Logan Township officer to learn ‘street survival’

Seminar teaches participants how to live through ‘fatal four’

The Logan Township supervisors on Thursday approved a request from Police Chief Tim Mercer to send an officer to Harrisburg this year for a “Street Survival Seminar.”

The potential for violence in police work has increased markedly over the past two decades, and the seminar is designed to help officers minimize the risks associated with that violence potential, Mercer said afterward.

The seminar comprises two days of intensive training on subjects like awareness during traffic stops, case law and off-duty fitness, Mercer said.

It includes the showing of incident videos, with critiques on how officers in those videos handled their situations, Mercer said.

Seminar attendees will learn techniques for de-escalating high-stress situations and recognizing signals of impending aggression, he said.

Policing has always been dangerous, according to Mercer. But the reporting of incidents involving officers in recent times show that it’s become more so, he said.

A widespread lack of respect for officers is one reason, he said.

The seminars are presented by Calibre Press, and they’re taught in various locations around the U.S., according to the organization’s website.

Calibre Press began in 1980 to train officers “how to survive a gunfight,” according to the website.

The organization’s seminars have evolved, as the realities of “current culture” have changed, according to the website.

The Street Survival seminar includes instructions on living through the “fatal four” — those situations most likely to result in the death of officers, according to the website, which didn’t specify what those situations are.

Seminar participants will discuss how being unprepared for stress causes fatal mistakes, human diversity and the realities of bias, legal guidelines for use of force, physical and emotional health and the need for effective communication, according to the website.

The cost to the township for a night at a hotel, travel and other expenses will be about $500.

Mirror Staff Writer William Kibler is at 949-7038.