that Williams undergo a mental health evaluation.

Williams was then transported to Blair County Prison and is due back in Tyrone District Court on Feb. 20 for his preliminary hearing on the resisting arrest case and the DUI case.

On Tuesday afternoon, Tyrone police filed additional charges against Williams for punching the wall in the waiting room of Tyrone’s District Court. The punch left a fist-sized dent in the wall and now Williams faces a felony institutional vandalism count, misdemeanor counts of criminal mischief and disorderly conduct and a summary charge of public drunkenness.

Mirror Staff Writer Greg Bock is at 946-7458.