AMED agrees to manage Duncansville’s service

AMED taketh away, but AMED also giveth.

The local ambulance authority based in Altoona has snatched Duncansville Emergency Medical Service’s office manager to replace its own retiring director of human resources and accounts payable — leaving the Duncansville company bereft.

To help the smaller organization deal with the loss, AMED has agreed to take over management responsibilities for Duncansville, at Duncansville’s request.

The Duncansville agency would have had a hard time replacing Sandy Mosel, who will be earning more — $39,000 a year — and handling more responsibility in her new job, said AMED Executive Director Gary Watters.

To keep the borough’s operation going, AMED will do the billing, scheduling, employee oversight and management of calls for assistance, Watters said.

AMED will divide that work among a variety of employees, including Mosel, Watters said.

The extra responsibility may lead to some extra overtime hours but won’t require the authority to hire another employee, he said.

“Duncansville has less than 3,000 calls a year,” Watters said. “It’s not a big deal.”

AMED will receive $32,000 a year for the management services.

But the move was not about making money, according to Watters. “We will probably just break even,” he said.

Duncansville has fewer than 20 employees, including one full-time paramedic and a couple of full-time emergency medical technicians, although all are paid, Watters said.

A request for comment left with an official at Duncansville was not returned.

Mirror Staff Writer William Kibler is at 949-7038.