Municipal Building needs repairs

Water problem at Young People’s Community Center stained flooring

EBENSBURG — The facade of Ebensburg’s Munic­ipal Building will get repairs totaling more than $18,000 Borough Council decided Monday.

And thousands more could be spent to rehabilitate local recreation facilities, which have water dripping from ceilings onto floors.

Repairs to the Municipal Building are necessary, as outside conditions have led to the deterioration of the “fronts and especially the near fronts” of the structure, Borough Manager Dan Penatzer said.

Speaking to council members, Penatzer revealed that three problems need to be addressed.

Chief among those is a handicap accessibility ramp that leads into the building, he said. “Everything under the concrete slab needs to be replaced,” he said. “The walls are collapsing there.”

Penatzer made sure to point out that the ramp is secure and that only facade work is needed.

The facade improvements also include a washing of “white aggregate panels” and the replacement of bricks on the building’s front and side walls.

“This is worse, much worse, on the Julian Street side of the building,” Penatzer said, explaining salt damaged bricks are as high as 4 feet above the sidewalk. “The face of the bricks are crumbling.”

Repairs to the building are estimated to cost $18,220, according to the meeting’s agenda. Council members voted to award a contract in that amount to Raimondo Inc. to make the repairs.

Earlier in the meeting, council members discussed possible repairs to the Young People’s Community Center and the borough’s tennis center.

In her report Council­woman Theresa Jacoby said L.R. Kimball engineers studied the problem at both sites and offered possible solutions.

“Some of the solutions can be very expensive,” she said.

The water problem is not the result of a leaking roof, Penatzer said, adding studies show the dripping is coming from condensation that is building on the facilities’ ceilings.

“Everybody seems to think this is all condensation,” he said.

The dripping inside the tennis center has caused a discoloration of the floor, but, in the Young People’s Community Center gym, dripping could lead to slick floors, which could pose a safety risk, Penatzer said.

A suggested fix was made, keeping the existing roof and insulation in place while installing new insulated panels on the ceiling, according to borough documents.

The cost to complete that work at the Young People’s Community Center was estimated at $28,000 for a 8,200-square-foot space.

“The tennis center is structurally very similar, and it’s three times the size,” Penatzer said.

Councilman Scot May asked whether the project could be split by repairing one building at a time.

“Which one is worse?” he asked.

Penatzer said that is a question for a later time. On Monday, Penatzer encouraged council members to seek construction bids for both buildings. Later, they could choose to separate the buildings, he said.

Council members agreed to put project specifications together before seeking bids for repairs.